Three Simple Steps To Creating Quality Content

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There are several reasons why your posts may not be doing well on Steemit and you just might find some of them in this post.

Have you ever spent hours crafting a post, searching several topics on google and copying from various sources just to put together a post you believe should be what Steemians would love, appreciate, and want to read, only to watch it go down the drain, unnoticed?

I joined steemit three months ago when a friend told me about how steemit could help me improve my writing skills and how I will be rewarded for writing post. As a newbie, I wrote my first two posts which I felt were awesome but I received constant visits from @steemcleaners and @cheetah and to grace it all, I had little or no reward.

At a point in time, I started posting only images without sharing any event with the community. When I did this, it was worse. I never got rewarded.

Then I decided never to allow @steemcleaners and @cheetah to comment on my post, and also start making positive changes to my reward.

I really wanted to improve my writing skills as well as make changes to the rewards I was getting, so I decided to do what I call my little magic.

I was ready to learn how to write good and quality posts, so I started following authors that were doing well and read their posts not only to enjoy them but to study how the posts were composed and put together.

There is an old saying "When a child sits on the shoulder of an elderly person, the child sees farther" that was one thing I did too. I allowed myself to be mentored by great steemians, (steemians like @fisteganos, @surpassinggoogle, and @papa-pepper). These steemians had been in the community for a while and I needed to learn from them.

I did not neglect my fellow steemians who were newbies either. I interacted with my peers, giving constructive criticism and thus getting better. Because "iron sharpens iron".

I learned a lot during that period and before long, I started writing Original and Quality posts.

Why Go Through All That Stress?

After all, we have been told that all we had to do was write quality posts and from the work I had been putting in prior to that time, I was pretty confident my posts were top quality!

To get a solution to this issue, let's first consider what makes a post a "quality" one.

How To Write A Quality Post

The number one truth is that quality is not judged by the length of the post.

A quality post does not also mean you should give us your final year project.

The number of hours you spend crafting a post also doesn't matter like that.

So What Then Matters?

The value your post adds!

How Do You Write A Post That Adds Value?

Now that you know that quality is not in the length or how intelligent your post sounds but in the value it adds, the next step is to figure out how to write posts that adds value to the community.

Write About Things You Know

I've seen someone whose bio says he's a computer science student write about bacteria and laboratory procedures (For example; How Ebola virus cannot be cured using antibiotics) in a bid to post "quality" content.

Instead, tell us stuff about you. Let's get to know some of your thoughts. Share with us things that excite you.

We all have different hobbies and daily encounters; share some of this with us! Steemit is a community of humans and when humans interact in a community, they share stories, experiences, jokes... and so on.

Overall, be open and be human.

Don't Copy From Other Websites

Don't google some "topic" and start copying from other websites or sources just to sound "intelligent". This is not a school. That act won't give you any pass mark here! Like the first point, it's always better to write about what you know!

Wouldn't you want to be seen as an expert in a particular field? Wouldn't you want people to associate your blog with the things you do so well that makes you stand out from the crowd?

You would right?

Great, now I want you to go ahead, write down everything you love, are good at, or are interested in, then pick 2-3 of these things and begin to share with the community.

The people you see consistently trending are those who picked a niche for themselves and totally owned it. Don't believe me? Take a trip to the "trending" page and see for yourself.

Always Cite Your Sources

When writing an original content post, it is acceptable to use outside sources to acquire knowledge (do not copy and paste). Please include links to any outside sources you use as well as source links for any images you use. If you do not do so, there is a chance that SteemCleaners or others will consider it plagiarism.

We do not want your reputation score and rewards to be negatively affected, so please be diligent in citing any outside sources and images used.

One way of doing this is by listing the links to the sources you referenced and also the images used in your post, just like the example shown in the image below.

references at end of post for sources and images

Another way of doing this is to embed an hyperlink for image source like in the example below.

embedded hyperlink for image source

If you got confused towards the end of this post, don't worry. The main thing we want you to know right now is that plagiarism is frowned upon here and your best line of action will be to be open, be human, and write about the things you know.

And to help you clear any confusion you might have, our next post will be on best practices to follow when formatting your post.

You'll learn the two methods of referencing (the examples above), and many other tricks to make your posts readable and attractive.

So make sure to follow @onequality so you don't miss any post in this series.

If you found the post useful, please resteem so that your followers can get to read it also.

About The Author
I most likely came to earth as a clock in my previous life and since old habits are said to hardly die, I bet those habits followed me into my human form. Forget Superman, I am @gbenga aka The Clockman.

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this is really good, knowing that original content should be original content and nothing else helps. I think the newbies will gain more from these kinds of articles. Resteeming now.


Nothing beats an original content @ejemai

Hello @onequality , very informative post indeed! I would just say we need to be ourself when writing down a post! Don't try to be a super-blogger by copying from left and right on matters that we don't even have any interest in!
Write about our passion, our likes and dislikes, for sure success will follow!
Slowly but surely!


You're very right! Hopefully we all can follow these tips.

Especially: don't copy from other websites. I get sooooo tired of all these so called travel pics loaded with information from the Wikipedia 😐



Seems simple enough. Quality over quantity.

It sucks short term, especially when there's a whole bunch of crappy copy+paste going on, but it's definitely worth it in the long run.


The secret is to be able to keep the focus on the long term and ignore the pains of the short term.


@reyhaynes as someone who has struggled uphill to develop a following for content I take time to create, I can echo your sentiments about clickbait , memes and copy-paste content. However, after hammering away at it for a year, I managed to break through 500 followers on my one year anniversary date. As more join and more copy-paste content is created, the hunger for true posts of substance will grow. People will seek out and reward quality in the mountain of trash.

I got comment from steemcleaners for a wrong tag. Thanks for this post.


Thanks for reading. We're sure steemcleaners wont be visiting you anymore.

I've read couple of posts with the similar review about quality content. It did hit me hard to stop thinking what kind of content people would like to read and would upvote for.

As you said, writing about what you really know, putting the idea and opinion together does make a post way better.

One thing I kinda see ( as newcomer in steemit) , there are people who get low vote, for the content they think is good enough to be voted for, and instead of evaluating our own content we insist that ours is a good post.

Anyway..thanks for the advice. Let's work harder to make a good content, and useful for others too :)


We all should also remember that Steemit is meant to be social. The more engaging our posts are, the better they will perform.


Ah yap. That's also an important point .

Engaging your audience in the comments section also increases quality too, by adding additional information through discussion.


That's very true! The first step however is to create content that will be good enough to spark engagement in the first place.


Comment is a very good way of communicating, engaging your readers through comments adds to the quality of your post

Nice one @onequality, very inspiring and educative. I think this is a good start to learning how to write and be better. Nice one ! Resteemed.


There's more where that came from so be sure to keep in touch so as not to miss any.

I liked your shout outs to @fisteganos, @surpassinggoogle, and @papa-pepper. I have checked out their blogs and have decided to follow two of them as well as yourself. It isn't always easy finding great content. Thanks for sharing ones you have found!

Original content is definitely the way to get repeat readers of your posts. Originality is important!

Darryl (@dadview) resides in Canada.

Latest Blog

This is very valuable information and I'd like to thank the Nigerian community for standing up and supporting original content posts. Please share this post with others so that members of the community know how to avoid plagiarism. Good quality, original content will get more rewards.

I had a conversation with @gbenga about this, I'm glad he is putting this out there to a bigger audience.

Bravo! The clock man

Just came across this post via resteem. Good one! It's so important to keep the originality of the work and respect it the way it is and give true credit. Resteemed :)

So wait!! How do I lose the credibility when steam-cleaners or some other bots comment or upvote my post?


So if cheetah continuously comments on your post (because of plagiarism issues), other Steemians will most likely not upvote your posts (at best) or go as far as downvoting your post if they see it fit. Now if you're downvoted by a steemian (or more) with a much bigger reputation score, then your reputation score will be reduced.

Interesting. Hw do one include a source?


That is the content of our next post. You can follow us to keep in touch but either way, we'll make sure to notify you when the post is up.


Ok will follow you.


You really made it seem simple. I didn't think at first personal posts were going to work. Going to try it out as I am still a newbie.


It really is that simple but usually takes a painfully long time to figure out. We're just trying to help eliminate the painful period.

Very informative. I am following you.

@onequality what do you think? I con or I exist??)))

Very interesting & helpful post...Thanks dude !


Thank you for taking time out to read it.

A post that really helped me. I'll wait for the next tips.


That's awesome.

Hi @gbenga! I like what you're doing with this account, this info is very useful for new steemians so i want to nominate ir for our @ocd compilation post. We usually search for unrewarded posts and this has a decent one, but i'll make an exception because i think this is important.

This gem of a post was discovered by the OCD Team!

Reply to this comment if you accept, and are willing to let us share your gem of a post! By accepting this, you have a chance to receive extra rewards and one of your photos in this article may be used in our compilation post!

You can follow @ocd – learn more about the project and see other Gems! We strive for transparency.


That'll be so nice and fully appreciated.


Thanks! Although I need the approval from the @onequality account.


You've got our approval 😊

Very important your pots. Nowadays the writing has been seen as when a painter gives some brushstrokes even a canvas with no meaning for his life. Writing must be nourished and full of passion. I am currently convinced that I will show my best, but there is still more to learn. Greetings.

Very nice pointers here... I've seen quite a few posts where it seems a Steemian has been reaching for content (and I haven't begun blogging myself, but could see myself going down this route in times of a mental block). So thank you for the reminder.

The other thing that intrigues me is your About the Author. How are you a Clockman?


Nice to know our post has had a wonderful influence on you 😊.

Hey @gbenga, there's a question for you here.

I salute you sir very nice & very professional post you craft i am new in steemit community but after reading your post so many questions get cleared. I really appreciate your work from the core of my heart.


This is so good to know. Thank you 😊

Excellent post, I myself searched the whole web trying to find a topic to start my blog with but then I followed the "Be Yourself" approach and now I write extraordinary stories of ordinary people!


That's interesting and an amazing story to inspire others. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you. Very useful and informative article.

Very interesting post
I really like your post @onequality

Thanks for the information .. I will always follow you .. follow me @riansteem ..may be a good friend

no doubt about your post is full of useful information. Thanks for educating us. upvote , resteem your post & start following you !


That's very nice of you to say. Hopefully the steps are simple enough and you can start to apply them to your own posts.

Congratulations @onequality!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 7 with 55 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 10 with $ 52,62

Please vote mee I want dollar @onequality

upvoted and follow.... if you want support me too mate as i am new here but i am a good photographer have a look at my travel post, thank you

Nice outline for all newbie like me, Thanks.

Excellent post! Really helped me!

Upvoted AND Followed


Great to know! Don't stop improving.

great post it will go a long way in helping us newbies in making quality posts. Thanks @onequality resteemed

On point @gbenga. Thanks.


You're welcome, i hope you liked it

Thanks for this post. All my posts already hits all the things you have mentioned, yet I am lucky if I get 10 views 😭

So i reckon i must still be missing the trick somewhere. Am following @onequality for more insights and tips , thanks



@onequality, thank you for a very useful and informative post. I agree with the points made by you.
I also believe that sourcing a topic from net is an acceptable aspect for blogging. Only blatant copy n paste is unethical and a candidate for cheetah / stewmcleaners leading to losing reputation. But taking a topic from net and searching a number of sites and collecting information and providing a new narrative from a personal angle is one that many successful bloggers are doing here. I say why. Suppose a steemian is a accounts student or math student. Let us assume that his passion is account or math. These are dry subjects. I am not sure if they can blog on account or math here and generate any interest from readers. So they need to look out for interesting topic. They can always develop a story or a particular aspect of the topic. Why I say this is blogging here is not a one time effort. Assuming one blogs every day, that is 365 blogs per year and that is quite a number. Even I, being in a interesting profession such as Marine Survey will not be able to generate 1 blog per day on my subject. So sourcing topic from net, news, trending pages from magazines are all source for great blogging subjects.
Thanks for your great insights. Much appreciated 😊👍

Thanks for the post, brother. I'm new to Steem, so thanks for passing along some knowledge. I just posted my first real post this morning :)

Wow! You did good post my friend @onequality and interesting article! Look on my post! I posting very interesting cool journey to the pool! It's very cool :

Thanks for the very helpful information, as a minnow I am learning sometimes the hard way how to strengthen my Steemit business and grow my influence, this are all very good tips. Upvoted and resteemed. peace friend

btw, i think cheetah play a good role in steemit. It teach people how to be honest :D . but I hope it wont visit me :D