Pick A Topic, Potentially Get Paid For Writing It!

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Hi all @platforms is setting up a viable MVP and plans to invest in the people who write on Steem , Whaleshares and future chains.

Think of it like we are taking a gamble to see if we can earn more on buying a post vs. writing a post. In other words, we are gambling on your writing to make us money.

The Idea:

The idea is to potentially pay you a flat fee on topics you could potentially write about, or are already writing about. You can consider this “ghostwriting” as the topics will then be posted on the main account @Platforms and my main account as we build out the idea. There is no guarantee we’ll buy your posts! It’s on a first come , first see basis.

A few ideas being laid out below. You can grab and run with it and when ready throw it up on a Hackmd and come into the Platforms discord and DM SteemitQA the link ( so, nobody takes your work!) and I’ll look at it. We/I then make a decision within a few hours.

If its a no-go you have your post to post and can go on our merry way and post as is and collect your usual reward. If we buy it, I/we own it and can post as such.

We are taking gamble on your post essentially and you are doing the same (thinking you won’t get that value).

Solves the following issues:
  • Get guaranteed payments for writing ( 5 SBD ,or 5/ Steem) or, Platforms Tokens if you are a Whaleshares user. If you think you can't get more then 5 steem/ 5 SBD we are a good fit for you!
  • If you have writer’s block this is a way to get motivated!


Right, now we are interested in the following topics at the moment so if you are already writing it and feel you can’t get 5 Steem/SBD worth , or that amount on whaleshares do run it by us.

Business , Sports & anything crypto related

Quick Re-cap of the idea:

The main focus is to create a writer’s market and sustainable income for writer’s on the Steem/ Whaleshares and any future blockchains. Platforms who concept is to create activity and engagement in communities so it fits nicely with this initiative.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This seems like a terrific idea.

I will put some articles together for you all.

I can help in a couple of those topics.

Thanks @taskmaster4450 coming from you that is a huge compliment! a writers market is long overdue and is part of a bigger plan we have coming from platforms - the articles themselves will be an MVP , posted on @steemitqa main account/ & platforms w/ still a credit to the person -as a testing ground. But, knowing how you write that would be killer!

very interested i am a content creator. i do videos about crypto currency and many topics
i always write an article about each topic I use as a script. i been doing this almost a year
i be very interested.

Thanks @worldtraveller32 love to have you aboard for sure! Video would be a nice addition to have. Stop into the Platforms discord when you get a moment!

for sure. send me your link to discord

It is here.


i keep getting error message right now. try again later

Great idea. Be interested to see how it goes.

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Thanks @riverflows I writer's marketplace is an interesting concept for sure. Good to see you around!

no brainer. good idea!

Thanks, @teamhumble for the support!

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Great idea. Resteeming this, following you guys too.

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Thanks, for the resteem @felt.buzz

This is great, and I'm so interested. But unfortunately for me, I have post that are not business, sports and crypto related.
I don't know if there's still way for me?

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Yes, we will be adding more topics fairly soon. If you join our Discord you will be able to pick up other topics outside of the ones listed above later on.

@dklasic there will be more topics added. At the moment this was just an experiment.


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Look, I'm kind of new here but I gather you are looking for somebody who posts thought inspiring stuff, correct? Well if you don't mind a little silliness to go with it you might be interested in this account as well as my podcast account. Let ne know what you think and what (if anything) you want me to do. Keeping in mind this is business of course. #theajway #americazolboro

Hi @kingjsucks we want writing for the follow topics:
Business , Sports & anything crypto related

Let me know if you have any sillyness around those! find us in the discord. Thanks!

Sure. A little crypto talk and sports is easy, just look at what if posted in a short amount of time. They're not exactly "writings" but any thought I have can become them if you request. However about crypto, are you looking for investment advice? I feel that this is kind of valuable information. I'm not greedy, haha! I'm just asking because people get paid a lot of money for that and 2 cents per post doesn't seem right. But I know what I'M investing in and why for sure. And as you can see, since I'm new I dont fully understand the "tricks" to making steem to even post, so to be able to make everybody happy (and do my job) I might need to better understand things. Discord seems like a good thing but I'd like the basic crash course so i can get to work. Look at todays "Patriots" post for instance. That could have been a thought out, funny, yet true article. What you see is because I assume nobody is reading my posts anyway, so why be impressive? You handle the paperwork like any agent would, and let #theajway do the rest ;)

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Thanks @pennsif for the write-up on SOS!

This is very interesting! One question, when you say 5 steem/ sbd, is that a range? I do usually make more than 5 steem currently, but its been a long time since I've made 5 sbd!

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Most of my posts do not gather more than 5 Steem... So I am certainly interested. I love writing about sports...

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Excellent @pele23