Your way to avoid depression - fill your time

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The days go on to remove some worries and hardships and then return
A new series of enduring pain begins
You become this is the case and obligatory
More than half of the world is suffering from depression
But depression has become a murderous monster that drives suicide
There's even a recent study I had read that depression
Kills more than cancer

But let us detail the reasons for this
And what are the treatment proposals
Perhaps I can define depression as frustrating because I expected more than what would happen
Or you don't expect anything to happen
Until a person is balanced, he draws himself a map
He expected such a situation as if he is the one who manages his own affairs and that there are no other factors
So do we leave things without any calculations
I do not say that, but we can discuss with statistics and probability
That you must put all the possibilities whether you like it or not
One of the important points that you should put in your accounts
Your interaction with people is the main cause of depression you should rely on yourself
And don't rely on anyone even if someone closest to you
It is a reason to feel let down

Finally, if you don't want a glass filled with something, fill it with something else that takes its place
Also fill your time always and do not surrender to the specter of chronic thinking

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