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RE: VOTE FARMING/ABUSE involving curation project BAYANIHAN!!!

in #abuse6 years ago (edited)

Thank you @asbonclz for making this post!
@bisdak undelegated yesterday those accounts that you mentioned above.
ramdam kita @abonclz dahil ganyan den feel ko kahapon.
Be fair enough to the Filipino people. Bayanihan do you really care?
Are you aware that this is happening?
@surpassinggoogle doesn't deserve this at all.
Who is going to be blamed at the end? Terry @surpassingoogle.
Who is benefiting from this? YOU don't even care about Terry!
Who is working 24 hours to curate hundreds of articles per day!
Does he deserves all this $#% . ?
@bisdak only cares for his/her WALLET!!
WAKE UP kabayan! It's time to stop this abuse!!
We have the right to know because we belong here!!
For more info check:


Don't thank me sis, let's stop this mentality, stop this cancerous mindset to spread.

which mentality? pinoy mentality?
ang katotohanan lang ...inabuso, umabuso at aabuso pa??????
what a shame!!!

I don't want to generalize but Pinoys are really like that.

namihasa,namimihasa, nag short cut at gustong mag invisible!
katotohanan gusto kong malaman!

Hahaha you're so funny sis, galit ka talaga sa corrupt no?

kz tatay ko si Tatay DIGONG!!!! LOLS
aabangan ko ang post ni lola at marami pa akong katanungan.

Hahaha ayos yan sis @sunnylife :D

lols abangers mo den update ni lola
send mo sakin link baka makatulog ako lols

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