Petrified wood

in #zappl5 years ago

Here's a beautiful cavern of druzy crystals in a piece of petrified wood. This is one of my favorite pieces I found in California. I love the orange colors under the layer of crystals. Hope you enjoyed today's "rock show." #zappl #geology


A good post

Really the orange colour is beautiful :)

I have hundreds of pounds and never found another with colors like it. Really cool piece.

Wow, that looks amazing :)
How much is it worth?

Maybe $100-$175 dollars to the right collector. Petrified wood isn't really that expensive usually, but this is a good specimen.

Absolutely Gorgeous, I am diggin it, a lot !

"Dig it! I did!" Should've been the name of this post lol. Thanks

I have a beautiful polished piece of petrified wood with quartz that I love! Thank you for sharing!!

Glad you enjoy it. I have lot's more to share in the future...

Very nice with the crystals and colour!
Petrified wood is so awesome, I got a
stump that must weigh 200 pounds lol

I've got a big chunk like stashed in my Aunt's backyard.

Looks like there's a bunch of wet sugar in there. I love when these kinds of crystals form... and you got it on petrified wood? Amazing find.

Pretty awesome find. Here's a shot of the qhole chunk. I love the colors in it.

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Nice frozen in time piece of wood. to think if blockchains last your picture can end up being petrified in steemit for all time, for some future internet sleuth, on a contest quest in a hundred years, to find. Very nice piece of petrified wood.


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