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RE: 7ype is taking on the BIG TIME MOVIE STUDIOS. Support them Going against the Establishment

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I am minimally invested in this ICO mainly because I thought it was interesting more than as a straight up investment. Had I been investing any large sum I would have done much more due diligence beforehand.

That having been said after reading the white paper one thing that stood out to me was that you can choose to invest your coin in a given movie and when that movie returns what they borrowed you get your coin back. I'm curious what happens to coins of the movies that flop. There are a lot of questions like this that I don't think are really addressed that well in the white paper.

It also concerns me a bit that the website was delayed in going up and still doesn't really function. Launching a web site seems WAY easier than producing a movie.

Ultimately I would love for it to succeed because I think it is a cool idea but to anyone planning a major investment make sure you do your homework first.


I know he is a one man show at this time. I get his emails and he has been very busy sorting it all out. You brought up some good questions. You can reach Sam at [email protected] he is fast most days.

Yeah, I will have to get in touch with him. I certainly wish him and all the investors the best.