Do we take what we have for granted?

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Often times we hear people around say, "Oh, I wish I had this," or "I really need this in my life", but have we ever stopped and looked around at what we actually have? Have we taken the time to appreciate all the things we do have?

In a fast paced world it is often too difficult to take the time and slow down, but it is important to stop and smell the roses from time to time. It is important to have goals and ambitions, but are these goals and ambitions hindering our progress to become better human beings?

A study performed in 2015, showed that 49% of all people living on Earth, do not have access to the internet. That means 3.2 billion people are living everyday life having to really on the news, books, television and gossip to learn about what is happening around them. 51% of the world's population are privileged enough to simply whip out a smart phone and check Facebook or Twitter and instantly know what is happening around the world. Have we stopped to actually think about how privileged we are?

I believe that society in general has the potential to become a 'utopia' of sorts if everyone in it chooses to be considerate of others. If society would stop making divides between different groups of people and actually work together towards a common goal, the world would be a happier and more successful place. Instead of breaking people down, build people up. Instead of judging the people at traffic lights for their poor life choices, help them make better ones. Instead of focusing on the flaws of individuals, help them to improve their strengths. A reinforced wall in stronger than a wall with bricks missing.

May we all strive for this version of society. Helping those around us, appreciating what we have and all in all focusing on achieving our goals as mankind working together. Step, by step, we can achieve this.

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