A Bribe from a Criminal - What Would You Do? [Your Participation is Requested #3]

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The sweltering heat of mid-June Texas bears down on you, sweat forming on your brows.  You're in a small town you've never been to or heard of before, passing through to fill up your 2009 Mazda 3 with gas on your way to visit your mother several hundred miles away.  As much as you felt like driving because you enjoyed it, stopping in this town made you want to take a short walk to give your cramped legs a break.  You didn't expect the heat to be so unbearable at noon, usually it's hotter in the afternoon as the sun settles, but the sweat covering your body begs to differ.

Your mother normally calls on important dates and holidays for you to drive out and visit, but this time, unfortunately, was something a lot less fun.  She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and by the time she'd finally gone to a hospital, she realized it might actually kill her.  Your mother never had much finances after your father passed away years ago from a heart attack, and the medical bills were piling up on her.  She wanted you to come because she thought it might be the last time she'd see you, but your intention upon going was not just to see her, but to help her financially with the small amount of money you had saved up from working.

On your way into the town, you saw a sign for a festival in the next town over, and seemingly that's where everyone went.  The town you're currently in looks deserted from the lack of people.  Businesses are still open, hoping to get at least a few shoppers in an already tiny community.

Up ahead you notice a bank building, devoid of any cars except a van out front, parked on the side of the street, rather than in a parking space.  That strikes you as odd, and almost instantly you become suspicious.  You continue your walk, trying not to overthink it or be paranoid.

A man and a woman burst forth from the bank doors, the woman carrying a duffel bag in each hand, the man carrying a duffel bag in his left hand and a gun in his right hand.  You can only tell their genders from their body shapes, as their faces are mostly covered with black masks.  They scan the surrounding area, seemingly for witnesses, and spot you; pretty much the only person visible in the whole town.

Oh shit.

You freeze in place, not knowing what to do.  Your instincts were right, and you should have trusted them.

The pair have already spotted you, and you see them mumble something as they stare at you.  The woman nods, and the man advances towards you.  You stand there, still frozen, awkwardly thinking about how much pain you'd be in if he shot you.  It seems like decades before he reaches you, all kinds of scenarios running wild in your mind on how this will go down.

When he reaches you, instead of pointing the gun at you, he puts it down in the duffel bag, and picks up a smaller bag inside it, holding it out to you.  The smaller bag is also completely loaded with huge stacks of $100, $50, and $20 bills.

"There's roughly $15,000 in cash in this bag.  It's yours if you pretend you never seen us.  You got lucky we had a good haul today, otherwise I'da shot ya, but this way there's less mess.  What'll it be, kid?"  He asked in a gruff voice.  From the sound of his voice and his tone, you could tell he was probably at least 50 years old.  You couldn't tell if he was joking about shooting you or not.  You stare at the bag, filled to the brim with stacks of cash, as the sweat forming on your forehead intensifies.

What Would You Do?

Please Note: I've done several of these "Your Participation is Requested" posts, and the goal behind them is to find out how the average Steemian would react to different situations under different pressures.  Everyone reacts uniquely and has varying past experiences, so there is no "wrong" answer.  Please respond as genuinely and fully as you can.  The more detail you provide, the more engaging the discussions will be below.

Thanks for reading and participating!  For more interesting content, be sure to Follow me @voltarius!


I don't know what I would do in that situation, possibly pretend I am blind and say I never saw a thing hoping he would believe me

Hahaha, omg that's a fantastic idea! For me personally, it'd be pretty hard to wipe the fear off my face to pretend I'm blind. Thanks for the feedback!

You could always pretend your guide dog had ran away that's why your scared lol your welcome

Haha, even better. Great responses!

my first instinct would be to nod yes, get as much detail as I can to pass to the police along with the money. Then my second, self-preservation would kick in and not want to do so in case he came back looking for me. Cause he knows what I look like, I don't know what he looks like.

I suspect the latter might be the option. My conscience would likely demand I turn the money over and say I found it on the ground.

That's certainly an interesting take. Probably similar to what I'd do. However, what about your mother in this scenario? Would you keep it for her for the breast cancer and still turn the robbers in?

I would have to think on whether to keep enough to cover bills or not.

Never hurts to think a bit extra. :) The scenarios are meant to put the readers in difficult situations to test their limits.

Banks rob the poor, if a small amount gets stolen back its not my concern. I would take it.

That's fair too, in all honesty. The money is all FDIC insured anyways, so it's not like you're REALLY stealing from the people who use the bank. Thanks for the feedback!

Can you say no? What are they gonna do?

You can say/do what you'd like. If you feel you'd be able to stop the guy before he picked up the gun and resisted, you could certainly say no and try to stop them. You could also take the money and call the police right after and keep the money or return it. It's all up to you. :)

Hi @voltarius, I'm just stopping back to let you know you were one of my favourite reads today. You can see what I had to say about you here

Wow, that's awesome! Thanks, I'll give it a read right now! Thanks for the support. :)

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Good post, I liked the premise.
Truth is, any response here is just a projection of what we would like to say or do. Impossible to say until actually being in that situation. Not to mention that people usually say in public only things that put them in a favorable light.

Fair enough, but there are some people that will be honest regardless of what the public thinks. People don't have to answer, but regardless of the ethics of the response, I still like to hear peoples' genuine reactions.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Realistically? Step 1: take the money, smile, and wait for the bandits to leave. Step 2: carefully check the area for cameras while walking casually into the bank to make sure everyone is okay. Pocket an amount of money which is plausible to be carrying if there are no cameras. Step 3: enter the bank, render assistance if appropriate, and call mom while waiting for the law to show up.

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