ZapFic Writing Contest Entry for Week 73- Prompt: machinery

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ZapFic Writing Contest Entry for Week 73- Prompt: machinery


Extinct Squirrel

Thousands of trees on High Island were destroyed and removed by heavy machinery in 2020. Nature's residents could only survive by natural selection. The exotic Purple Tutu Sap Squirrel was unable to adapt and became extinct in 2022.

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And, since the natives of High Island ate only Purple Tutu Sap Squirrel, they too became extinct. The lesson for us all here is to eat a varied diet;)

HAHAHAHA!!!! Love it! You are trippin' partner. That is why it is called HIGH Island. You have to be high from something to believe there are those crazy, purple squirrels there. LOL!
Sorry my 100% upvote with 100% power is only worth 1 cent. Hope you have dust bunny or something similar.

I'm high on life babe;) and don't worry your head about the cents, the laughs you give me are priceless!

I think they were out of oxygen long before, no trees and each cut tree throws poison etc back into the air.

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Ah Kitty, we can always depend upon you to come along with the common sense and practicalities;)

😅🤣 Yes you can 💕

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A sad story 😢. Trees feel pain too. 💕

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I know. I feel their pain too. : ( Thanks for stopping by! : )

lol. The "Purple Tutu Sap Squirrel" That's brilliant Butterfly!