Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Had a wonderful Saturday morning walking around downtown with @caitycat. Victoria is a pretty cool old city -- especially China Town (officially the oldest "China Town" in Canada, I believe). Fun alleys and brick buildings with some LED lights give quite the ambiance.

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Hey! A photo of me! Neat! This shot turned out really cool, hon! Good eye!

It's the 2nd oldest in North America, too! Which really surprises me.

Great use of light on the pavement.

Thanks, man! I thought the lines going in all sorts of different directions looked pretty rad. It's about time I made her hold up while I took a photo -- usually the other way around.

Yes! Spite art...!

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I know I'm a million days late... but this is a super cool shot! The bricks, the angelic girl, the cool little fairy lights... BAM!