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A new way to discover content from your favorite steemian writers.

@papa-pepper recently wrote a post requesting a feature for

Don't want the talkitalk, and just want the link? Click here.
It may need some time to start up.

This feature was the ability to search an author's post by tags.

The reason being that it's difficult to find old posts on the steemit platform.


So in an effort to prolong steem-posts' lifespans, I created a webapp that lets you filter authors' posts by the tags used.


It also has a tag explorer, that lets you explore new topics your favorite authors write about.

The goal is to eventually have the functionality on the official site.

Until then, you can check it out off-site here.

If you want to support me in developing more steemit tools, please take the time to upvote this post.


That's col! Have to try it asap!!

My promo post is up on it.

I will send you the liquid SBD/STEEM from the post payout too.

Thanks for the SBD/STEEM. I'm glad you find the tool useful.

Hi @papa-pepper thanks for this. I would like to find a balance between hot and trending tags and ones that are for a niche. But I feel like if I put in something too specific no one will read it.

Do you know if there is a way to check if a tag is at least somewhat popular? :-)

upvote and resteem. I like what your doing sir!

A great undertaking, many Steemians would appreciate a more precise search. Just got stuck with "Curation Awards", what is it meant for?

It was suggested by @penguinpablo the guy who runs SteemNow. It is supposed to give you an idea about the economic popularity of the post.

I'm also working on a way to eliminate the need for searching on steemit. (more on that later)

You mean post payout? BTW when I tested it, it was showing zero payouts on new posts.

No curation awards (the amount paid out to curators). It's a couple of hours behind as it doesn't directly parse the blockchain. I'm looking into ways to shorten the delay.

Thanks! Looking forward to further development!

might be nice to code a direct url too... something like this -- - get what i mean?

Yeah, I'll get to work on it. Expect it to be implemented by the 'morrow.

And dont forget steemgigs too!

He is on the steemgigs discord server too, incase you need to pm

i tend not to spend too much time on discord because i get pulled in and distracted and i've got client work and course recording to do around the posts that i put up, wish i had more time for that! :)

Yes not bad. But since this is part of your project, he is on discord as mig

connected! :)

Hi the feature you requested is now implemented. It follows the scheme:

where kasperfred and programming can be changed like @teamhumble and steemcasts

sweet, nice work, think being able to share a direct link is useful for people sharing tags inside of comments! :) - for instance. .. my #steemcasts - - nice work dude! :)

Direct links are indeed useful.

if you could bolt on the ability for people to sub to the RSS feed of that as well, well that would be killer :)

Great idea and project. Steemit does need a few upgrades when it comes to search, and this great.

Yes. In fact, Steemit needs a few upgrades to content discovery in general.

I was looking for this. Thanks!

I'm glad that you found it useful.

Works great thanks for creating it!

Hope you find it useful.

love it!

Fantastic and long awaited tool @kasperfred. Well deserved 500 SBD from @papa-pepper. Thank you very much. Upvoted, resteemed & follow…

Thanks. Though still not as useful as I want it to be, it's a start :).

Can it be done with two tag search @kasperfred?

That's an upcoming feature ;)

But it may have to wait a little. I'm currently working on eliminating the need for search altogether.

I would like to see that @kasperfred, good luck!

I really like this tool you've created. I'm already using it to search my own posts, but also to search others users posts. I took the freedom to promote your tool to the community by means of a review (post here]). I included some wishes for the roadmap and would love to see (some of) them included sometime in the future. Thanks so much for creating this tool!

Thanks do you know if it is possible to search for any tag like "mba" and then see the stats on it?

OMG What a great invention @kasperfred. I love it when life gets easier and the upgrades change the experience. Thanks for doing what you do!! Love this!!

I did not know before that there was something like that. It will be of great benefit to me. Because I'm new at steemit.

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