You Got Snekked Contest! | This is why I Love The Steem Blockchain!

This post is my entry to the #yougotsnekkedcontest created by @poesticsnake. All of my appreciation goes to her for creating a fun contest where we share a little about who we are and what we think.

What I love about the Steemit Platform?


I came to steemit thanks to a friend. She told me there was a site where they paid you for just creating some content. As a musician and writer who craaaave to live from its art, I just couldn’t believe it, like some people say it was too good to be truth. I let it go and didn’t pay much attention to her recommendation and follow with my things.

After a while, tired of working on some things I hated, I started to give it a thought to my friend’s suggestion and begin to investigate more about Steemit. I was still skeptical, but after receiving a mail with my MasterKey and then I started to post. it wasn’t after I receive my firsts payments that I notice this was a real deal, that It’ll turn out in my job or a form of making a living.

It been a while since that, and many many things has happened from that earlier payouts. My writings and the way I present them has changed. However, there is something that keeps still, the reason why I love this platform.

As I mention before, I came from a place where I dedicated to make things I didn’t liked to do but I had to do it to make some money. Thanks to the STEEM blockchain now I can play my music, write my poems, do my essays, storytelling abd get rewards from that.

I work way to much more than before, but honestly, I don’t care. I think I’m a Steemaholic, and for the moment I don’t think on get into rehab.

Why did I join and what made me stay?


¿ Why did I join? The answer is just curiosity. ¿Why am i staying? Because this platform became my home, and nobody wants to leave their home.

In here i get to know a few people that end up being my friends, and in a couple of time, I started them to feel as my family. Here I work, I come up with some ideas to support the Spanish speaking community, because I’m in charge of a witness who looks to benefit the fishes of the community and tries to use its blog to give them a voice. (their ideas are always very good and interesting but are missed in the “news trend” sea)

The low prices of the Steem don’t worry me, and didn’t make me work less. I trust and bet for steem and its capacity to become a giant in the social media world. This technology is helping me to cover my basic expenses in a country where the 80% of the population is in a extreme poverty situation. That makes me feel so much grateful! Y my way of retribuiting is making the newer and the older users have the best experience they can as I have it myself in this wonderful place.

What did me like the most?

The possibility of meeting people from all around the world, that in other circumstances i didn’t have dreamed of knowing.

The possibility of meeting people around the world that in other circumstances did not open or dreamed of knowing that they exist. Very much above the money, is for me that beautiful feeling l that fills my heart every time I share with new people, especially when it is a person who lives far from my country! I love to fill people with questions, meet new cultures, learn about their food, music, uff... to know other dreamers like me, are in that search of knowing themselves, it is something invaluable.

One of the most beautiful things I have experienced being here was to know @poeticsnake, @mandelsage and @Thebugiq. In my country (Venezuela) things are not good at all, you know? You go out on the street and all you hear is bad news, sadness and hopelessness. I like to disconnect from all that by walking through English servers and meeting new people. One day I met the mentioned trio and they invited me to the server of You Got Snekked on discord.

Soon we started to share, laugh and full the chat with anecdotes. The vibe I feel in that place is unmatched and every time I want to recharge batteries I go to that place.

This is the power of this platform, it could transform a life through a storie.

I will stay here until the last block was written!

(my girlfriend and I. this picture has nothing to do with the things I’m talking, but she looks so damn pretty -isn’t she?- and I want you to meet her. )

thanks to all of you who are mention in this post. You are part of my travel journey in the blockchain, and that means a lot to me. We will catch up in future posts

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