Treachery and love... The vicissitudes of virtual love. Chapter 1

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Chapter one. Unexpected proposal

For a long time, the young man sat in front of the monitor, thoughtfully tapping his knuckles on the keyboard and wondering whether he should continue his virtual acquaintance with the red-haired beauty. Her photo on the page of one of the Dating sites was beautiful, and the image of the girl captivated him instantly.

Almost six months had passed since that time, but it seemed to Maxim – that was the young man's name - that only a few days had passed.

The girl who called herself a rare name in the modern world – Pelagia, was not only a written beauty, but also a clever girl. Maxim really liked to have conversations with her, the topics of which were so diverse that he could not sometimes determine what exactly his passion liked most. He was surprised to admit to himself that he seemed to have fallen in love like a green youth, although he had always considered himself resistant to women's charms. If any of his friends found out about his secret passion for the virtual Charmer, they would not believe it at first, and later, for sure, they would tell everyone in the neighborhood that max, it turns out, is not so cool in relations with the opposite sex.

But that was not what the young man was concerned about now. The night before, in their last meeting online, Pelagia either jokingly or seriously suggested that he meet in real life-a walk in the Park, sit in a cafe for a Cup of coffee, eat ice cream, chat about this and that, especially since they have common interests.

Maxim, in principle, was not against this meeting, but something inside, some voice whispered to him: "Do not rush... Maybe she's not who she says she is. No one can be so perfect. Something's wrong... Take your time and try to find out a little more about her..."

And he, obeying an inner voice, agreed to the meeting, but offered to hold it not tomorrow–the day after tomorrow, but on Sunday, citing the fact that he is very busy at work – he has an urgent order, which he has to deal with even at home, in the evenings.

Pelageya seemed a little upset, but agreed that a few days of waiting is unlikely to change anything, and the failure of the delivery date of the order threatens the young man with major troubles.

This afternoon, Maxim tried to search the Internet for information about this girl, but found nothing suspicious. However, his intuition told him that something was really wrong with Pelagia. Well, there are no such perfect women in the world. If there is one somewhere, it is hardly possible that Maxim was lucky enough to meet her.

In addition, he had heard stories about how, as a result of such acquaintances, they "breed suckers for money " or draw them into different sects or banned organizations...

"Well, you're already being paranoid, are you crazy?"- the young man tried to reason with himself. "You may have the only chance in your life, one in a million, but you..."

Without making any decision, Maxim closed his laptop and went to bed. Tomorrow, he will connect his friend Slavka – a computer hacker, as his friends jokingly called him-to this case. In fact, Slavka was a talented programmer, capable of many things, including getting all sorts of information. How? Well, who will reveal their secrets to you?

To be continued...

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