Utopian 1UP - A Sophisticated Curation Trail For Utopian.io (version 1.0)

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The 1UP team is proud to announce the live version of the first gamified curation trail on the Steem blockchain. With the 1UP system we are uniting effective trailing with quality curation exclusively for Utopian contributions and a hivemind solution for (nearly) all Steemians to participate with an equal voice.

What is 1UP?

1UP is a combination of a new upvote button, an automated voting system and a curation trail upvoting the highest ranking post every 2.4 hours. It is entirely free and aims to reward the best open source contributions on Utopian.io. All qualified Steemians can use the new button, integrated via the @steem-plus browser extension, to give 1UP's to entitled posts deserving higher upvotes in your personal opinion.

With this system we hope to motivate authors to create higher quality content on Utopian in order to receive a significant upvote from the @utopian-1up curation trail. At the same time the system is designed to only include posts that will still receive the big @utopian-io upvote, effectively frontrunning it, to make it very profitable for all trailers lending their voting power to 1UP by following the official 1UP trail.

How To Use The New 1UP Button

To install the new 1UP button you need the free browser extension @steem-plus. You can use it in Chrome, Opera and Firefox. If you already use Steem-Plus please make sure to install the latest version and activate it with the integrated Steem Connect function (It was added with v2.4). For more details about Steem-Plus, its functions (1UP is merely one of many features) and how to install it for your browser please read the latest update post.

Currently the 1UP button appears only on Utopian.io. But we will integrate it into Steemit and Busy as well soon. Only posts that have been manually accepted by a moderator, properly following the Utopian rules, will activate the 1UP button. Posts that are already upvoted by @utopian-io or which have been rejected by moderators will not be able to receive 1UPs. Only Steemians with a reputation of 45+ will be able to see the button. Don't worry if you are lower, you will get there quickly if you are an active user. You can still follow the trail even with a lower reputation.


How To Follow The 1UP Trail

Everyone can follow the curation trail for helping making 1UP bigger and to earn high curation rewards. We are using the open source tool SteemAuto for our trail. You can register a free account there and set it up to follow the @utopian-1up trail. After following the trail your account will automatically upvote all posts upvoted by @utopian-1up which happens exactly every 2.4 hours. For more information about how SteemAuto works check out @scrooger's detailed tutorial. Below you also find an animated GIF showing you just how to follow the trail.

By default you will follow the trail with 50% upvote weight. You can change that to any amount between 1% and 100%. The 1UP system will use exactly 20% voting power every single day or 2% every 2.4 hours. If you don't need your voting power for other things you can set it to 100% to receive the highest curation rewards but you will not be able to upvote any other post on the Steem blockchain without breaking your voting power equilibrium. But even of you just follow 1UP with 1% upvote weight you are still helping and earning higher rewards for this little bit than by manually upvoting random posts with the same weight.


The Utopian 1UP Ranking Website

Each post receiving a 1UP will be tracked on our live 1UP ranking page. Here you will find the current ranking list with the upvote timer for the next trail upvote. The highest ranked post is featured prominently on the top and all other posts with less 1UP's are following below. Besides the current ranking you can also see all previously upvoted posts from today, yesterday as well as an all-time best ranking. When you hover over a post you will get forwarding links to the post on Utopian, Steemit and Busy for reading and upvoting. You will also be able to see the amount of 1UP's received for each post, their cover images, the authors and the post titles.

--> Click To Go To The 1UP Ranking Page


1UP Rules

  • You can vote 10 times a day
  • You must have a reputation of 45 or more
  • You can only vote once a day for the same person
  • You cannot vote for yourself
  • You cannot vote for a post that has already been upvoted by either @utopian-1up or @utopian-io.

The Team Behind 1UP


Also many thanks to all other contributors, particularly to @kayrex for the cool mascot illustration and to @orelmely for the logo. I would also like to thank all Utopian moderators for testing 1UP and @elear for creating the marvelous opportunity to finance a project like 1UP from scratch with the Utopian.io reward system.


This is just the beginning. We will add more features step by step and test and observe closely how 1UP behaves and how you out there will use the system. We have big plans for 1UP but for now we are happy to just see the system in action and make sure it will be a fair and transparent process for everyone. Also, 1UP is not just a system for Utopian but might serve as well for other platforms like DTube, dMania, DSound, DLive, Slothicorn and so on. We are happy to discuss this with the project leaders in private and find ways to make this the state-of-the-art curation system for the Steem blockchain.

The SBD payout of this post will be split between @stoodkev, @andrejcibik and @flauwy after promotion costs.



This post was funded/promoted by @devfund using a budget of 500.00 USD on ~20 voting bots.

All money sent to or earned by this account will be used to fund and promote Steem ecosystem development like this one.

As I understand we earn more from curation, when bigger votes comes after our vote. So is this trail going to prevote before utopian bot votes ?

Or my understanding is wrong ?

That's exactly how it works!

So that means, its a utopian approved bot :), before they run the utopian bot, they will run this one, I will join. After all who does not love more curation rewards !!!

Exactly , what a wonderful idea

Utopian amazing. Gods work here

@flauwy Looks great and even more if it is related to Utopian. Unfortunately I am not a good coder, or a coder at all, I am more into cryptos and writing. But I recognize the great added value Utopian has a future Github with the plus of paying community contributors.
I would love to have a badass avatar drawn by you!!!

I am not a coder either nor an illustrator. All done by others. I am merely the idea giver.

Love this idea!!! Utopian is always ahead of everybody in the Steem blockchain

This sounds interesting. It’s a bit too late at night for me to fully comprehend but I will look into it more soon. If I get the gist, this is a way for someone who doesn’t contribute much as an author to increase their earnings as a curator? Right now curation pays me very little but my author payments are bringing home the bacon. At a certain point I won’t be able to use all my voting power as an author and I will need to focus more on curation or delegate sp to someone else. The 1UP button helps me stay in control of curating content but nets me more profit somehow? Totally interested in learning more! Thanks for the post! Upvote / Resteem

Yes, this is perfect for everyone who is not an active Steemian to follow the trail and make much more curation rewards. Curation depends entirely on your Steem Power. The more you have the more you make.

I don't understand your question about the 1UP button, though.

Sorry for the late night ramble! :-) Let me ask you this: What does it mean to follow the trail? Thanks!

It means that your account will automatically upvote all posts the trail leader is upvoting.

Ok. Got it. One last question for the beginner (me) how does this increase my curation rewards as apprised to curating more random or less quality posts. Do I not get the same cut back depending on the post I curate? Thanks and will be supporting you guys nine the less. I love the idea!

Utopian is a awesome blockchain open source project!

It is the best ever happening to open source, I believe. :)

Great to hear that the project is live guys! I'm sure it was a lot of hard work and effort. thanks very much for making this for the community!

Thank you, it was indeed a lot of work although split between many people. I think @stoodkev had the most work with the development but he was also rewarded for it very well by Utopian. Amazing system!

Is every 1up vote the same weight? Hence the minimum rep requirement to at least create somewhat of an obstacle for bot-netting the results?

Every 1UP uses 100% upvote weight. However, the trailers can adjust their own weight as they please.

So... I'm an idiot, to be really sure I'm understanding this... the 1up vote uses your regular steem voting power? Or is it a separate 1up power bar?

Regular Steem voting power.

It's great to see this development! I have been talking about how the quality of content is actually lacking and still some bad posts get bizar rewards.

This is a very important step to making this a better and stronger platform! Although its not really clear to me what 1up exactle is and how it functions technically.

I'm curious about to seeing it funtion! Is it possible for me to participate in this?

Have a good day!

Yes, you can participate in two ways:

  1. Use the 1UP button on Utopian (or soon on Steemit and Busy as well). You need to install and activate @steem-plus for this.

  2. Follow the trail and increase the 1UP power while earning high curation rewards.

Creative project indeed and I'm hopeful that it would be a great contribution for progressing on Steemit platform.
Hats off to you guys for your determination which ultimately resulted in excellent achievement and finally project is live. Best of luck for more.

Thanks, you can join the trail and earn some nice curation rewards yourself. :)

Surely I'm going to
The condition about atleast 45 reputation was sort of negative news for me but I'm gonna get that repo in a day or two.

So it is meant to help steemians gain curation rewards BUT you have to be a 45 or higher? seems like another way to feed the top dogs and do nothing for the little people trying to get started here. just takes more out of the reward pool that might go to the minnows. If i am wrong please correct me.

You re wrong indeed. You don't need to be over 45 to be on the curation trail, you only need it to vote. Also you talk about top dogs, but the hard cap is on reputation not SP and 45 is easily reachable through continuous work

i have only been here a couple weeks and have been very active in conversations and not much bloging but some. i will have more this summer. with that being said i am at a 37 from a start at 25 so in theory to get to the 45 i will need to be here for around a month and a half maybe 2 months before i would be able to do anything with this feature. i guess just looking at it from the low man on the totem pole i see it diffrently. it seems that there are a lot of things to take advantage of here on steemit but you have to be here for quite some time to get it. there is not much for us starting out unless you just dump a large amount of your own money in right off the bat to get your steem power up. i think we are just looking at 2 diffrent sides of the same coin. i am sure my opinion will change once i get above the coveted 45 rating lol

Gave you my little vote for your journey to the 45! Good luck! Just like @flauwy I never invested anything in here other than my time and skills. Find your niche and make it big!If you re techy or good with design, give a try on Utopian

Thank you very much. Unfortunately i am not really techy i planed on doing some stuff with our race cars as the race season starts and hopefully i csn get us a racing niche on here. Just the little i have pisted has been accepted well so far. I need to get more familiar with D tube and stuff to help myself. Thank you.

Go for it ! Good luck!

I never invested money into Steemit and made everything I have from scratch. I wrote 400+ articles and a total of 7000+ comments in seven months. THIS is how you make it here. :)

I'm trying boss, I'm trying lol. i am actually about to sit down and write up my entry into jerry banfields supernatural writing contest. wish me luck.

I was also considering writing something for that contest.

One more set of questions if you have time. What is the maximum amount of letters per post? And what do you seggest using to write the story, notepad then copy and paste it over here. Ijust dont want to try and type it all out here and risk loosing it.

There is no limit but attention span is short. I would avoid writing a book. You can use Word or whatever, Personally I always write in the Steem editor because it autosaves everything but such a long post might be better in Word.

Oh, right. I get it now. A broom turned into a scarecrow. For Halloween. That totally makes sense, since this post is about Halloween [NOT], and also Valentine's Day is around the corner, and that's kind of like Halloween. Took me a minute, but I totally get it now.

Reaching reputation 45 is like THE EASIEST thing in the world. Nobody with rep 45 is a top dog. Reputation 60+ are top dogs. If we would allow lower reputations than the system could potentially be destroyed by bot-armies. Besides: the money-making is in the curation trail and NOT the upvote button. Everybody can join the curation trail - even with a reputation of a -10000. ;)

dang. i have 2 60+ guys in here kicking my ass now. sorry to ruffle your guys feathers. just trying to figure all this out. going back to my corner now. :)

Please don't feel lectured too much. We merely try to avoid false rumors about our pretty altruistic project which brings us no financial gain besides the development itself rewarded by Utopian. ;)

sounds good. i appoligize if i came across as trying to spread false rumors. i should have worded it diffrently, looking back.

Wonderful, great effort and finally able to read the post which I was waiting for sometime after being on that trail. Thanks for clear and easy to read instructions too. Looking forward to this great initiative and grow with it. Wishing you and the whole 1up team all the very best for coming future...

Hey, thanks for your support. We are also super excited that 1Up is finally live. You can consider yourself lucky to follow the trail early because now many more will come and your early position will give you a slightly better curation. However, in the future we want to even make that more fair for everyone, so stay tuned for updates. :)

Very well, thanks and yeah looking forward to the awesome days ahead. Tuned to the updates :)

Sounds pretty cool im still kinda new to steemit so im still trying to get a handle of things

I just made sure to vote @stoodkev, his vote disappeared or didnt went through last time.

I really like the work you've been putting in this... I'm also about building better stuff on the blockchain because I think developing it will be best for all!

As such, if you ever want to setup a 1up embassy on my Crypto Empire, I'd welcome you with open arms.

Not quite sure what you mean but I am always open for suggestions. :)

Ill hit you up on discord :D

very interesting will the projects hopefully prosper @utopian-1up

Hahaha, whenever I see your muscled 1 up dude ... xD puts a smile on my face

Yeah, it is an awesome design from @kayrex. :)

I like this concept and its a game changer but many steemians r there those have not a pc they r working on android devices...
So i have a question that can we use this service on android devices ....

Following the trail and earning high curation rewards works on any device. Using the 1UP button to decide which posts gets upvotes only works on desktopn computers.

I'm always excited when I hear about extending the upvote curation rewards concept onto a broader use case, even though just reading this post is completely new information to me. I support it without question.

Yes, with the 1UP system curation gets a totally new meaning.

I would love to be a part of this project but it seems I am short of the requirements. Anyways I wish you guys the best

You can still participate by following the trail and earn high curation rewards. There is no limitation for doing that.

OK, thanks for the info. Would surely be doing that.

Nice project... I would love to participate in it.. Wow powerful

You can by following the trail. You don't have much Steem Power yet to make a big difference but every bit counts and you can earn higher curation rewards that way. :)

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Signed up to Steem Auto and installed Steem plus, following your trail!

Cool, I hope you like it.

Impressive idea indeed in terms of voting the best post.But, my question is who judges it to be the best post? The votes of other users ? What if they are also judging the post by the upvotes received and the reputation of User and not the actual quality of the post? Its all wierd

YOU are the judge. You can give up to ten 1UPs per day. If others agree with your choice the post will receive a big upvote. It is up to you what you upvote. You can upvote good posts or bad posts. It is YOUR CHOICE!

LOL so many rules, well I dont even get close to that power so gonna spectate this one :p

Not true! You cannot use the 1UP button yet yourself. However, you can follow the curation trail and earn high rewards with it! There is no limitation to the trail.

1up.......thats a cool idea.... So it can serve for sound, drive, slice and others...... Can't wait to enjoying this.....
I followed you @flauwy

Yeah, it could potentially be used for all these other platforms as well. But one step after another. For now we concentrate on Utopian and see how it goes.

This is amazing i love to try @utopian-1up. My problem is I don't know how to start. And how to use because I only used cellphone.

I think it does not work on cell phones.

I feel sorry to this. I hope someday I can buy laptop sir and i will join this.

You can still follow the trail and make money using a phone. Only the upvote button works with a browser plugin that is only supported on desktop versions.

I like this project a lot. This project extends the Steem network and everything that goes with it.
Hard work pays off!!! Very well made @flauwy and team.

It is a use case of what is possible with Utopian.

This looks too easy and too cool. I'm installing it tonight.

Thank you!

thanks for detailing post

Very nice project! Utopian.io needs more users. Projects like these popularize utopian even more. Thank you for your contributions!

Good 1up :p UP my information on you. Thanks

I am not sure about this project because I am new to steem but it sounds like its made to help the steem users.

Very impressive!

This is a nice one, but the rules seem a little too much.

Saya ingin menjadi bagian proyek ini tapi seperti nya saya kekurangan pesarayan untuk any wais

Utopian continues to grow and improve!

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This is a good information

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This is awesome! I like how everyone will be heard equally and will be rewarded equally! Awesome post, thank you for the info

Nice...just followed n upvoted..thanks...

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This isn't relevant at all and seems very spammy but I'm going to go ahead and laugh anyway.

Hahaha... a lil laugh after reading this long post is always good haha

Creative project

Ask me for boarding

Amazing post @utopian-1up thank you for sharing good luck

Best image-------

This is amazing, thank you

This is amazing, thank you.

very effective post D
please.visit in my blog

a great step forward and very creative on your part for this great project. Greetings and many congratulations from me ...

Kalau dalam bahasa acehnya...
Seketek.. mantap. Mantap.. dan mantap

wow that's another great movement...

good post,i want upvote you

Thanks for great advice, Very interesting.

It's beautiful

I really like the photos you enter

Very interesting! I am on utopian but hesistant to contribute because I only know noob level HTML. I love to support the project though!

I am not a programmer nor graphic designer and I made tons of Steem with Utopian!

Hola soy nuevo en steemit y me gustaría participar en este nuevo proyecto que promueven pero quisiera saber si los hispano hablantes podemos participar o si todo el contenido es exclusivo para el idioma ingles, gracias por el post bastante interesante.

Hello, I am new to steemit and would like to participate in this new project that I promote but I would like to know if Spanish speakers can participate or if all the content is exclusive for the English language, thanks for the interesting post.

Puede participar en todos idiomas.

Nice post dear friends.....

Very interesting, does utoioan have use for artworks like these? If so I would Love to contribute!


I see, very clever of you guys. Thanks for the information.

Is the best

Please you vote me

Please you. Vote. Me.
Please. You vote, me.
Please you. Vote, me.
Please. You vote, me.
Please you. Vote me.

Hmmmm, I can't figure out which one of these above configurations is the correct one. Wanna give us a hint? I think it's the last one. Any hints???


a can upvote and follow you

rafikih, I think instead of using Einstein as your avatar, you should use this:

In the meantime -- go here favoritestupidcomments

Thanks for your post my freind ...
I hope you in my blog 😊
Nice to meet you

Thans you for working for us @utopian-1up from @nasimmd #Rahat


hallo..i want to give feedback or suggestions, if you can do not a special highest rating, a minimum of those who have never can upvote high can participate . is fair, given the other rules let me that there is no rating can juga.thanks.

Could you please rewrite your suggestion? I cannot decipher it. If you have problems with English use a translator tool.

hallo..i want to give feedback or suggestions, if you can do not a special highest rating, a minimum of those who have never can upvote high can participate , is fair, given the other rules let me that there is no rating can juga.thanks.

Just signed up and enjoy this already. Thank you so much for helpful information.

Currently the 1UP button appears only on Utopian.io. But we will integrate it into Steemit and Busy as well soon

Is it only on Utopian still? I installed steemplus and dont see the 1up button...

i love how to explain this about everyone's future ..

im sure its was a lot of Hard work and effrotthanks very much for making comunity. Amazing system

This is great news for steemit community. I commend you all for coming up with this wonderful innovation. Although, my reputation is not up to 45 benchmark but l will keep working hard to get there soon, so l can join this great idea.

Well done, as a new member on your platform I appreciate your working method and I'm so glad to be a member of this respectable platform.

nice share

Hello, can you please give me your support? I am new to the community, Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

very nice project

Awesome thanks for the info @utopian-1up I think this may be usefull for many of us.

Excelente proyecto! éxito!

Awesome...I download the plug in!

Thank you for all is amazing

hi everyone

wow automatic voting system is very unusual.

The information is interesting, steady. Please for my follow up, thanks

Amazing, utopian-io is not less than a blessing for its contributors... Thanx @utopian-io thanx @utopian-1up

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