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Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

The United States (and the world) has been using the worthless fiat federal reserve note that is not backed by any true tangible asset. The only backing is not even the "full faith and credit of the United States government," because the government is too far in debt to have any credit. Faith disappeared a long time ago: our faith in elected officials as public servants. Instead, they serve themselves upon the labors of the public, and the public services them, in every sense of the word.

Cryptocurrency is an illusion. The new "shell game" is to replace one illusion…the fiat currency…with another illusion, the "bitcoin."

Russia announced last week several measures to "deal" with the Cryptocurrency…first, by issuing a Crypto-ruble. If you read the fine print, the Russian government is moving in to tax and regulate it, at a rate of 13% on trades for profit, as well as "Crypto-Rubles" that suddenly appear out of nowhere.

It won't affect the Black Market as much, because 13% is going to be paid to turn a blind eye to the billions of rubles being stolen by the Russian Mafia and oligarchy alike. The gimmick here is for the government to take a chunk out of it: for now. The reason "now" is being used, is that eventually they'll shift gears, pass legislation, and eventually outlaw private trading in it that is not government-sanctioned or government-approved.

A government is only concerned with perpetuating itself and maintaining power. The most basic way it does this is by controlling the currency of the nation, regulating it, and taxing the citizens. In the United States, it has been reported by several sources that JP Morgan Chase is going to embrace Cryptocurrency. Europe is well on its way to establishing a "Euro-BitCoin," and China has recently relaxed some measures regarding it.

This is the calm before the storm: the governments are studying it, and studying the masses to find the means to take control of it.

The gullible masses are playing right into their hands. The problem with Cryptocurrency is not just in the fact that it is backed by nothing (a fool's errand before it has been started), but there is no privacy. None. If the governments control and monitor all electronic and computer media, then there is no such thing as privacy regarding electronic currency. This will be the death of cash, and thus the death of any privacy for citizens.

There will be no hiding from the taxing authorities. All the accounts will be monitored: taxed on any growth, and every single penny accounted for. The government will know what work you do, for how much, and how much "Crypto-currency" you have in your accounts. All electronic, nebulous, unbacked garbage. How about a nice "glitch" where suddenly, your entire account falls to a zero balance? That "glitch" can happen anytime.

No, the politicians and the oligarchs will have gold, silver, real estate, mining rights and contracts, and ownership of every utility and municipal function upon which the public is dependent. Eventually the Crypto-Dollars will be handed out sparingly to "exchange for food, clothing, and to pay their bills," and the whole thing is designed for one thing:

To keep the population at a starveling, subsistence level while those in power own everything, and them as well: Ruled by the politicians and oligarchs, fooled by the press and the religious pulpits, and killed by the enforcement arms of police and military.

In 1910, the meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia took place leading up to 1913. It was then that the framework for the transfer of the power of the U.S. government over the nation's currency to the federal reserve was established.

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."

_President Franklin D. Roosevelt's letter to Colonel Edward Mandell House, _

Fmr. Advisor to President Woodrow Wilson November 21, 1933

The aim is global governance. The Cryptocurrencies arose out of a desire to use something other than the dollar and other failing fiat notes not backed by anything. The irony is that the Cryptocurrencies are the vehicle for the globalists.

Once each nation has its Cryptocurrencies in place, they can "align" them, and virtually abolish all economic buffers and barriers…which will come crashing down just as the illegal aliens in Europe and the United States are destroying the borders, language, culture, and societies. The whole thing is trumpeted as a recourse, but it is nothing more than an extension of an Alinsky principle "organizing the organized." At the right moment, the governments will swoop in, regulate, and tax these Cryptocurrencies.

Once cash is eliminated, hard assets such as gold, silver, and other resources will be simple to control. Where did you obtain that gold? How did you obtain it, and is it in our records?

The power lies in the receipt, the payment receipt showing where you obtained that product and how you obtained it…all based on POS (point of sale), the electronic monitoring of every expenditure at the register. The "successful" employment of Cryptocurrency will mean that the people have been completely duped and have handed all privacy into the control of the government. Once they control everyone economically, they will use that control to seize other aspects of daily life that are not regulated. They'll know how much you make, where you work, and how much you have available.

Or what you think you have available, because in the blink of an eye, they'll make your Crypto dollars disappear, and you'll have no recourse, just as they have no accountability. If politicians steal money now, while cash still exists, think of how much they'll be able to steal when everything is done electronically…when all the bankers and oligarchs are under their control/in a symbiotic-parasitic relationship and they can pass any law they wish. Cryptocurrency is a scam that will eventually lead to the final enslavement of the U.S.

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This guy obviously has no clue about the blockchain and how it operates.

Government issued cryptocurrency is a joke. To start, most nations already have a digital currency since cash is rarely used in any for anymore.

Secondly, the power of crypto is in the blockchain that it resides upon...the de-centralized blockchain. When developers put something on that particular blockchain, they are creating more value to that chain. Who is going to put anything up on the rublechain which will reside on computers controlled by the Russian government and which can be taken down at any time.

BTC and other currency target - to control the whole world. Rich buys gold, silver, real estate and real value. Now the point is to replace paper money, after which the control of people is much easier. If they want to get you everything, one click is enough. I wrote about 30 days ago on my blog. I agree 100% with this information. Thanks for useful daily news @zer0hedge

There's a flip side to that coin, er, cash... Although cash can be used for anonymous transactions, it can be more easily manipulated by governing agencies by flooding the market with more cash.

Inflation is easily done electronically as well, and no doubt the future lies with cashless societies, but the benefits of trace-less transactions in conjunction with the traceable can be seen by govts and honest citizens...

Too bad zer0hedge can't use some of those ill-gotten gains to compensate the authors he ripped off by copying their work.

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I upvoted this comment because i think the conversation is important but I do not entirely agree unless you work for Zerohedge. I have mulled this over at first when I realized it was "not the real Tyler" and have come to the conclusion that I do often read the posts put up by @Zer0hedge because the content interests me. I could go and read the main website but then I would spend time doing that. We often look at news feeds on our phone that pick out articles from many sources that it thinks will interest us but is created by others. I don't see anyone complaining about that. From a steemit perspective I think its constructive because people stay on this website and read the article and see the comments of this community. I can understand that Zerohedge themselves thinks differently but then I probably never would have read the article at all if not for Steemit.

BTC belongs to the people, only in the story for sheep. Rich control education, politics, laws, banks, media, the Internet is made to control people. All this is a plan from power poeple, to make slaves from us. @zer0hedge

Of course that's true that they will need proof of all your metals. Believe me or not, till date I have a habit of buying these metals with the receipts. I take special precaution to preserve the receipts along with the metal. This will happen in future that government may try to find such things to boost their revenue.
Even Cryptos will be taxed one way or the other, like while purchasing because once you purchase it is not traceable. Though they may have sophisticated model to some how tax Cryptos. We may see this coming when BTC goes mainstream. Yes Cryptos are decentralized but government may try to bring it under their scope by governing the exchanges or having strict laws for trade within the country. ICO is one of the example. Regulation may start flowing henceforth.

Fiat currency specially the dollar is backed by two things FEAR and The devil I know is better than an Angele I don’t know.

We will reach a point where no need for privacy beside the bedroom and toilet. I suggest all information about every single person to be available for free for everyone wants to know. However other rules have to be established to keep the peace.

Thanks for contributing to steem, if you didn't start this blog, would we be as informed, I think not. Chill haters

hi do you think steem will be like other hi-value cryptocurrency one day ? i hope so :)


claro que si yo creo . que steemit sera ya es una buena criptomoneda

very informative article


Interesting. What about how governments have controlled the value of paper currency or metals, which is also extremely damaging to its holders and the economy? Sounds like a lose lose in that respect based on the arguments from the article above.

Every reply that zer0hedge hides is a tacit admission of his guilt.

If it didn't matter, then why shove a lower-level user around?

I guess copy-pasting stresses out the mind to the point where truth becomes a painful force. I wouldn't know, since I don't engage in such low-effort behavior.

Its a dim view of Cryptocurrency's future. Its probably not important that we believe all of it but that we believe at least some of it can be true and to act accordingly. At the very least I think the days of not paying capital gains on crypto are rapidly coming to a close. In fact they are already dead, its just not clear yet that the authorities can tell for sure. Who wants to roll those dice?