dropahead Curation Report - Best posts from 2018-07-03

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dropahead Curation Report - 2018-07-03

dropahead Project - Supporting people in their STEEM journey!

Our best picks from 2018-07-02 and 2018-07-03, upvoted and brought to you thanks to our curation team:


Morbid, Creepy & Awkward: The Best Kind of Funny - Comedy Open Mic Round # [20]
by @dbzfan4awhile
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa
#comedyopenmic - I speak fluent gibberish and I have masters in weirdness
by @aschatria
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa
👏Make Easy Mayo At Home! Perfect 5 Min Healthy Recipe!👏(Vegan)
by @heart-to-heart
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Castellano y tag #castellano

ALCAHUETE - Una palabra para hoy
by @rocoduran
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Mirar atrás - To look behind
by @siucatti
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa


by @kathleenscarboro
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy
Landscape Photography Challenge: Upper Tampa Bay
by @liberty-minded
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy
Chronotype - The Making Of Night Owls And Early Birds
by @golddeejay
curated by @joelsegovia, QA by @develCuy
Science For The Little Guys: Make Your Own Butter
by @sweetpea
curated by @joelsegovia, QA by @develCuy


  Chinese Subway copy versus the real deal
by @alexabsolute
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy


My Work [19] - Dance Performance of the Reader’s Digest 20th Trusted Brands Award Ceremony 2018
by @aaronli
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy
The Monkeyzuelans, the origin of our username.
by @themonkeyzuelans
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy


[EN/CN] Applying for the Chinese Translator of davinci.witness
by @aaronli
curated by @marilia, QA by @develCuy
Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (Nutella) - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT
by @gringalicious
curated by @marilia, QA by @develCuy

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