Treachery and love... The vicissitudes of virtual love. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3. Conspiracy

Drawn into his work, Maxim did not notice when it was lunchtime.

He was interrupted by the sound of dozens of footsteps and the hubbub in the office corridor, as well as the sound of the office door opening and the ringing voice of Slavka:

– Are we going to lunch? By the way, the cafe is at your expense – the cunning computer genius did not fail to get his profit.

– Don't worry about mine, of course, – Maxim laughed. – Actually, I don't understand why you haven't gotten rich by hacking into a Bank or a rich company.

Slava, having rounded to the maximum his round, owl-like eyes and raised them to the ceiling, said in a dramatic voice::

– How could you think that? I am the most naive simplicity, I will never dare to take a swing at the Holy of holies-private property! I'm the most honest hacker in the world! Age of will not see! and – Slavka with a characteristic gesture held against the throat by hand.

– Okay, okay, honest hacker, – laughed Maxim – you, rather, still and talented the actor, and a natural liar... – Noticing his friend's look of indignation and distress, he added conciliatingly:
– Yes, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, let's go already quickly, or while we're arguing here, the break will end.

After leaving the office, he locked the door, and the guys quickly went to the nearest cafe, where they could have a tasty and inexpensive meal.

While waiting for the waiter to bring the order, Maxim briefly outlined the situation to Slavka, warning him in advance that if He starts to make fun of him out of place, then, first, he will get a bream, and secondly, he will pay for the dinner, not Maxim.

Slavka took this into account, and although it was clear that he could hardly restrain himself from teasing his friend, he succeeded. Yes, and how else, if the wind is walking in his pocket, and you do not want to get a kick, too.

While they were enjoying a delicious meal, Slavkin's brain, in turn, was doing some work: looking for ways to get to the beauty's IP, try to crack her password, go in and quietly go through the files of her computer. There are still several options for how to find out in a roundabout way – whether her photo is posted on the pages of a Dating site and her personal one, the one with which she corresponded with Maxim.

As soon as he had swallowed the last piece of cake he had ordered for dessert, Slava asked his friend:

– Does your Pelagia have a girlfriend? Not as beautiful as she was, or as smart?

– Are you trying to do it for yourself? Maxim laughed, then said thoughtfully, – it's a good idea to try to arrange a double date. That's what you meant, isn't it?

– Yes, but it's more of a fallback. Suddenly, I can't do it. You yourself say that Pelagia is a clever person, so it will not be so easy to get to her without knowing her. So, when I meet her, I will get to know her, understand what to expect from her, and how to pick up the keys... – noticing how Maxim frowned, Slava immediately explained – not to the heart, jealous, not to the heart, but to its possible secrets. Although I think you're just screwing yourself up.

– Maybe I am. – You better tell me if you're taking this case or not. Or did I just treat you to delicacies for nothing?

– So and delicacies, – Slava tried to laugh off, – of course, I undertake, consider, I already in business – and having looked at hours, added - let's finish already, the break is almost over, I would not like to receive a stick from the administration, the chief is fierce today...

Maxim called the waiter, paid the bill, added a tip, and the friends quickly went to the office.

To be continued...

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