Wild succulent flowering.

in #zapplphotography4 years ago (edited)

Beautiful succulent I found hiking in Northern California last spring. We get some amazing wildflower blooms when we get enough rain. Last year was one of the best years I've ever seen. Hope you enjoy my #zappl-photography #flower #zappl


beautiful flower ...

Wild flowers are beautiful. I love them. Once, I was on holiday and my friend and I were driving from point A to point B. It was quite a distance, and we were tired. However, there were all these wild flowers on the road dividers and on the slopes by the side of the road. Looking at them freshened us up. And a thought came to mind which I wrote down.

Do not mock the wild flowers by the side of the freeways. This random scattering adds colour to the landscape and scenery. They take the tiredness from your eyes so you will be alert on the road. They are Mother Nature’s way of adding colour to an otherwise dull, long or boring journey and ensuring you arrive safely at your destination. - Vincent Thnay

I always say "one man's weed is another man's wildflower." Glad you like it.

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Very nice picture, was trying to read about it on wikipedia, but it crashed and discord crashed on me also, so I only got as far as the name - Bitter Root - Pretty flower, guess one day i will know why it was called bitter root. Most likely someone tried to eat a root, and it left a bitter taste in the mouth, or could be because of the terrain it like to grow in.


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