7ype is taking on the BIG TIME MOVIE STUDIOS. Support them Going against the Establishment

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If you are a writer or enjoy quality entertainment that is not subject to the manipulations of large corporate movie studios this will interest you. please resteem / upvote.

7ype is a unique, forward thinking and innovative way for feature films to be financed by supporters and fans, which blends the best benefits of crowdfunding donations and avoids the pitfalls of film “investing”, whilst allowing supporters to share in the success of the films.
It uses an Ethereum based token called a “7ype coin” and smart contracts to allow honesty and transparency in how funds are spent, and to allow supporters to retain or increase value.
There are many films already on board to use the technology, including several that are near completion. Supporters can use 7ype coins to get their name in the credits, invites to premiere screenings, limited edition DVDs and Blu-rays. They can even get producer credits, or company production credits and logos attached to the films and trailers.
7ype coins are limited to a small pool which will never be increased, and films produced will have a steadily larger budget and more star power, so coins should increase in resale/trade value over time.

www.7ype.com is currently in it's ICO stage which is similar to an IPO. ICO's have just surpassed IPOs in the last 2 months as the lead in Angel Investing and traditional IPO investing. An ICO is an Inicial Coin Offering that is a Crypto Currency token similar to Bitcoin and will be used on Blockchain software and technology. It is transparent and self auditing. There are many reasons that this particular organization has chosen to move onto the blockchain.

Here is some more information on 7ype. If you are interested in buying some 7ype coins as part of the pre-sale period go to page 19 of their White Paper below.

WHITEPAPER: http://www.7ype.com/7ype%20ICO%20-%200_1%20Simplified%20White%20Paper.pdf

First of all you can get onto the free informational email by filling out the small form at the bottom left of the website. www.7ype.com

Tuesday is a big day for 7ype. They plan on launching the new web site and also are coming out with major announcements in partnerships. I have had personal emails with the CEO and he is very responsive if you have questions you can email Sam later once you received email updates from him which have been about once a week now.

Finally, a realistic ICO trying to raise a reasonable amount of ETH, a token with a real world application and products ready immediately upon launch!

Capped sale: Only 100,000 coins ever created.
50% of coins up for Initial Coin Offering.
Profits reinvested in to pot, enabling growth.
Honest, transparent, traceable use of funds.
Detailed, plain English white paper. No hyperbole.
Realistic, solid roadmap from industry expert team.
Founding member has nearly 20 years of industry experience.
Over 20 feature films already signed up to the service.
Tokens will be redeemable immediately after sale period.


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I am minimally invested in this ICO mainly because I thought it was interesting more than as a straight up investment. Had I been investing any large sum I would have done much more due diligence beforehand.

That having been said after reading the white paper one thing that stood out to me was that you can choose to invest your coin in a given movie and when that movie returns what they borrowed you get your coin back. I'm curious what happens to coins of the movies that flop. There are a lot of questions like this that I don't think are really addressed that well in the white paper.

It also concerns me a bit that the website was delayed in going up and still doesn't really function. Launching a web site seems WAY easier than producing a movie.

Ultimately I would love for it to succeed because I think it is a cool idea but to anyone planning a major investment make sure you do your homework first.


I know he is a one man show at this time. I get his emails and he has been very busy sorting it all out. You brought up some good questions. You can reach Sam at inbox@7ype.com he is fast most days.


Yeah, I will have to get in touch with him. I certainly wish him and all the investors the best.

Nice concise breakdown for those not familiar with this particular ICO. I myself am invested and look forward to the projects growth.

I got very excited when I found out about this ICO. I emailed the man behind it and got a lengthy, detailed response which really impressed me. Here is his IMDB bio for anyone interested in learning more about him: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3570526/?ref_=tt_ov_dr


great thank you.

Sam's second email in 24 hrs >

More from the 7ypegeist!
The latest news and updates

Welcome back everyone, and welcome to any new subscribers!

So its only been just over 24 hours since the last email, but we've had an encouraging number of new orders already, many thanks for anyone reading who has contributed, I'm truly humbled by the continued support and faith people have in our project.

Also, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of positive messages and support in response to the last email. I've had some truly lovely messages and some great advice. I really truly appreciate everyone who took the time to send some positive vibes our way. It seems universal that people think extending the ICO deadline is the right thing to do to give the company the very best running start possible, so we will start working out how best to adjust our plans accordingly.

We didn't get a single negative message but for anyone on the fence, I just want to reitterate that the platform will go live on the 28th August as planned, and you'll all be able to start spending your 7ype coins to support projects right away, and the first film will be released approximately one month after. We'll also start submitting to exchanges immediately on the 28th as planned, although it remains to be seen how many will choose to list it and how quickly they will go live (of course we have no control over external sites).

I promised some exciting news today, and the first thing I can announce is that we will be working closely with the Welsh Film Institute (Sefydliad Ffilm Cymru), and any film that qualifies as at least partially "Welsh" (ie: is either part shot in Wales, edited in Wales, or has a Welsh cast or crew) will be able to secure double the funding raised by 7ype - so for example if we use £10K of 7ype funds to support a film, they will match it with another £10K. Myself and my wife have been figureheading the WFI, but this is not "our" company, this is very much a company with many partners, benefactors etc, so it is great to have everyone's support in increasing the funding and exposure for Welsh films.

Myself and close members of our team are friends with many of the top directors in Wales including Justin Kerrigan (Human Traffic, I know You Know), Marc Price (Colin, Magpie), James Plum (Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection, Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming) and many others who work on leading TV series including Doctor Who, Torchwood, DaVinci's Demons, Hinterland and others, and we also have very good relationships with other major funding partners in Wales including Ffilm Cymru Wales and Pinewood Wales, and I regularly attend the Welsh BAFTAs and meet top Welsh actors, so combining all this there is great potential for us to secure top talent, and use funding from 7ype to open up matched funding from other groups and expand on the value in our library.

The first Director and Producer signed up to use our slate that I would like to introduce to you all is Mark Margason - a long time friend and collaborator of mine who has written, directed and produced the critically acclaimed Man in the Mirror, and Life in Colors, which recently won best film at the Planet London awards. He will be producing one of our films, Better Things, a comedy with a unique dark twist, and directing another of our films, Suspect - a gripping crime drama. Mark is also a very talented actor who has recently rubbed shoulders with stars like Michael Fassbender, Jude Law and Jon Boyega to name just a few, and was personally thanked by non other than Stan Lee for his help with the Lucky Man series. Mark is a great rising talent and we will absolutely be using his many talents in as many of our projects as possible. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2920896/

The next creative I'd like to welcome to the 7ype slate is Kris Smith - Kris is an uber talented director of photography, who has also written and produced some highly acclaimed indie films including I'm Still Here and Set Me Free volumes 1 and 2. Kris will be adding several films to our slate and has some really ambitious films in the pipeline. Kris specialises in producing amazing quality results on micro budgets, we will be helping him apply his skills to some higher budget projects and getting him some named talent actors to work with! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4414683/

The last person to introduce today (don't want to dump too much good news in one go!) is Tom Barker, immensely talented DOP and Red Dragon owner with a wealth of experience, and a huge amount of top level kit, meaning everything he touches looks amazing! Tom has pitched multiple projects and all of them sound fantastic and like they will add real value to our slate, and considers many of the top directors and producers in the country as good friends, and he is passionate in bringing as many of them on to our slate as possible, working both as a producer and director on his own films, and as director of photography on those from other producers. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7066560/

All three of these guys are some of the most honest and hardworking in the industry and have had a similar path to myself in that they all have worked as runners and extras on big Hollywood stuff, and worked their way up to producing and directing features of their own. All of them are amazingly tal;ented, and very versatile, so can be used in multiple capacities on multiple projects at once. Everything these guys touch is super high quality and very professional, and on the strength of their previous work we already have deal offers to distribute the projects they have pitched to me in both the UK, USA and (hopefully) beyond. I have known and worked with them all for many years and trust them implicitly, they all have a real understanding and passion for what we are trying to achieve with the project and it will be a true asset to have them all on board.

I'll be in touch again soon with more information on some of the other other talented guys and gals coming on board the 7ype train, and the exciting projects we are developing!

Thank you once again SO much to everyone for the words of encouragement in the last few days, truly very much appreciated.

Hope you all have a great day!

All the best, Samuel Victor (twitter: @samuelvictor @7ypecoin)

FYI he is extending the ICO one month.


what is your current opinion concerning this ICO? the guy can't even build a good website for over three months and holding on to my precious funds. Do you think our investments are safe with 7ype?