Humanity of a person and the Personality of a Human

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Sometimes we do not see the real human being nature in our society as the expression and behavioral fact of those man. When I get some ideas by reading Koronic Aktar says and what she wanted to mean actually, things really attract me in mind and that's why this post.

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Until I believe in you and I am always being self-doubtful. I can not accept any knowledge/idea of you as the right person.

Every ambitious person, regardless of the nature of his own behaviour, regards his personality as the ultimate truth.

'Surely what I know', you do not know that '

This statement is the eternal general statement of every 'I'. Instead of being a commander, any person gets the taste of sinfulness and is tempted to show his personality. Until anybody is rich in the outcome of the outcome, anyone gets satisfaction in this way. None of the people in the arbitrariness of amity is less than others.

When a person is promoted from person to person, when individualism is no longer appearing, then the person who is knowledgeable in the knowledge of the consequences of thinking is then a 'Human'.

For human behavior, there is no firm determination of personality, it also weakens the expression of human behavior. Yet, in this world, the 'Human' is the greatest consideration in the world.

In order to comply with the orders of others, the person does not get involved in self-esteem, and even when being a guide to others, the person's superiority is not associated with a better new title. Directing or following orders, both are considered to be equal-dignified duties to a human being.

Generally, if a person likes to remain self-reliant with his personality and does not have the obligation of interest, then any person naturally dislikes to obey others' instructions. Even under the shelter of the underworld, it is not ashamed to have the honor of independent owners or silence on the shelter of the host, or to make the panegyric even on the shelter.

The person's original form is its nature, which is called the naturalistic or the natural language. In spite of not artificially reducing the artificiality, the person's original nature remained inaccessible, or accepting the authoritarian expression of the individual nature of every conscious person, if many were allowed to live in the same township, the conflict of personality was bound to have an inevitable consequence.

To survive, everyone has to take his personal reluctance to suppress their selfishness and make artificiality.

If any education is educated or any knowledge after acquiring any knowledge, a person can not have his original authenticity, or it can be said that in the untimely phase, only the person will not be able to come in contact with any knowledge or education.

In the general sense, those we want to mark as human qualities are not the nature or the nature of a single personality, but it can be said that the human form is expressed in the individual's personality by adding some artificiality to genuine person-nature.

I do not claim that any human beings can not be developed as human beings in their individual nature, but if someone can be somewhere, it can be a rare example, we can not match an exception to the normal series.

In order to become a human being, to become a human who has that qualities of being human, to become a human natured , generally, some distortions or artificial ones are promoted from individual qualities.

If you want to remain in the community, it is a duty to curb the indecency. The achievement of the civilized human beings is only to achieve social artificiality.

Thanks a lot to Koronic akter and her ideas and let me share such important thing. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks


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This is captivating, i look forward to see more of you, these because there is power in information.


Thanks my friend. its my pleasure that you find it in that way. Thanks a lot.

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lovely post

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