Giving more than 70 dishes of rice with chicken in the Central Hospital of my city

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Hi guys, I hope you are well, here is another report of the humanitarian aid we have been doing in Venezuela thanks to the support of the Steemit community and @youarehope!

Yesterday I posted a post where I showed the Process of cooking rice with chicken to give it away to people in need

This time we gave away more than 70 plates of rice with chicken and juice in the Central Hospital of my City.

For nobody is a secret the humanitarian crisis that Venezuelans live in and in this hospital there are people waiting for their relatives, some spend 2 and up to 3 days eating very badly or even 1 meal a day because the hospital does not provide any kind of food not even for the patients.

Some must decide whether to use the little money they have to eat or pay the medications that their child need; Many choose to pay for medicines and spend days without eating or eating only the food that good-hearted people like us donate on this hospital.

Even the nurses and workers of this hospital thanked us for this donation, since most are working only by vocation because what they get paid every two weeks is not even enough to buy a Bread. They are really working just for the desire to help to others and exercise their profession.

There were really many people that we gave them food that if I put 1 photo per person the post would be too long, so I show them with collages:

@rapo , @milca and @malos10 serving the dishes and juices to distribute them among the people in the hospital:

Youarehope Banner.gif

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Really great work you are doing.. Keep it up!!


Much love from venezuela <3 !


You are supporting a serial plagiarist

Hi Reny, remember when I caught you plaziarizing that taringa post when you came into steemit and you told me that you didnt know and will not do it again blablabla?

Well, I was checking your profile today and found that you kept plagiarizing even after being caught by Lince the first time...... for example here:
cheetah caught

and here:

So guess what?

You Are A Serial Plagiarist

And now you do charity work?.......... strange
Is this the new way of scamming people you have found?


Man your arguing is based on things i did when i wast just 3 weeks old on steemit. yes, i did copied these articles but guess what. I learned from it and I stoped of doing it 9 months ago. invite to check all my profile and send me something plagarized recently.

I learned. i moved forward.

when i started helping people on the streets i started because it was borned on my heart, and what, i started with the help of only 1 person, not scamming anybody, i havent done that so far, i will not do that never.

Do you know what I did?

To distribute food in the street, to people who really do not know if they eat in the day or not, that only depend on the donations of people of good heart.

I have donated more than 400 kg of food so far, clothes and shoes and I do not intend to stop!

The actions, the photos and the videos have spoken for me, and I have gained the trust of the community, so that you come to say that I want to cheat someone.

yes, i took photos of all the work, all the donations because i need that to prove that i'm not scamming nobody, that the work was done successfully!


"Man your arguing is based on things i did when i wast just 3 weeks old on steemit. yes, i did copied these articles but guess what. I learned from it and I stoped of doing it 9 months ago. invite to check all my profile and send me something plagarized recently.
I learned. i moved forward."

Thank you for the invitation, I did and I found this:

where you are posting this picture in a photo contest 2 months ago:

I found the same picture here:

https: //

which is a picture posted in instagram.

Is that your instagram account?
No, this is your instagram account
And that picture is not there, you stole that picture from another instagram account
and tried to pass it as your own photograph in a photo contest after 7 months of being in steemit.

So you see? you lied 4 days ago when you said that you stopped doing it 9 months ago.

@sircork please take note of the above



You have gained the trust of the community because until now they didnt know you were a serial plagiarist, and apparently you didnt learn nothing from being caught by Lince the first time, evidence of this is that you continued plagiarizing, as is clearly shown above.
You were caught, said you would not do it again and turned around and kept plagiarizing, that is called Serial Plagiarism.

In addition, you have not donated anything, its the steemit community that donated that food, not you. Also, if the community would know the actual price of the food you "donated" they would realize that you are keeping most of the money they support you with.

You are not doing this "humanitarian aid" because you care about the people in need,
you are just using these people to appeal to pity and make money yourself.

Serial plagiarism is one of the most rejected behaviours in our community, because it shows a will to deceive and nobody who incurs in such behaviour can possibly be trusted again, much less with "humanitarian aid" work.

I repeat, you are just using these poor people to make money yourself
and I find it disgusting.

Welcome to my blacklist for serial plagiarism.
May God help you.


Bringing up the past accomplishes nothing. Hell, I used to shit in my diapers. Don't do that anymore (at least not intentionally). I know, a strange metaphor, but germane to this topic.

Like many that began here on STEEM @malos10 made mistakes for lack of knowledge. He has learned and @malos10 has evolved in his posts. As far as his contributions, he is on the ground helping his Countrymen.

I would fair to say this young man does more than those of us that send him small amounts of SBD/STEEM to feed his people. Please leave this young man alone. Why not take your delegation and hunt out the true reward pool rapists on this platform?

You are wrong in this old son, very wrong. I respect this young man greatly and the work he, his father, and many others have set their hand to doing. As far as a scam? Accusations require evidence. You have provided none.


"Like many that began here on STEEM @malos10 made mistakes for lack of knowledge. He has learned and @malos10 has evolved in his posts"

Well, wrong again, look above, he was plagiarizing 2 months ago too, and this time you cant say that it was for lack of knowledge after being in steemit for 7 months cant you?



Incredible amount of work put into this, and it really shows with all these pictures how big a difference you have made to all these people. I'm sure @crisangel must have already crossed paths with you and will be along shortly.

#thealliance #witness


Yes, I know him and we've talked before! it's great what he's doing, we need people throughout the country helping, it would be great if there were 1 in each state of the country as a minimum

Excelente, felicitaciones, @malos10.

you are doing great ! wow :)
helping people in this way ! its so nice , hope they all get well soon ,
unfortunately some people have not good situation ...
anyway i appreciate what you did :)

Excellent work of charity, if people knew the joy it produces in the soul, help the needy, we would be more willing to lend ourselves to that good action.
Blessings and may God multiply in the house of all foods.

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Many many thanks!!

que bueno amigo que Dios les bendiga siempre me imagino esa gente contenta que no se imaginaba un plato de comida ese día

Me conmueve y me llena de felicidad saber que aun queda personas de buen corazón en este país. Que bonita labor 😊❤ Si cada uno pusiera un granito de arena uff... Seria increíble el cambio