There she was, Amy Gerstein, over by the pool, kissing my father #Freewrite

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There she was, Amy Gerstein, over by the pool, kissing my father. To calrify, my father is actually my hamster. Is it kosher to name my hamster 'father' with a small capital f? Who cares. I think I can do whatever I want, especially if I took it from the wildness.
like oe time I told my friends I lost my virginity at the age of 11. I don't think they knew I wa talking about my rabbit, virginity.
Had it for 2 weeks and it disappeared when I had left it in a vicious dog cafe.

Are there any rules to what you can do inlife? Like, Amy kissing my father, who's my pet hamster, by the pool. Would you be just as confused as me? Does she like my hamster that much? How long has she had eyes for this animal? I don't even know if it's a boy or a girl. Amy, you're an animal loving lesbian. But this is uncomfirmed.

Amy, what will you do next?
Amy, are you okay, are you okay Amy?

The poolboy saw them and shooed them away. They were next door in my neighbour's property. They were tresspassing, well, I think Amy was because my hamster had no say. It's pretty brainless, it just eats shits sleeps raves and repeat. Hmm, I guess that's something they have in common.

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