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One of the most daunting activities on Steemit is scrolling endlessly in search of a particular post on The Wall.

Obviously, some will point out that doing a simple google search will provide the desired results with minimum effort.

Except, what if you don't know what your searching for?

You've come across an author that peaks your interest and want to find out if they have more content worth your time, what do you do?

You scroll.

And if the user has been been here for any significant amount of time, you scroll some more...wading through the endless resteems can quickly turn into a time consuming chore often ending in defeat.

This even happens to Steemians hopelessly scrolling through their own material!

What was that title again?

Enter Steemshelves


Breathe New Life into Your Steemit Archive!

Right off the top I’d like to thank @rhondak and SFT (Steemhouse Fiction Trail) for providing this much needed resource.

I don’t really get too excited about too many things but I really love this initiative!

I first became aware of the existence of this wonderful service from this post by @aggroed.

Steemshelves.com a Serialized Post Hosting Site for Steemit

This is the first Steemit related service that provides users with the ability to serialize their posts.

Minnow Support Project

MSP logo.png

Steemshelves has roots in the MSP and the PAL (Peace Abundance and Liberty) on the Discord network spearheaded by the gargantuan efforts of @aggroed and his expanding team of witnesses.

According to the man himself, Steemshelves is a related but separate initiative from members within the community:

What you may not realize is that this project is primarily run by @rhondak. It's an offshoot of the Steemhouse Fiction Trail, which is an independent curation trail within the Minnow Support Community.

Be sure to visit PAL on Discord and check out the Fiction-Workshop Channel where @rhondak is sure to be found. Supporting, promoting and nurturing a growing community of talented writers.


Serialize Your Posts with Steemshelves

Why should you serialize your posts?

For one, it gives your past work visibility.

I know a lot of Steemians who have done incredible work that has gone relatively unnoticed.

Much of the work was posted before the recent upsurge in users on the platform and, in my opinion, merits some recognition and visibility.

Those who have been on Steemit for longer may notice that much of the research that has been done is often repeated by new users. This situation is no one's fault, of course, as new users have no way of knowing what has or what hasn't been posted previously.

There have been a few attempts to make previous work more accessible, @kasperfred's Steemit Tag Search immediately comes to mind.

Although this is a great service, I feel that pieces selected and compiled by the authors themselves is an improvement in terms giving prominence to bodies of work the authors are most proud of by bringing their best creations to the fore.

Second, it allows you to organize, categorize and catalog your work in a more efficient and eye pleasing manner.

Third, it makes finding selections form an authors previous work quick and relatively effortless.

Simply put, walls are cluttered with resteems and most people don’t have the patience to scroll through someone else’s archives.

Steemshelves allows you to quickly bypass The Wall and get right to the heart of an author’s craft, the articles that they’re most proud of and the work they hope others will enjoy too.

How to Steemshelves for Dummies

Posting your work to Steemshelves is quite easy but in case you’re like me, you might want each step broken down for you.

SBD Transfer

(1) Find the first article in your series from your steemit wall / copy the URL
(2) Go to your wallet / scroll down to SBD and click on "Transfer"

v4vapid — Steemit.png

(3) Transfer to = sft // amount = 2 SBD // memo = paste in the URL

v4vapid — Steemit(4).png

(4) Enter your Active Key or Master Key password to complete transaction

v4vapid — Steemit(3).png

(5) Check wallet history to make sure the transfer is complete

Steemshelves Website

  1. Navigate to Steemshelves.com
  2. scroll to bottom of the page and click on “SEND PROFILE INFO HERE AFTER SBD TRANSFER”
  3. Next, enter your Steam ID (no @ eg. = v4vapid)
  4. Enter profile info about the author and the title of your series
  5. Enter the URL to the article you want to add (same link as SBD transfer memo)
  6. If this is your first post, upload your profile image

Contact – Steemshelves(1).png


Note: The process is not instantaneous, please allow 48 hours for your series to appear

Write it / Post it / Shelve it

Steemshelves – digital bookshelves for Steemit fiction.png

You will receive unique link for your author page and unique URLs for each individual series.

Also, you'll have a combo URL for the whole portfolio.

Here's what it looks like once you've completed the submission process.

v4vapid – Steemshelves(4).png

Weapons Smuggling  Silkway Helps Terrorists – Steemshelves(1).png

Growing List of Authors on SteemShelves


@aggroed - Sci-Fi / Crypto Punk
@Gmuxx - Sci-Fi
@jrhughes - Literary / Horror
@pegasusphysics - Sci-Fi / Crypto Punk
@anarcho-andei - Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror / Suspense
@geke - Poetry / Literary
@jimitations - Voice-over / Comedy
@cristof - Literary
@lenaDr - Suspense / Satire


@smackit - Non-Fiction / Sci-Fi / Horror / Fantasy /
@v4bapid - Non-Fiction, Politics, Crime, Conspiracy

"Powered By Crypto. We Build Worlds." - Steemhouse Publishing

@rhondak was gracious to help me through the process and explain the vision she has for Steemshelves -

All funds go directly to SFT--nobody's hands are in that coffer. EVER. Our curators don't take a cut. We're trying to raise enough capital to pay out at least $50 SBD per curated post, and hopefully more, later.

Originally, Steemshelves was limited to Fiction only but @rhondak has now added a Non-Fiction division. I know there are some authors compiling some fantastic research in many different areas and I encourage you to add your work to Steemshelves.

Promotional Offer / Introductory Price

Good for the next 2 weeks!

If you have some series or a few series you'd like to serialize this is a great opportunity to do so!

1-20 links - Each 10th link is free = 20 links = 36SBD

20-50 links = 1.5 SBD per link

30x1.5 = 45 SBD (save 15 SBD)
40x1.5 = 60 SBD (save 20 SBD)

50-100 SBD = 1 SBD per link

50x1 = 50SBD (save 50 SBD)
75x1 = 75 SBD (save 75 SBD)
100x1 = 100 SBD (save 100 SBD)

images gameofthrones.wikia.com, dorkly.com



Our own steemit library.
What an amazing idea. I already started looking at @aggroed's NAGAN VII series and it really goes to show how useful this site is.
Is my content good enough to put into the steemshelves archive or does it have to be more long essay based?
Well I guess this will act as a way to save some time and find content which I like rather than browsing steemit for ages haha

Any Steemit content is "good enough" to go in this library! Steemit makes us all great. :-)

This is such an excellent idea - resteemed to encourage max exposure.

It really is an excellent resource. So many quality posts get lost in the abyss.

Steemshelves is an awesome idea! I can vouch for the creators of it over at the Fiction Workshop. I use steemshelves myself and am very happy with its overall convenience as well as the professionalism of the people that brought it to life. Thanks!

It really seems to be some nice tool to get a better overview on your Posts but IMO it might be a little bit expensive. Sure the Developers shall get rewarded for it but does it really have to be 1-2 SBD per link? Cheaper prices or a flatrate might probably lead to more people using it and higher revenues on the longrun

Yeah, I think this may be a little steep for some users but perhaps over time it will come down in price.

For someone like me, who's been here for 7-8 months it's perhaps more valuable as when I posted a lot of my best research I had very few followers and Steemit had far fewer regular users.

Steemit inc. may also incorporate a similar feature in the future, so it's really an individual choice and maybe not for everyone.

It's definitely a great feature @v4vapid and I'll follow up on it a bit as I hope that it'll get easily available to all Steemians, including the small ;)

The outcome of this is like the blogger archieve, arrange by year and months. This service I think, is applicable only to novel and book writer where they need to back each chaper.

Cheers for the upvote and support on my article yesterday @v4vapid , I am enjoying your articles too!, great idea with the steemshelves...i actually had a scrolling episode on my own blog yesterday trying to find some info.

hey @v4vapid! First i wanted to thank you for your whale vote you left on the ocean cleanup article the other day. then i saw your wall post, and the shelf thing ... yeah sounds good, eventually we´ll join with the @gnc .. but one problem you described was scrolling thru a users blog .. with lots of resteems in it ... or your own blog ... however im using the steemchiller tools made by @steemchiller which is a VERY handy add on to the steemit layout .. it gets you a sidebar, favorite authors, favorite tags, a "grey-out" of resteems, and much more! it´s a great tool and still undiscovered by the masses ... if it´s prickling in your fingers now just check out https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemchiller/new-version-of-the-sct-for-steemit-released
thanks again for your support! @flurgx for the @gnc

Sounds informative to say the least!

Thanks, looks really useful!! Will check it.

That's a great idea and solution to scrolling for days. Your GOT reference gave me a good laugh! 🤣🤣 thanks for that.

My pleasure, thanks for commenting. Yeah, I was trying to think of a decent title while watching the latest episode of GoT and then it hit me! lol

If you haven't seen SO7 E4 yet... you're really going to enjoy it ;)

OMG! I'm obsessed. I recently broke my collarbone, so I've been just chilling and watching GOT... I'm on season 3 now... it is amazing! I actually made a GOT meme in my second to last most recent post on "Stop Procrastinating." hehe, You will probably get a kick seeing it as you are a GOT fan. :)

I need to catch up... my friends have weekly GOT parties for each episode, and they dress up! LOL such dorks! :)

LOL whaaat? They do cosplay every week wow. True fans right there.

I started by watching the first season... and then GoT totally hooked and bought all the books and read them back to back. Such an amazing series... and I know it's cliche but "the books are so much better"...

Nonetheless, the show is glorious too!

LOL Well... not all the time, but sometimes! (for dressing up) It's pretty awesome though :)

I totally need to read the books. It's totally true... books are always better.

Who's your favorite character in GOT? Or is he/she dead already :P

Very creative and useful idea, thanks for highlighting it and breaking down its step by step use.

Knew about Steemshelves, but not in so much detail. Thanks! Am definitely planning to utilize it.

sounds very good. Last few weeks my steem feed has been almost nothing but re-steems

excellent idea

The scrolling can be taken care of when the STEEM TEAM develops a recommendation feature like youtube and others have, but right now its certainly a peeve in my book

Thanks for the info. Good to know. Sounds like a useful tool, I will be sure to look into it.

Cheers for breaking it down so the process is easily digestible V.
This is indeed a brilliant idea, they just seem to keep coming out of the MSP.
I'll go sort my place out now.
Thanks dude.

I just joined Steemit only a week ago, so I am only reading about this now. I was thinking about this very problem of not being able to find a certain past post. Thanks for sharing this great idea. This needs to be resteemed!

You nailed it man.

I can never figure out how to use these things!

wow man, You have worked a lot to this post!

Great initiative adding stories to the website!

that is a nice idea. Why is the site unsecured though. I get a red lock at the top by the website.. I might just go in here soon, once I start writing series pieces or something.

To be honest.. I'm still not 100% sure what the use of SteemShelves is? Is it a storage for information? Or what?

Sorry, just being honest :) But I am curious

This is amazing. I will divulge into this initiative as TBH I do not know much about it. Ill also be honest in saying that im not much of a writer, but the idear has always appealed to me, maybe I can give it a shot... whats the worst thatll happen, Ill end up with a story I can read to my future kids one day :D
So this may be obvious but when you say series, thats a series of posts that are related to a story eh? like a book with chapters?

@v4vapid Thanks for putting all this information together in such coherent and easily absorbed article. I shall definitely be looking into this and already have some posts in mind. A great idea and again thanks for taking the time to make everyone aware.