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RE: Utopian 1UP - A Sophisticated Curation Trail For (version 1.0)

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Reaching reputation 45 is like THE EASIEST thing in the world. Nobody with rep 45 is a top dog. Reputation 60+ are top dogs. If we would allow lower reputations than the system could potentially be destroyed by bot-armies. Besides: the money-making is in the curation trail and NOT the upvote button. Everybody can join the curation trail - even with a reputation of a -10000. ;)


dang. i have 2 60+ guys in here kicking my ass now. sorry to ruffle your guys feathers. just trying to figure all this out. going back to my corner now. :)

Please don't feel lectured too much. We merely try to avoid false rumors about our pretty altruistic project which brings us no financial gain besides the development itself rewarded by Utopian. ;)

sounds good. i appoligize if i came across as trying to spread false rumors. i should have worded it diffrently, looking back.

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