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RE: VOTE FARMING/ABUSE involving curation project BAYANIHAN!!!

in #abuse6 years ago

mao ni siya gtawag na open book sensei @asbonclz, all is recorded in the blockchain. tsk3.
sometimes even the greatest intentions will fall in the long run because of greed


I agree with your last statement master @iamkuyaj.

symbolism ug ideas kay dili man ma corrupt pero ang holder of that ideas kay vulnerable to corruption.
so yeah, daghan kaau maaung innovations ug intentions at first but once maka hawid na ug kwarta, ma wala na ang integrity because of greed.

Lage tikoy mao bitaw ga set tag rules para ma preserve ang atong purpose hehehe

naa dyud mo simang ba. bisag unsaon. haha

Mao lage hahahaha

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