-Postponed- Zappl Live Stream Sneak Peak @ 4PM PDT

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Zappl will be holding a live stream at 4PM PDT - 6/29/2017

The live stream has been postponed till tomorrow 4PM PDT - 6/30/2017

We will showcase the Zappl web application and showcase the currently progress.

We will post when were going live so much sure to follow us.

The live stream will be recorded so people can re-watch it after were done.

Please feel free to check out our other posts about zappl on our profile.

Our latest Development sneak peak posts you can take a look at:
Zappl Android App Development Teaser
Zappl Website Development Teaser
Zappl Ios App Development Teaser

The Zappl Team

Our social media profiles and misc:
Twitter | Facebook | Discord | steemitchat

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@thedegensloth, @steemitqa , and @zappl


Oh pretty good news. I am really excited about the release of that little (now) brother of steem and twitter :) I Love the concept!!!

Well thanks for the words.

Can you guys post a link to it now?

sorry no can do. Unless you mean the live stream then here: https://steemit.com/zappl/@zappl/zappl-live-website-development-demo-teaser

haha perfect! Thanks :D

Restreemed. Because you're worth it.


Oh yeah!

YOU just GUNNZ Zappl soo SOOO hard aren't cha ?

Cant wait for this !


This is going to be huge, I can't wait, this will make me delete my twitter account instantly. O HAIL ZAPPL

Oh yeah!

It's high time this twitter stop decieving us, I will soon hate them with passion.


Oh yeah!

Awesome, can wait!!

@morkrock I can't wait too, this will erase my twitter account.))

Lol same here, been waiting for a great steemit app!

Yeah they seem to know what they are doing and They have all my support, I just pity this app that has been cheating us with no pay, they are gonna hate steemit.

Glad to hear it!

I am creating awareness on steemit in my country, I will create awareness about zappl same way.

Well thanks!

I should be thanking you, because you are gonna change the world with this zappl.

We can only hope!

Owww yeah, I have huge faith on you guys.

I'll check it out! Here is a timeconverter for everyone wondering what 4 pm is locally: http://www.timebie.com/timelocal/pacificdaylight.php

Thanks for that!

This is all more fantastic information. I will be at something called Venture Cafe in St Louis at the time of this live event. But will be talking about Zappl with the tech community here. I was at the KC Steemit Meetup and everyone is so excited about Zappl. I am now a proud HODL'r of 100 Zappl shares and will look to make that 1000 some day when I am rich off steem and zappl. You are freaking pioneers homies! Congrats on all the updates. Gonna Zappl so hard.

So hard!

Gonna Zappl so hard.

You better!!!

This is the one I was waiting for. This should be huge!

So yuge!

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