First Ever Steemit Customized School Bags Donated To Children Of Obosono Basic School

in youarehope •  11 months ago

As soon as we arrived one of the female teachers approached me and ask me just one question, "What is STEEM TO THE MOON" I laughed out and asked why and she said after the day we visited the kids have been chanting it all day. with an astonishing face, I was like wow wow that is impressive and I explained it all to her.

It was a glorious day filled with emotional moments looking at all these lovely kids lacking educational materials that will enhance their studies and enrich their education.

With a sponsorship from @youarehope we could buy school bags, books, pencils, sharpeners, erasers etc for the kids to help with their studies and also let them know we are here for them. Steemit kids world foundation is trying their possible best to reach out to deprived areas such as the Obosono basic school to help solve issues that are hindering the growth of this lovely future steemian kids.

As usual, we went ahead to promote steemit to the teachers as well. We believe promoting steemit to the world will help others expose their God-given talents to the world and gain from it as well.

Lets Go Through All The Activities That Took Place During The Project.

On Our Way To The Village

When We Arrived At The School

Meeting One Of The Teachers

Sharing Ideas

Heading To the Classroom For The Presentation

We got to the classroom and the kids started shouting steem to the moon wow it was so amazing and astonishing. The presentation was about to start so the assistant headmaster came around so we hand over the donated educational materials to him before handing it over to the school kids.

These are some of the donated School bags

Presentation Taking Place

We Spoke A Little With The Kids Before Handing Over The Bags To Them

Handing Over The school Bags To The Kids

The Kids Were So Happy

Sharing Of Other Educational Materials To The Kids

We All Took One Lovely Picture Together

The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them away. Giving back to society is, in fact, vague and misty in nature. There's so much that we procure from society. There are so many strata of people who make up the whole population of a nation. But they are different from each other. Some are affluent and some are mere stragglers of survival. In many countries, there are masses who don't even have excess to basic day-to-day requirements. There are also people who have so much in excess, that the amounts if distributed, would solve many problems plaguing most areas around the world.

Promoting Steemit To The Teachers As We Met Them

Heading To The Schools Canteen

My Steemit Dedicated Camera Man

Thanks to all lovely supporting steemians and YouAreHope for the sponsorship!!!

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You guys ROCK! The kids are adorable and it's great to see them get some awesome supplies.... the last few weeks in particular were very trying and people like you and initiatives like this keeps me on here to see the far reaching effects of what a dedicated group of people can achieve.
Sending love and am honored to see this when scrolling (You are making me cry but in the best way possible DQmNSpmZjjoP5h4jRJjZtnejaauVif6bgLDdL6LAuPyA1U5.jpeg


Yes thank you @battleaxe for helping our mission, you have every right to succeed on this blockchain, you are contributing to great projects we have been working on for many months and people like you allow them to come into fruition!

Thank you so much for your support, You will see many videos soon from @chronixx showing montages off all of these great works by @kofpato and @steem4depoor and @brightacq and @mcsamm and we'd be honored to have you in the video with @surfyogi and @stellabelle and many others that is like a montage where we all say a line about steemit in one big paragraph that we all speak, you'd be a great addition to the video and @chiama made a great script and you should join!


Yes @battleaxe
It's not been easy for them and we will be doing a lot to help them and also other places with similar issues.


Yes man I bet you will get some serious attention from @thejohalfiles @surfyogi @stellabelle on this post!

I upvoted, and resteemed man! Its a great addition to our many projects and you can be sure there will be some new major events planned man! I am honored to have sent the many hundreds of steem your way and team ghana's way over the last few months , It will pay off for everyone involved, it MUST to keep this project sustainable financially! People Will All be receiving support for their involvement in this amazing project of @kofpato and #teamghana from the greater steem community AND the Bitcoin Community outside steem! This is why We will be using Bitcoin logos in all future projects to get support from the BITCOIN community which is MUCH bigger than Steem! We will get SO much support, NEWS reports

I am buying Billboards in Ghana with @mcsamm and helping buy a Newspaper add, and we will use THESE projects in the newspaper and we will make your name famous if you want @battleaxe hah It will be beautiful, the ads in the paper will talk about how steem works and all these projects , imagine the pictures of the backpacks in the newspaper, credit going to @kofpato and @brightacq @battleaxe for all of Ghana to ee so they all know what Steem is all about! We will have a serious multimedia Advertising campaign in Ghana for steem and the whole world will see our good deeds!

Just sent you 10 SBD to help recoop supplies from this post!

You will get more in the future man! These are great! Really helping Steem look like the BEST Blockchain for helping Humanity!


Thanks a lot @ackza
I do appreciate all you are doing bro

Steem To The Moon bro

OMG these are beautiful children! I did not know you were going to print on the bags, what a brilliant idea.

This is the most amazing way to begin these next 19 days of travel around the world that I can imagine. Beaming with pride, and gratitude about the entire community here, but most of all you, my friend, for your initiative to do this, your excellence in doing this effectively and quickly and our new found brotherhood together in service for these incredible children.

Love you bro. So happy the spirit of this place brought us together from so unbelievably far apart.

Wow. Crying. Damn.

[EDIT] I read again slower and less hyper excited by the latest report to get the details on a second pass and saw my name on the bags. I am so flattered and it's all so surreal. Children on the other side of the planet, are wearing my name to school on their bags. I am very unworthy of this. I am in awe of the excitement and enthusiasm of these children.


Yes bro... I am very happy the kids loved the bags. They all said a big thank you to YouAreHope


You are an amazing soul, @kofpato. I am proud to call you my friend and humbled to be a servant to these children with you.


Yes bro
Same as you bro, helping these little ones is very very amazing cause it's not everyone who would do this bro
They say a big thank you to @youarehope bro


Incredible efforts deserve incredible rewards. YouAreHope is priceless.


Thanks very much @jacobts

@kofpato I salute you. It's getting hard to come up with enough wonderful things to say to all the Agents of HOPE like you who do the work in the field as our community's eyes, hands and hearts on the line, boots on the ground and tears and concern for the children on behalf of all of us. See everything I said in the comment from my personal account. and add this and multiply it by ten!

So much love from all of us to you and your peers over there. Many hugs all around.

Yours in service
Witness 74
Founder @YouAreHOPE


Thanks a lot @sircork
We are very pleased to help out bro
They need us bro, and we will always be there for them bro
Thanks very much to @youarehope for the support


Shoulder to shoulder, lifting these children up. It sends shivers through my body and warmth to my heart.


Yes bro... Looking at them smile always makes me happy for them bro @sircork




@sgt-dan - wonderful picture and words from His faithful servant, Bill Graham. May God bless him and keep him, always. US Army veteran here - reaching out for some brotherhood & fellowship. Take care.

Wonderful post and wonderful work and I am crying with @sircork!


Awwww I am too @hope777
The kids are very lovely and amazing

Steem soldiers on deployment :)


Yes bro
Thanks bro

Great work people. The children really loved the bags. Wonderful idea. @kofpato. Looks like you all got something out of this day. Amazing


Yes it was an amazing day @steem-ambassador
We visited and realized all of them didn't have school bags so we decided to help with some donations and it was awesome. They were very happy we could come back and donate🙏

Great story! I admire you for providing hope to these people. Resteemed!


Thanks a lot, i appreciate that a lot

Yeah, Steem can be the key to the new abundance’s paradigm, isn’t it?

🌈 Thanks for transforming ideas into action! 👍🏼


Touching souls through steemit is our goal in Nigeria.
Am so happy you guys were able to do such thing,
Have such ideas also for my local community because they are really suffering but it hasn't been easy been on the steemit platform as a new baby with Zero reputation and zero funds.
Never the less I will keep doing the little and hoping God blesses and expand my work on steemit.

Nice shoots once more .


That is great. Continue pushing and serving others.


Wonderful. I am so very happy for you and your community. I appreciate seeing such a generous effort to give back to your community. Such happy faces. Those kids have a beautiful future with caring leaders like yourself around. Stay blessed.


I simply love it! Using steem blockchain and steemit community for humanitarian projects. Incredible! The difference such gestures make cannot be counted in money, whether it's fiat or crypto.


You all are Awesome! This is incredible, and I wish there were more people in the world like you. Keep up the great work you are doing, helping to change lives for the better. Rock on my friend. :-)


Thanks very much my good friend @inthenow

Fantastic job guys!!!
You are showing the true spirit of steemit.
Keep it up.


Thanks a lot bro

Amazing work supporting your community and schoolchildren, a credit to so many selfless people here on Steemit that have supported you in doing this - so fitting you put their account names on the bags they helped pay for. Wonderful work and support by you all.


Thanks very much bro @c0ff33a

i am impressed for your activity ,Allah must be help you.


Great job. Weldone @kofpato and your team. That's a very good strategy of promoting steemit through humanitarian work. God bless you.


Yes @yohan2on
Thanks a lot

What a nice gesture! Hats off guys, well done!


STEEMIT helping to bring Humanity to all of the EARTH.


Sure bro
Thanks @stokjockey

siete bravi!!!

good post thanks men


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Its so amazing the impact of steemit on life here and life there..theres indeed beauty in togetherness..keep up the game and work harder @kofpato .It feeels really good to be working with like minded people


Sure Thanks @mcsamm

Start once your heart and very concerned about education. A great country because of great education. Successful Always @kofpato


Wow, just wow.
I feel heart warmed by reading this post. It is so nice to see that steem is making a difference across the globe.
I think what you have done here is great and I hope that you carry on your steem-promo
I am doing something similar by giving free easter eggs to kids while dressed as a bunny but there is no way I can compete with what you guys have accomplished here. well done and I look forward to seeing more.


Thanks a lot and keep helping them too bro @artonmysleeve

Great work my man



@kofpato - great information and wonderful post about the backpack giveaway. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks also to @sircork for his support for - keep up the great work! Followed - Resteemed - Upvoted!


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really touches my heart, as a #STEEMIT member here in Philippines I feel proud on what you have done. You are truly blessings to the children. God bless you guys!


My Oh my, this is beautiful. There's nothing beautiful in seeing children suffer. Going through this, I felt emotionally imbalanced, excited and almost in tears.
This is not just beautiful, I found this inspiring, passion wise. I am doing a something like this also with a friend through a project tagged "Products of Help Initiative", which I just started recently, our focus is also on school children and students in rural communities and just yesterday we visited a school to donate books and the feeling was ethereal. I made a post and I'm yet to recover from the impact of yesterday's event.

Special thanks to everyone involved in this @kofpato, @sircork, @ackza, @youarehope and every other meaningful Steemian who contributed in one way or the other to the success of this project. May God bless and reward you all abundantly.

It is really a great work you are doing....