dropahead Curation Report - Best posts from 2018-04-27

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dropahead Curation Report - 2018-04-27

Our best picks from 2018-04-27, upvoted and brought to you thanks to our curation team:


An old tram
by @turkish-r
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy
App's of steem - One Thing You Need To Know
by @megaela
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Castellano y tag #castellano

Steemit Open Mic Week 82 - Laura y el Diablo - Hotel - (Cover) @MiguelARL
by @miguelarl
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Cuando empieza el temblor
by @jcalero
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Português e tag #pt

#ERAUMAVEZ - história 1 - Parte 6
by @casberp
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy


An old tram
by @turkish-r
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy


  Tilted Touch - Music MIX
by @dpatcher
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy
The first poetry introducing article of the Chinese Culture Project is published!《樂筆詩塾》,Steemit首個唐詩介紹計劃,第一篇唐詩介紹文章登場了!
by @aaronli
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy


Journey of Charles Hoskinson
by @ramsteem
curated by @marilia, QA by @develCuy
Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT
by @gringalicious
curated by @marilia, QA by @develCuy

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