Great to see your detailed explanation about the tools that you used to perfect this image. Hope you do well in the contest! Blessings!

Thank you! It was a fun challenge.

Cool! Very interesting idea. Good luck in the contest!

Thanks so much!

Thank you. It was fun.

Nice one @viking-ventures. I keep meaning to enter one of these. Time seems to escape me. To me each format is all it's own. I would enter coloring contests with mine done in pencils and then someone else who used an app on their phone. Guess who didn't win. I still thought mine looked better LOL.

Some of the contests have lots of people coloring with pencil/crayon. The butterfly contest is one of those.
I'm too lazy print it out, color and somehow get the scanner out to get it back onto the computer.
Plus, I find the computer version fun - and it helps hone my skills for next time I need a book cover (coming up soon again.)

Like your idea of putting the fish in the water. Good handling of color, and how you fulfilled the task and still made it all consistent.

Thank you. I really did enjoy this task.

I love the pale shades of orange and yellow that you have used. The colours look almost transparent, giving the fish an ethereal look about them. I like the texture used in the heads too. I would of loved to of seen them on a decorative Japanese plate, but they work just as well in a watery background!


Please name your suggestion for next week's featured colour!

Thanks. The colors were much bolder before I put the orange transparency over them. It pulled the colors together better. Then, with the water texture, it fades the colors just as if they were actually in water.

I did look for the plate - that's what I wanted too, but the results weren't what I was looking for, so I gave up on that one.


Wow, you did an amazing job! It looks so amusing to stare at. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great week!

Never heard of this method before, really interesting @viking-ventures!

Japanese Koi fish if I am not mistaken, lovely work. Also the design would look amazing as a tattoo.

Yes, it would be a good tattoo, especially for someone born under the Piscean sun. I agree they look like koi. My coloring is probably not too good for those though. But it would be perfect on a Japanese platter.

3rd place, Congratulations!!

Your prize has been transferred, Please comment a link on the 'Winners Showcase' of the post you would like to receive the upvote prize for!

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