Pixies In The Garden (Nora Makes A New Friend) - A Short Children's Story

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Today I decided to start a new children's story series using the photos I take with my new steem-bought camera! I hope you guys enjoy this short photo-fantasy trip of mine. Tell me in the comments what you think of it.

- Hey, Nick, do you want to go pixie hunting in the garden?

- What? No, Nora, don't be silly! There are no such things like pixies!

- Of course there are! They are the magic creatures that live with the fairies and take care of the flowers... and the plants... and the morning haze.

- No, there are not such things and you're crazy and I'm not coming out with you right now, I'd rather stay in and play on my computer!

- Pff! Silly, boring technology stuff! The real magic is just out there, in nature! Machines do nothing but copying this divine mechanic that built everything, even us. I am going out myself and I am definitely going to find some pixies out there. I don't need your help!

And little Nora got out without her older brother. Nick was too dull and unimaginative, all he wanted to do was sit in front of his laptop all day with some food and water. But Nora was not at all like him. They may have been twins, but they were so different from one another. She loved being outside, lying on the grass in their garden with her eyes closed and her palms facing the ground, feeling the moist of the soil on her skin. Listening to the chirping of the birds, she tried to hear the hidden messages in the music of the world, the notes produced by an invisible cosmic music band. She was just a child, an eight-year-old child, but so gifted and sensitive like no other kid her age.

Nora knew there were pixies in their garden, somewhere under the fallen leaves or the winter roses she had to find at least one! She was convinced that pixies and fairies ran the world of plants, something deep inside her knew it was true. So, she started wandering in their garden and looking under her mother's plants and flowers. 

After an hour all she could find was a few muddy insects, worms and ants. Disappointed she sat next to the trunk of a tree her father cut off last summer. Now, a beautiful green ivy had already grown all over it, making the dead piece of wood a beautiful spot for Nora to hang around for a while.

- Huh! No pixies today! That's unbelievable! I could swear that today was the day to find one. Something in my mind told me to get out here and start looking, but... I guess I was wrong.

The little girl huffed and sat down, crossed her legs under her white dress with the red flowers, fixed her red ribbon on her head and started looking around her indifferently.

- Meh! Maybe it's our garden, maybe they don't like it. Or perhaps it's my mum, she is always moaning about it so the pixies might not visit us because of her!

She said as she laid her head back against the ivy-dressed trunk and closed her eyes. She had almost fallen asleep when she suddenly heard a voice coming over her forehead,

- Hey, little girl! Hey! Are you sleeping?

Nora opened her eyes and saw some purple hair in front of her.

- Who are you? she asked.

- Hi! I am Xenon. I am the pixie that lives in your garden and it's nice to meet you!

- Nice to meet you Xenon! I am Nora!

- Of course I know your name, he giggled. I 've lived here long enough to know everybody's name.

- You've been spying on us? Nora sounded annoyed.

- Not spying, not even eavesdropping! I have just been around for some time and I've heard how you call each other, that's all.

- Oh, I'm sorry then. And what are you doing here, Xenon?

- I am in charge of your garden. Every garden has a pixie like me. Of course big parks and trees need more pixies to do the job, but one of us for a family house is more than enough.

- And how long have you been around?

- Almost as long as I have been doing this job. You were my first assignment.

- This is nice. So, um, Xenon... do you want to be friends with me? Nora was a bit reluctant, because she feared the pixie would turn her down.

- By all means little miss!

Nora's eyes opened wide and a huge smile had now formed over her lips.

- This is awesome! I am going to tell my brother that I not only found a pixie but he is now my friend. He is going to be so much jealous!

- No, no, Nora! You can't tell anybody about me, Xenon begged her. People don't believe in us and they will only think you're crazy. It is just the innocent souls with the open minds that can see us, most people are way too petty to believe in us.

- Ok! I promise I won't tell anyone.

- Nora! Nora, come in darling! It's time for lunch, her mother's voice called her.

- I'm coming, mum! she answered back and then turned back to Xenon, I have to go now, but I promise I'll come back! Will I find you here tomorrow?

- Sure, little Nora! I'll be waiting for you! see you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow!

And little Nora ran inside where her family had already gathered around the table. She was so indescribably happy and excited that she could not stop smiling the rest of the day.

To be continued...

*All photos, non-edited, from my very first experimentations with my new Nikon D3400 - Original story by @ruth-girl - Steemit, 2018

Thank you so much for your time!

Until my next post,
Steem on and keep smiling, people!

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Machines do nothing but copying this divine mechanic that built everything, even us.

Omg!! This particular line cracked me up.:)
Nice piece buddy


Aaah! You spotted my hidden messages @samminator!

Thank you very much for reading this! :D


Aaah! You spotted my hidden messages @samminator!

Someone thought me to be reading between lines. I'm glad I didn't disappoint the person :D

Xaxa.. poli kalooo.. akoma omos petimeno ton eksogiino pou liazete sto fegari :pppppp


Ευχαριστώ Νίκο! Άσε άσε, έχω τον εξωγήινο κι άλλα πόσα σε λίστα, αλλά το θέμα είναι πότε θα μου έρθει η "έμπνευση" ;)

Beautiful. Magic is ever present as are the pixies. If we open to them they do appear.

I will be coming to Greece in the spring to teach a workshop where we will tap into the magic that surrounds us, using meditation, movement and music to take us into our bodies, soul and spirit. This workshop will be for women to explore how to tap into our life force energy, our infinite potential. More to come @aumsong


Thank you for reading @aumsong!! :)

My country is really magical in spring! Nature's waking up exhilarates the spirit! Will you be teaching outdoors?

When my son was little, I always went to the library with him and picked books & stories full of fairy tales. It got more magic the older he grew. We stopped reading at Lord of the Rings :-)

I love everything connected to fantasy and science fiction.

Your pixies fit very well in my scheme and I am looking for the story to unfold. Thanks!


This is so nice! My mum used to read with me too when I was little.

I am thinking of turning it into a philosophy-psychology story, but I haven't decided yet. All I know is I want it to be a sweet and light piece of reading.

Thanks for stopping by! :D

Epically displayed...


Thank you!

Nice Fiction write up..it is encouraging.
I hope the next episode will be more encouraging than this..kudos!!


Thank you my friend!

Excelente iniciativa!!!


Thank you!

Hope Nora contains her excitement,and let no one know about xenon,what would be jack's reaction when he come to know about xenon,that would be an interesting part I guess.


We'll see soon I guess...
Thank you for reading! :)

Too cute this story, kids will love, you really have the gift of telling stories.


Thank you for reading @marie2018! :)

Very good post my friend. I like


You are welcome. best regards. I hope our friendship will always be good. and if there is time friends do not forget also visit my blog occasionally

Wao Steemit camera, wish to have something soon and name it steemit..


I bought it with steemit money, I didn't name it steemit

πολύ καλη ιστορια περιμενουμε και την συνεχεια :)