Zappl Ios App Development Teaser

in #zappl3 years ago

We showed you a development teaser for android.
Now here is a development teaser for the ios.

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Wow .... very nice post and very interesting I love to visit your blog. It includes useful postings. Thanks friend.
I love it. I want you to visit my blog too

No problem thanks and sure why not.

Glad to see you here!

Im so excited...I just cant hide it..(me singing)

Oh yeah!

Beautiful voice! ;)

Haha, thank you! ;)

This is looking good. Do you know when you are letting people test the alpha?

That's to be announced.

It so sexy oh my gosh!

Oh my gorsh!

Zappl teaser is truly awesome... eagerly waiting for it to go live...

Oh yeah for sure.

Looking awesome with all the features!

Oh yeah!

I've waited for it to come in the iOS version - YEAAHH !

Oh yeahh!

Fantastic work by the devs to bring a teaser this quick. Can't wait to get my hands on the real thing!

Oh yeah!

Good work guys!

Thanks @trafalgar

Good to see you here @trafalgar .

YESSSSS! So hype right now.

Hype hype woot woot!

@zappl - So far so good? Looks cool to me☺

Glad to hear it.


Thanks for the support!


Sure is!

Wow,Can't wait for the launch!!

Good to see you here @m8586 !

Glad to hear it!

when can we join, is it available on ios as of now? last time i remember i tried to join but was not live.

Its not live yet its still currently under development. These are more or less updates on the progress of the project.

can i be given a chance to test it in pre launch time.

looks great!!

Oh yeah!

I'm GUNNA Zappl soooo sooo hard!!

oh yeah!!

@zappl Once again excellent work team... STEEM ON!

Thanks @edges

Guys this is freaking awesome! Can't wait to try it out, looks very promising !! Upvoted

Glad to hear it!

When is this coming out... I can'y wait LOL


Waiting patiently haha :)


very nice post man i liked :) im gona follow you so if you can you might please follow me also and help me started :)

Thanks for the support

Glad to see everything is coming along nicely! I sent people to buy Zappl in my last post. Cheers!

Oh cool

Finally @zappl on ios.
Hope my pals gonna like it

It shall be glorious.

Ready to see it live. It looks great!

Well thanks!

I really just can't wait for Zappl! Is there a target launch date?

That is TBA!

Holy shit. Looks like Twitter on steroids! Can't wait for this

It shall be glorious!

Waiting for this like for xmas.


This looks even better than Twitter! Imagine that all the major celebrities are using it the way they use Twitter now! :D

Im sure it will be fun.

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