Treachery and love... The vicissitudes of virtual love. Chapter 2

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Chapter 1


Chapter 2. Strange meeting

Despite the fact that Maxim was very excited, he fell asleep relatively quickly and slept without dreams.

In the morning, he had a hearty Breakfast of eggs and bacon, made with his own hands, then had a brief phone conversation with his mother, promising to visit her on the weekend. Soon he was entering the metro station. It's a relatively short drive to the office.

The car was half empty, and Maxim sat relaxed, staring straight ahead through half-closed eyelids. At one of the stations, a girl of rather attractive appearance entered the car, looked at him with interest, and sat down opposite him, driving her vis-a-vis into the paint. Fortunately, Maxim has already reached his destination. He quickly jumped out of the car, and the train almost immediately pulled away from the station. However, Maxim managed to notice the girl's disappointed face and smiled. He liked it when he had the last word or look.

The first person he met in the office was the same programmer Slavka, on whose help he had high hopes.

After greeting him, Maxim deftly grabbed him by the elbow and literally dragged him into his office. Slavka looked at his companion in surprise and asked:

– Are you feeling all right? No temperature? Something you do today that was weird...

– Yes, no, everything is normal, - said Maxim – I just really need your help!

– What, something happened to the computer? The hard drive flew, the motherboard burned down or again a virus which picked up on Dating sites? Not, in the normal places, get acquainted with the girls...

– Where did you find these places? – and if you found it, where's your sweetheart, why don't you brag and introduce her to us, your friends?

– So you will discourage, I know you Horny bastards – in the same tone replied Warbler. – Besides, because of your eternal problems with computers, I have no time for my personal life at all. Come on, tell me your sad story, but I have to go to the workplace before the boss misses me. Or better yet, let's have lunch together, then you can tell us, slowly, what and how, maybe, and solve all your problems right at lunch.

– Okay, you persuaded, it's better this way, – Maxim agreed after a moment's thought.

Slavka disappeared from his office at the moment, and the young man sat down at the table, turned on the computer, but for a long time sat, inactive, trying to tune in to the working mood.

After some time he started to work, because of the timing of its delivery has not been canceled...

To be continued...


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