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RE: Utopian 1UP - A Sophisticated Curation Trail For (version 1.0)

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So it is meant to help steemians gain curation rewards BUT you have to be a 45 or higher? seems like another way to feed the top dogs and do nothing for the little people trying to get started here. just takes more out of the reward pool that might go to the minnows. If i am wrong please correct me.


You re wrong indeed. You don't need to be over 45 to be on the curation trail, you only need it to vote. Also you talk about top dogs, but the hard cap is on reputation not SP and 45 is easily reachable through continuous work

i have only been here a couple weeks and have been very active in conversations and not much bloging but some. i will have more this summer. with that being said i am at a 37 from a start at 25 so in theory to get to the 45 i will need to be here for around a month and a half maybe 2 months before i would be able to do anything with this feature. i guess just looking at it from the low man on the totem pole i see it diffrently. it seems that there are a lot of things to take advantage of here on steemit but you have to be here for quite some time to get it. there is not much for us starting out unless you just dump a large amount of your own money in right off the bat to get your steem power up. i think we are just looking at 2 diffrent sides of the same coin. i am sure my opinion will change once i get above the coveted 45 rating lol

Gave you my little vote for your journey to the 45! Good luck! Just like @flauwy I never invested anything in here other than my time and skills. Find your niche and make it big!If you re techy or good with design, give a try on Utopian

Thank you very much. Unfortunately i am not really techy i planed on doing some stuff with our race cars as the race season starts and hopefully i csn get us a racing niche on here. Just the little i have pisted has been accepted well so far. I need to get more familiar with D tube and stuff to help myself. Thank you.

Go for it ! Good luck!

I never invested money into Steemit and made everything I have from scratch. I wrote 400+ articles and a total of 7000+ comments in seven months. THIS is how you make it here. :)

I'm trying boss, I'm trying lol. i am actually about to sit down and write up my entry into jerry banfields supernatural writing contest. wish me luck.

I was also considering writing something for that contest.

One more set of questions if you have time. What is the maximum amount of letters per post? And what do you seggest using to write the story, notepad then copy and paste it over here. Ijust dont want to try and type it all out here and risk loosing it.

There is no limit but attention span is short. I would avoid writing a book. You can use Word or whatever, Personally I always write in the Steem editor because it autosaves everything but such a long post might be better in Word.

yeah i just didn't want to tie up my steem editor so i could still stroll around here and reply to people. i guess i could write the post out on my laptop and use my phone to do my normal curation stuff. you can run 2 at the same time right?

Oh, right. I get it now. A broom turned into a scarecrow. For Halloween. That totally makes sense, since this post is about Halloween [NOT], and also Valentine's Day is around the corner, and that's kind of like Halloween. Took me a minute, but I totally get it now.

Reaching reputation 45 is like THE EASIEST thing in the world. Nobody with rep 45 is a top dog. Reputation 60+ are top dogs. If we would allow lower reputations than the system could potentially be destroyed by bot-armies. Besides: the money-making is in the curation trail and NOT the upvote button. Everybody can join the curation trail - even with a reputation of a -10000. ;)

dang. i have 2 60+ guys in here kicking my ass now. sorry to ruffle your guys feathers. just trying to figure all this out. going back to my corner now. :)

Please don't feel lectured too much. We merely try to avoid false rumors about our pretty altruistic project which brings us no financial gain besides the development itself rewarded by Utopian. ;)

sounds good. i appoligize if i came across as trying to spread false rumors. i should have worded it diffrently, looking back.

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