@zer0hedge forensics show you @transisto scam

in zeroclass •  last year

A Message to @transisto @zer0hedge and @newsflash

The truth hurts.

Sorry we bring this on to you, but the steemit people need to know.

Steemit needs to know.

This is for good of the steemit people.

You see everyday @zer0hedge is stealing news from www.zerohedge.com .

At the price of today we think he has taken from your reward pool 2 - 300,000 in US dollar. Please if you can leave a comment if you think we are wrong.



@zer0hedge post rewards: 22,000sp


250,000 STU = 21,904.94sp

We find all about @zer0hedge from the steemit blockchain.

Most good people in Steemit are not voting for this scam.

But some few people circle jerking this scam.

Who they are?

@newsflash voting up @zer0hedge like they only have one job.

We look at second @transisto investor and protector of rewards pool voting up @zer0hedge.

Maybe we should be calling account @transist0-hedge

Copying @zerohedge news for a year.

Voting up by himself.

We can give you proof huh? OK


@kebek History

@kebek account for making good accounts

  • 2017-05-31 / 15:46:36: @kebek makes proxy accounts using good names - Tx

@sadkitten, @roger-rabbit, @projectveritas, @theintercept, @electronomic, @humanescence, @equibyte, @qzone, @x-poster, @okex, @papadopoulos, @x-rated, @wechat, @theeconomist, @flt, @activated, @reloaded, @tracker, @mvgroup, @popcorntime, @libgen, @thepiratebay, @torrentfreak, @newsflash, @bitcoincore, @businessinsider, @cryptocoinsnews, @kinky, @steem-tv, @mtl, @blockchain.info, @trendy, @finprep, @bitcoinmagazine, @ceddit, @eszter, @antshares, @lykke, @ubiq, @reedcoin, @xaurum, @earthcoin, @tokencard, @blackcoin, @blocknet, @gridcoin, @humaniq, @roger.ver, @tezos, @ripples, @byteball, @bytecoin, @onegram, @vitalik.buterin, @siacoin, @digibyte, @nexium, @safenetwork, @bittorrent, @crypto.financial, @bitcat, @steem.live, @steem.lol, @steem.video, @steemium, @cutest, @steam.porn, @steem.porn

@newsflash is one account made by @kebek.

@newsflash uses @transisto for voting proxy.


@zer0hedge History 2017

2017/01/10 – Account @zer0hedge created by @anonsteem - Tx

2017/03/26 - @zer0hedge first copying news from zerohedge.com

Voting up from @transisto

upvoted (50%) by @transisto
downvoted (-7%) by @smooth
unvoted by @transisto
upvoted by @transisto
downvoted (-14%) by @smooth
unvoted by @transisto
upvoted (75%) by @transisto
downvoted (-10%) by @smooth

Thank you for @smooth trying to stop @zer0hedge first.


New voting up account @newsflash by @transisto.

2017/05/31/ – @ transisto transfer 1,000 to @kebek - Tx

2017/06/01/ - @kebek creates account @newsflash - Tx

2017/06/02/ @transisto transfers 350,000 STEEM to @newsflash - Tx

@newsflash voting up now @zer0hedge


You follow? OK

@kebek = @transisto
@newsflash = @transisto
@zer0hedge = @transisto

More proof? OK

This is on the block chain proof @transisto makes one mistake one time. On a blockchain you only make mistakes one time and get caught.


"Would be great if you could have someone acknowledge these github issues...https://github.com/steemit/condenser/issues/1459"



  • 04:40:48 (UTC) @transisto makes same comment 1 minute later - Tx


We think @transisto made a comment from the wrong account (@zer0hedge) by mistake and then deleted it and made the same comment in his @transisto name.


Blockchains can not lie.

@transisto = @zer0hedge = @newsflash

Whats the problem?

Nothing is a problem with having many number of accounts.

But it is not about a number of accounts.

It is most about abuse.

This should be the end.

There are a lot of problem here,

fraud, id theft, plagiarism, whale abuse, reward pool rape, hypocrisy, etc.

We find this information.

But we do not know what to do.

What do you think?

Can we hope @transisto stops this?

What should be happening with whales?

What can be done?

We look at @steemcleaners using flags for stopping @zer0hedge and we think this is helping.

To @transisto

Please end this abuse

Thank you very much.

We look to see if this get flags but maybe it will look guilty if you flag many, so please think. This is the truth and sometimes truth will hurt you.

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Look like a nice distraction from https://steemit.com/steemit/@walden/sweetsssj-sixth-day-eleventh-hour-selfvoting-via-a-13-account-content-farm, You write broken english like a Chinese person, Could you tell your friend @Sweetsssj to take some time to answer people?

Ps: I have a profit share agreement with @zer0hedge, not hiding it. (Obvious AF).
My original response to this post was censored and is down below.


Man @blocksec , I respect your gut to write something bad about transisto because nobody dares to do that, because he has army of bots with lots of stake?

And @transisto you really cares about the platform like you/or your nearer one say, you wouldn't do the same thing like #rewardpoolrape that he pretends to fight with. may be it's for good cause but your actions never reflects any goodness, instead it's spreading wrong message to any new user here.

  • you often downvote others and self vote your few word's comment to hundreds of dollor and you still talk about rewardpoolrape

  • You complain other posts being worthless/shit/short bla bla and downvote them for getting too much reward but do not hesitate to post a or two lines post and take reward more than 200SBD.

  • and so on..

I have no hard feeling on these things. My only concern is what message do we user can get seeing such actions from a user who seems to be working for the goodness of the community. If we see from surface it seems like user like you,, bernie (and some other on the list) are the one who are raping and draining the reward pool....
on steemit you know nobody listen to minnows and we are just sheep in your eyes if we contrary , nobody try to respect some honest complements instead they try to prove you wrong from every point possible.

You blamed this whole post as a distraction, I can see this comment as a distraction to the audience from this post/thread.lol


Transisto is like a politician , he pretends to be some kind of saint that protect the people but in reality he doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone but himself.


yes i feel the same way, I might be wrong too that's the reason I started this discussion with him, I wasn't simply convinced answers from others, now i don't even trust witness because they are always on the side of whale, afterall they also wants that Big witness vote, we regular users are just puppets for them. Its like politics and we are just like people in our country. They difinitely need us for their growth but not all the time. They will use us and throw us.


I call BS on your claim that the @zer0hedge account is not you. A comment was deleted by that account and then you posted the exact same comment within a minute. Statistically speaking, that isn't possible.


When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol


You agree to share the profits of someone else's work @transisto zerohedge.com have not authorised this reshare

You have been victim of a @GrumpyCat flag because you or someone else sent money to buy votes from an irresponsible non-GrumpyCompliant service.

@sneaky-ninja @pushup and @aksdwi are acting irresponsibly by selling votes to people on their post in the day before payout. = 99.99% abuse rate.

Sending money to these bots is also financially supporting for-profit spammers.

To know what voting bot to use, refer to https://steembottracker.com/ and use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.

Learn more ...


Anyone who is genuine about promoting their posts will not use bots after 2 days. Posts move off the hot list in less than a day and many posts rarely make 3 days on the trending list. @boomerang and @booster have the right idea with 2.5 days. I recommend that Grumpy Compliance should be adjusted accordingly.

There is another problem of people posting 2 minutes before a bot bidding session expires and then bidding on a bot to bring the max bid below zero. The last minute bidder gains (no curation payout) while all those that voted earlier lose out. This is abuse of the bots and something Grumpy Compliance should also address.

I strongly believe Grumpy Compliance is in need of updating. I hope you take these points into consideration.


Ummmm... what in the actual f...?

The image below is from further down the comments section of this post. @grumpycat2 requested the vote for this post from @pushup, it wasn't @blocksec.

Anywho, this is great entertainment. Kind of like a block-chain soap opera, which is, of course, very wholesome for participants and audiences alike. Amirite?


I like the way you think

I’m just sticking by my remarks on the @sweetsssj post, regardless of whether the accusations are true, abuse won’t be able to happen on such a massive scale if we were to have a more evenly distributed reward pool.

Then the majority of steemit could decide who to believe based on the actions of the accused and what they think the user brings to the community rather than a few powerful accounts using their influence to decide who is in the wrong.

Until then, have fun making hundreds on your posts calling each other out while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. You should all be sharing your upvotes with the thousands of users who believe thatcif they keepcputting their heart into steemit, they will eventually grow to a substantial size and see the same success you have had.


rewardpoolrape exist in the whale fight,
But does rewardpoolrape really exist? an abuse? or an excuse of not investing in steem power and start pointing fingers to have more sp who seems so selfish of creating content and advertised himself!

Does the whitepaper of steemit say it decentralise? as decentralise?

@zer0hedge is not claiming credit for the content so it's not plagiarism by definition. It's also giving proper credit by linking to sources on the first line and also having a disclaimer.

I've an agreement with the person running @ze0hedge.

The purpose of the agreement is to:
A. Contribute to Steem what I believe is some of the most important and valuable content on the internet.
B. Reward people that contribute interesting comments to the subjects.

I usually up-vote all blockchain investigative work but will abstain since your accusation of ; fraud, id theft, plagiarism, ect. are not substantiated.


> copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not



Not going to trust http://turnitin.com/ a tech company fighting plagiarism in students homework to come up with unbiased definition of plagiarism.


a STEEM bagholder.

If you're shocked

It wasn't until about 4 months ago that @zer0hedge even put a disclaimer up admitting it wasn't actually "Tyler Durden".

It looks like he was first called out on it here.

He attempted to 'do the right thing', I guess, by refusing rewards for a couple of posts here and here and here by leading with:

Reward temporarily declined while I draft a more accurate and complete disclaimer.

Funny enough, he said he was shutting down rewards in this post but a 'button misclick' still earned him payouts, I guess.

He even re-steemed a supporter who supports his copy/pasta here though the supporter notes that it's just because he's too lazy to go over to zerohedge.com website and likes to see the content here. There's no discussion of the reward pool that @zer0hedge is scraping.

Maybe it's time for me to go start a new account "@playboy" and start pulling all of their content over to steemit. I mean, as long as I give them a source link and give them credit, right?


The account @zer0hedge always cited source and had a profile description attempting to differentiate itself from the real ZeroHedge.com before posting anything.

Maybe it's time for me to go start a new account "@playboy" and start pulling all of their content over to steemit. I mean, as long as I give them a source link and give them credit, right?

If you think this kind of content is good for Steem go for it! Not guaranteeing I'll upvote it though and unless it's @playb0y I might even flag it.


This kind of stuff would be the end of steemit. No matter how decentralised a DMCA takedown request could still pull the whole domain, and might make Ned personally responsible.


Is it good enough for you that he has a disclaimer or not? Not so liberty are you.

Having him post actually increases interactions and reading on this platform. Zerohedge have hardly been harmed by it. (even if they may disagree) I've checked Zerohedge more often since I started seeing the @zer0hedge posts from time to time.


‘Liberty’? Not sure what you think liberty is.

Here’s logic for you to follow.

Having him post stolen content DOES increase interaction on Steemit. You are correct.

But it also exposes the entire Steemit Domain to be taken down. All it would take is ZeroHedge.com to realize their content has banked some internet loser almost $140,000 in the last year alone.

This is how much THEY could have made by doing the same. And they are the content owners.

Think they’d mind? Quite the risk to the rest of us just because YOU don’t care.

It’s simple enough for them to file a DMCA Takedown notice.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a United States copyright law focused on digital mediums that helps content owners get their stolen content removed in a fast and efficient manner.

The second party injured here is the rest of the rewards pool. He’s soaked $140,000 out of the rest of us. If you read the white paper, that’s $140,000 that would have been awarded out to everyone else.


That's the thing though... Steem still can't be taken down. We shouldn't be dependant on Steemit.

(Let's not get bogged down in a semantic debate between libertarians I suppose)


agreed, no bog down.

The content is well-distributed, the domain "Steemit.com" could be taken down though. If the domain comes down, the content would have to continually be mirrored around to other domains. Then those would get taken down.

It would definitely lower the platform's legitimacy.

Not sure if you remember but piratebay.org used to do a lot.


I think that's the route we eventually have to go anyways... And yes, the internet has to be rebuilt as well...

I might just have a higher appetite for risk I suppose.

This is some fantastic forensic work you did mate, but i was hoping to read where you talked to @transisto about this before dragging any names in the mud. But what do i know, am just some guy who left steemit in 2016 and came back in 2018 to see it disorganized!


I think you're onto something. I've been noticing another transisto proxy called "redes", which is another reward pool scrapper.

Transisto is an ass he tried to censor me by down-voting my comments because I up-voted them. He seemed to just be doing it to create activity and disputes for his own good.


At the time I thought it was possible and beneficial to steem to fight extreme self vote via flags.
I wasn't trying to censor you.


I respect your reply - thx.


Respect with each other, good. No need to downvote each other for self voting. I think there are many other to be rectified.
I respect both of you, for your good gasture towards each other...

Who is the demon?


I think, all those who even don't get a steem of post for a week!!!!
Need to show some respect towards good content creating minnows.
Not you and me?!!!!

I read your post, I read transitos comments. I get where you and he are both coming from. I am glad that zer0hedge is getting flagged myself. Transisto, if your friend is literally just copy pasting articles from Zerohedge to here, he should be denying payouts. Sure he can still copy paste Zerohedge articles over here, but he shouldnt be getting hundered of dollars for it. He shouldnt be getting 10$ for copy pasta.


A. Formatting work, You can't just copy paste the content for it to look good in markdown, I know there is a lot of editing to do.
B. Selection work, Not all article are ported over, only the most important ones and usually those related to cryptos.
C. He's not getting 100$ for each one of them, I'm keeping some of it.


You/zerohedge has been very transparent that they are not affiliated with zerohedge though.. the whole time too. So that is respectable.. and I guess if like Haejin's TA's, if this is what people choose to upvote then it is what it is I guess.. and if the whale upvotes get counter upvoted and a flag war ensues it is what it is.. I will just stay away, mute zerohedge and carry on. Thanks for being here to respond to people though Transisto


Transisto thanks for commenting. I like you, Ive followed you for a long time. I do agree adding pictures and formatting does take some time and whoever is running zer0hedge is doing that. Its true.. How much is it worth to format a post that was researched and created by someone else? Taking into account the content based vs contribution based post you made a while back. Its been a while since I read that post, but I remember it. It was good. It basically said that low quality authors are getting too much, is not formatting other companies articles kind of low quality? What is zer0hedge adding? how does it benefit from being on a censorship resistant blockchain? How many people invested because of zero hedges copied articles? What efforts has zerohedge done to promote the copied articles outside of steemit? What kind of contributions does zerohedge think he gets by people who join the blockchain because of him? A large amount of people copy pasting articles into Steemit because they see others making 100's doing it.

What is your response to him saying that zerohedge made a post, deleted it. Then 1 minute later it was posted by your Transisto account? Was your friend at your house posting zero hedge articles and forgot to sign out and you just posted a comment without checking? I can't say one way or the other.. but to the outsider (like me) it looks like Transisto and Zer0hedge must be the same person when that happens. it looks like Transisto wanted to comment on something, forgot he was signed into his alt account Zer0hedge when he commented. Deleted comment. Signed out and into main account. Made the same comment. Thats what it looks like to the outside observer at this moment.

If it were true that just sucks. I like you and I like your posts. You make a good amount from them, they are good and you deserve to. Zer0hedge on the other hand... I dont know. What do you think taking into account your contribution vs content thoughts..?


Its all from the same person, newflash,zerohedge and transsito all same guy.
Hell of a good find.


I think I answered your concern elsewhere, as for

What is your response to him saying that zerohedge made a post, deleted

We share the posting key for curating comments on the posts.

That remind me I should be posting comprehensive github issues more often.


good post

transisto, troglodactyl, lotterysbd, lucky.steemian, bloom, checkthisout, grumpycat, dealwithit, ifartrainbows, ngc, nextgencrypto, rewardpoolrape, eatsrewards, ghettodweller, done, danknugs, berniesanders, ozchartart, tuck-fheman, iflagtash, yougotflagged, thesloth, thedelegator, engagement, steemservices, all belong to either 1 person or 2-3 colluding people at max.
steemcleaners will never cause any of them serious damage because patrice is berniesanders' bitch.
From this post I learned that zer0hedge and newsflash are transisto accounts.
This made this thread's starter a STEEM hero for me, and everyone reading this should follow him.


how do you know this?


You refer to all of it, or a specific part?
In short I thank roadscape's frequently dysfunctional steemd.com
You can go on a long branched journey and see for yourself.


I don't have the time for the journey. Your comment sort of confirmed my own suspicions is all.

The part I was referring to was the list of associated accounts


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Good job ..


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Having him post stolen content DOES increase interaction on the Steemit platform and this is nice in the short term.

But it also exposes the entire Steemit Domain to be taken down. All it would take is ZeroHedge.com to realize their content has banked some internet loser almost $140,000 in the last year alone.

This is how much THEY could have made by doing the same. And they are the content owners.

Think they’d mind? Maybe, maybe not. Quite the risk to the rest of us just because YOU don’t care.

It’s simple enough for them to file a DMCA Takedown notice which, even though Steemit is 'decentralized', the domain would come down.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a United States copyright law focused on digital mediums that helps content owners get their stolen content removed in a fast and efficient manner.

The second party injured here is the rest of the rewards pool. He’s soaked $140,000 out of the rest of us. If you read the white paper, that’s $140,000 that would have been awarded out to everyone else.


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thanks for the heads up...

Could @transito be working with this news site or could he possibly be an owner of said news site? It doesn’t sound like @ZeroHedge is hiding the affiliation so this might be a case of uploading the same content in multiple locations rather than an actual copyright violation.

Did you try reaching out to anyone involved prior to posting?


The account is @zer0hedge and it clearly state at multiple places it is not affiliated.

I think the reward pool distribution needs a reform. Some little changes needs to be done with immediate effect.
At least the varification is one of the best reform. Make sure a person must have one account. Also the transaction process like bid bot needs to have some rules.
Vote share should have some percentage dedicated to steemit. Best content should have some appropriation from top whales.
I am not technically so sound but what I want to say service must get some share. If a person contributes six hours of his time to steemit at least he should get the reward of 2-3 SBD.
Hope I didn't offend anyone.

I do wish that we would all try to help the community grow and create a wonderful vibe that would encourage new users of the platform. It is so sa when we see others being unkind to the community.

in my opinion (maybe I can have it without being downvoted totally) steemit seams as a place for the "rich" if one is rich, ones content is the best on steemit, if one is poor, ones content is and always will be worth near nothing.

Im not saying my content derves to even reach the $100 mark, not at all. But generousity and realism is not what steemit is for those who seek out to spend hours on originally made content and ends up on maybe $1 if you take away the the sbd spent on bots here.

Almost everyone with a reputation above 70, doesnt give a crap about anyone else, I have been noticing this alot the last couple of weeks, why? Well because I actually kept an eye on it for a long period. Most of them wants others to interact in their content, some makes replies to show that they give a damn, but chooses to upvote their own reply with a $10 vote and maybe just maybe the little guy who spent time reading the content and comming with a very good reply to it gets a $0.02 vote from the content writer. Is it fair? Well yes sure it is, but theese people should think about how they would "feel" if the positions was reversed.

I will not mention any names here at all, or even point out an example, as I am one of the "poor" little folks, who knows if I do so, all my content will be downvoted, my very little (but large to me) reputation will be destroyed, and I will never be able to earn that nearly $1 sbd pr day that I do now here on steemit.

This is not to cause any more drama than there already is, but I will bet you that not even HALF actually reads the entire post, neither the one you made, or this response I have given to you. Why? They dont give a crap they only see "curation reward possibility" and make an ignorant comment. Not all, but most!

And yes Ive actually read your entire post, I always do if I intend to make a comment on it.
Try next time to post a picture of a dog with a stick, just grab something from google, ill bet you thats "high quality content" (moneywise)
If I do the same, only my picture is taken by myself, and is while my dog is in the air on a trampoline, will that be high quality content then? I dont think so.

So do "whales" have many followers because of their good content, or because they have money.. you know what I think.

the truth hurts? you bet it this "abuse" will never end, and its alot more common than everyone thinks, the only ones who can end it are the "whales" but why will they end their moneymachine? that would be pretty dumb.

If you seek REAL quality content you should never look for the ones with most sbd, you should take a look in the middle and below, THATS where the ORIGINALISM is.

If steemit needs to grow, then whales needs to use their vote on actual original content, instead of their own content, more users will gain sp and can help even more users that way.

and before someone "maybe reads this", and investigates my profile, and see "ohhh you wrote almost the same on another post yesterday" yep I did, and I did not do it or this for the "posibility" of an upvote, I did this in hopes of using your posts to send out a message. I could write this into a blogpost, but as im rep LOW, no one will actually read it.


Steemit content is 99.99% shit. Expecially anything with votes! All are bots or dumbass followers looking to recieve a lil sum sum.


Yup i can only agree

Very interesting post.

Your post really attracted my attention as a lover of steemet.
Really good. I love it. .

Good detective work.

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Hello friend ... Zero Hedge is a financial blog that adds news and presents its own and external editorial opinions. It reports on economics, Wall Street, and the financial sector and the attribute that the controversy of flash migration practice has to the public's attention in 2009 through a series of publications claiming that Goldman Sachs access to information flash allowed him to obtain unfair benefits. The news writing is a burden from a group of editors who wrote collectively under the pseudonym "Tyler Durden," a character in the novel and movie, Fight Club. May GOD FULFILL YOU WITH BLESSINGS, SUCCESS, AND WISDOM.

Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.😚😍

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The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

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I just delegated some SP to you Jerry, let's see what happens!


Lol jerry scamfield

Yeah... i like that

In love with your work

thank you for good starting
Keep it up <3

Well Done Sir, the blockchain NO LIE! Think about if we had blockchains for central banks this past century.

different post. i liked it. best of luck

I remember when @zer0hedge first started the account. They've been upfront from the beginning that they have no affiliation with zer0hedge.com and are/is just an avid reader of the website.

I don't see what the problem is with this account. Why has it suddenly received so much hate after posting consistently for so long? Did they stop being upfront about the fact that they aren't affiliated with zer0hedge? Did they start lying and saying they own and operate zer0hedge?

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Amazing post

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Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck

It is comprehensive and detailed post.
Thanks for informative post

When will the changes needed to minimise these costly shenanigans be implemented? These exposes - including the one on sweetssj - will not inspire confidence in the platform & lead to widespread adoption.

Good post. I like your post @blocksec

Bilgi için teşekkürler iyi şanslar

Thanks for this 👍 just followed you

Why are people so reckless to the fact of abusing a genuine post. For God sake this must stop and we must tag this in all our post if we are to join hand to eradicate this scam and abuse once for all.thanks and I think my valuable comment will bring me reward thereafter.

OMG. Abuse and Scam :(

Im down to it..

hei, buddy,could I translate your essay by Chinese? thanks

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excelente la unión hace la fuerza así es que debe ser la comunidad unidos, espero contar con su apoyo yo estaré con ustedes

Yeah truth really hurts. Not even to the called.

Nice, please vote me

more information

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good luck

hallo, introduce my name ayudia, i am a new comer of fi steemit, please cooperate him

thank you

This is disturbing....
Isn't Transisto one of Bernie's alt accounts?

It’s an honor for steeem…To have someone like you. With your hard work you have taken it to the top.

Dont realy get the whole shit, but i gunna nod my head to this

Thank you for helping to keep Steemit clean

please follow

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Why cant i have this much vote?:'(


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Iam Mawardi From Indonesia
Iam new steemit user, I need your help in increasing my steemit

See you

Why i have not received steem ?
How must I do ?

Just about everything Steemit is complete garbage. A great place for the bitconnect crowd to gather. Have fun😂

Blockchain never lies

who is the demon

You are innocently downvoted by @grumpycat on your fresh post.
We are resisting this.
Check this link,spread the word and join us if you would agree.


Discord : https://discord.gg/ZVXCmcW


Can you guys upvote me?

Great - now focus on the small-time frauds, because that;s what they are: fraud taking place by small upvote bots who collect steemians transfers 24/7 but never upvote nor return transfers - with all kinds of lame excuses, while transferring off the funds. Added together these 'small time' scammers make big bucks. But with blockchain they also can neither run nor hide.

Steemit management need to get their act together quickly because the Fed's will eventually get involved under this act - and shit will hit the fan

Wire (fraud)
18 U.S.C. § 1343 provides: Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.[3]"

Warm regards,
please voteback ..