Myrmica rubra (red ant)

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Steemit friends... Hopefully all of you are in good health. Tonight I want to show you my photography.


Myrmica rubra known as the common red ant or erroneously called the European fire ant, is a species of ant of the genus Myrmica, It is mainly red in color, with slightly darker pigmentation on the head. These ants live under rocks and fallen trees, and on the ground. They are aggressive, often attack rather than flee, and are equipped with a sting.


I took this photo of red ants using the Oppo Reno 5 plus Sony Lesbong 2.5mm smartphone camera which is located in Geudong, Ocean District. North Aceh. Thank you for your time to visiting my blog. Hopefully this post is interesting and friends like it. Regards @yanis01



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