In case you did not see it, I am mystified by the strategy. I wrote this earlier: This what I do not get. 3 days ago @abit resteems this: Glasnost post
300-odd votes earning about $150 .... what is the rationale?
He has just smashed $26 off my new 100 word story contest, 300 votes getting about $30 is now 300 votes getting $4 - there is no rhyme nor reason to this ... maybe he drew the short straw to encourage more centralisation and get the vitriol of the community.
Please explain what you are trying to do because it is NOT what you are saying that you are doing. I apologise if you think that sounds rude. It is not supposed to - it is just a question of frustration. People want to know what you are doing. If I understand it - you get my support if there is a good argument, as it is, it looks like ensuring whale domination of the rewards pool. If this exercise is going to teach us something, what is it? The rats and mice and guinea pigs are not enjoying the experiment which has a duplicity of execution.

My entry does not reflect any disrespect toward this contest. I love to write, and I enjoy the competition.
I went on strike as I was writing, I, of course, was writing something about the current Whale experiment. But, I thought the Raw statement was more effective. And, I did do the contest in three words. Namaste.

Thank you for your explanation - My week 1 contest post had $30 riding upon its shoulders until ... it became $4 - so I hear you. I have tried to get @abit to explain but he WILL not! Anyway, I think your entry is quite an amusing take on it. You might know the supposed story of Churchill writing about bravery.
He simply wrote: "Bravery is ... " and otherwise left the sheet blank!