#xpilarcontest "Imagination"

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Run! Run! Run You Fool! Salina the witch hissing with laughter that sounded like a hyena while chasing Kam. Kam runs with all his mighty to avoid being caught by that crazy witch. She is angry because he refused to date her "What? Yes, she is furiously angry because of that!." Kam regrets his clumsiness for agreeing to meet her tonight. He was thinking of telling her over a good dinner that this relationship cannot happen. Now his good intention might get him killed. Earlier, they were strolling down quietly at the city park and then he broke the bad news to her. He wasn't seeing it coming when Salina gets hysterical and turned herself into a witch.

Suddenly he sees a door while running under the city bridge, he never sees it before. He thinks, "That's my chance!", opens the door and before he knew it he is sucked into an unknown dimension. He could not grab anything, it is like he is floating in outer space in dark matter... but the energy that he feels is pulling him in one direction. Suddenly, wooosh... like a vacuum sucking him out, Kam can feel that he is dropping faster and faster and he cannot save himself as he sees the ground is approaching very fast and zass... he is dropped onto the ground SPLAT!

Kam opens his eyes. He must have passed out after that fall. He stands and thinks "Okay all good man! I am still in one piece." He sees in front of him a beautiful place full with sculptures of his favorite colors; red, blue and silver. He had seen it before too many times in his dreams. A place that all dreams will come true! Far from bitches and witches. Kam smiles and walks calmly to his Dream World.


This is an entry for this week's @xpilar contest "imagination".

If you are interested to participate, here is the post by @xpilar for your reference:


This contest is curated and sponsored by @xpilar. Thank you so much @xpilar for keeping us occupied and up keeping our positive Steeming energy with this fabulous contest.

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A wonderful fantastic story I wish you luck

Thanks @mimbel for the support, glad you like it.😊

You are killing it... Great Job!

Lol thanks for the compliment @steemthat, appreciate the upvote :)

Thank you for your interpretation of the image "Imagination" @ainie.kashif

You are most welcome @xpilar. I love your contest idea. Will always participate. Have a nice day 😊

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