The Economic Consequences of Coronavirus in Indonesia

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Corona virus which is increasingly massive in Indonesia today, is very threatening the nation's economic growth. In the midst of society itself increasingly feels the result of community economic viruses getting worse. No one knows for sure when this critical situation will end. Only people whose economies are above average may be able to survive in a situation like this. While eighty percent of Indonesian low-income people are threatened with hunger.

While the savings are saved only a little and many people who claim that their savings are running low. Urgent action is needed by the government in dealing with emergency situations. The longer this virus is increasingly threatening human survival. Many people can not move like normal days, because the government has instructed the public to continue to stay at home.

Just staying at home means not producing anything to consume. While time continues to run and food stocks are running low. Once the public outrage in general when facing a pandemic.

Workers' groups, day-to-day workers who receive daily wages are most affected in Covid-19. This sector is the most affected and feels bitterness in the economy because they are a group that only relies on daily wages.

These community groups include; construction workers, pedicab drivers, sewing workers, hawkers, street vendors, and many others are threatened with starvation. Basically the community agreed by the implementation of the Large Scale Social Restrictions, in order to break the chain of viruses. At the same time they are also threatened with starvation which in turn threatens life.

This is a dilemma that is difficult for us to separate, various problems arise between two choices, avoiding the virus but threatened with hunger or continuing to work so as not to starve but threatened with a deadly virus. Well!.

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