💫Face Off - Abstract Art #46💫

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There are times when we need to fight our inner demons and conquer them just by having a positive outlook towards life. This thought is the inspiration behind this abstract. I hope you like this abstract. I'm very new in this field so any kind of positive criticism is always welcome. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Really awesome abstract art photo you share & thanks a lot to share this content with us.

Wow very nice this is very impressive @vj1309

very perspective and highly creative. Life is confusing as your art and true that we have to figure out ourselves to see the correct and righteous path. great work and looking forward to see more abstract arts

thanks :)

inspiration that draws me you okay @ vj1309 (60)

Wow! This is highly creative. I appreciate this highly. I like these kind of posts and hoping more in upcoming future.

Upvoted and followed.

I hope you will follow me and see me photography posts. I hope you will love my nature Photography.

thanks :)

Such an interesting image. I'm not clear on what it is, but it reminds me of something I saw in the past. I think I have a relapse of Ghost Busters right now. You say you're new here, but you doing so well @vj1309. You're in the flow..

thanks :)

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