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So there's this guy, well, bananafish actually. I'm not even sure it's a he to be honest, but I digress. He had this great idea to create a one-of-a-kind experience here on Steem based on the choose-your-own-adventure genre.

He called his knights, shared his vision, and asked if we were up to the challenge! There was a resounding chorus of "We're with you!" resembling the best response to any speech in movies or immortalized in print that you've ever seen. That's how I remember it anyway.

The Discord server erupted in cheers, then went strangely silent. If it were a movie though, you would have heard the sawing, cranking, hammering, pinging and popping activity happening off screen or in the darkness.

Weeks passed before the bananafish reemerged with the almighty storyboard. It was then the knights began the hard work of writing and editing.

The end result is indeed, something never seen on the Steem blockchain - or any blockchain. I'd even wager there is nothing like it on the web (in its totality).

And you'll get to experience it first hand on February 11th.

Things you'll need to know

This isn't your childhood choose your own adventure story. This is an adult (as in don't let your kids read this unless you want a lot of questions), off-the-wall, stranger than all get out, mind-bending adventure. Prizes and treasure aside, you should just give into it when you read it. Let yourself be entertained by the variety of characters, situations and styles you'll encounter.

You can read more about it, and how the treasure hunt works in this post by the @bananafish himself :

Come have some fun with us!

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Join the Freewrite fun today! Visit @Freewritehouse

Proud to be part of the

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Please the Bananafish god by entering the Finish the Story Contest

All images are mine or licensed from Adobe except where noted. Freewritehouse, and the Bananafish images used with permission from their owners.


Looking forward to joining this. It looks like a lot of fun.

Huzzah! You depicted everything in such an epic way that I couldn't help thinking about a soundtrack! I would pick the Batman Begins OST. Your dedication and that of all the other core members has already been a unique experience for me, now let's extend the party to everyone! Potassium blessings to you @ntowl, our chief editor ✌️

I'm humbled by your blessings! We're making history!

I will see in 11 days then how or what

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