“U” – Vocab-ability Suffixes – A More Powerful Vocabulary (This post includes the single suffix beginning with the letter “U”)

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This post comprises the single suffix that begins with the letter “U.” It includes several English words whose etymology can be traced to Greek and Latin roots.

If you learn this suffix, you will be able to understand and use those English words that feature it. Vocab-ability is an easy-to-use resource guide to help you understand this and other suffixes.

This Vocab-ability post features a single suffix that begins with the letter “U."

Free Use:

Please feel free to download the following material, copy it, print it out, and distribute it for any and all educational purposes. If it helps you or your students increase your English vocabulary, it will have served its purpose. And I will know that my efforts have proven beneficial. (Please see my additional comments and notes below the entries.)

Vocab-ability Suffix–359 (__ure = noun suffix)

Note re Copyright / Free Use: 

I hold the copyright to the original Vocab-ability guide, which was published in 2002. I hereby grant free use to all the material contained in this post and all other Vocab-ability posts on Steemit.    

Note re Copying each Screenshot: 

Each separate entry (including those in this and other Vocab-ability posts) consists of one screenshot (since making screenshots was the only way I could properly format the individual entries for uploading to Steemit). To use these entries for your personal study or in any classroom, you can download any or all screenshots by clicking and dragging the screenshots that you want to use, and then print them out.   

Note re Passing on the Vocab-ability Links: 

Alternatively, you can simply pass on one or more of the following links to the Vocab-ability posts:

Vocab-ability – Introduction to “Vocab-ability”.

Vocab-ability – Guide to Entries.

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Vocab-ability Suffixes– The single SUFFIX beginning with “S”.

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Can you give 2 or 3 more examples of censure?
where could we use them?


The journalist received a censure notification from his editor.

If you want more examples, just google "XXX used in a sentence."

Can i ask u something, James. Recently, I have discussed about this sentence “I am so boring, aren’t I”. I think that sentence is right. But someone said that it must be “am I not” instead of “aren’t I” :)) I want to know how English teacher/native speaker thinks. Hahaa


Good question. In fact, the 100%–correct, grammatically proper way to express that is to say "... am I not?"

But ... that sounds quite formal and weird and awkward, so very few people will ever say that.

Of course, most people would tend to use a contraction (like "isn't it?" or "aren't you?"). But "am I not" does not have a contracted form. So we use the most suitable tag question, which is "aren't I?"

But again, even though this is the proper and accepted form, it too sounds a bit strange to most native speakers. In fact, I hated it for years, and even now, I never use it. Not only does it sound strange, it also sounds a bit too formal. However, you can use it if you like.

For me, I'll use the colloquial form "aint I?" Some perfectionists might not approve, but f*** 'em!
I'm an expert in the form and usage of the English language, AINT I?!?!!!

So, HB, my final answer is that you can use either of the following, in the various cases:

"... aren't I?" ... if you do not mind sounding a bit strange and a bit too formal.
"... am I not?" ... when you want to sound elite, sophisticated, educated, formal, and proper.
"... aint I?" ... when you wanna sound like a normal person who speaks normal English and who just wants to move the conversation along.

Now, I have a few questions for you.

My explanation is understandable, aint it?
You're not boring, are you?


So it means it is not wrong or right. Just the way of saying and any way is accepted, isn’t it?!
Haha. For your question.
Yes, your explaination is understandable. and yes, I am not boring at all. Hahaa
Thank you, James mentor. 😘😘😘


You're welcome. And yes, you can use any one of those tag questions.

And if anyone tells you it's wrong, send them this post ... or send them to me. I'll mete out some strict discipline, and a lesson in English!!

(Will upvote later. I'm saving my voting power for FrontRunner. )


Thats impressive no doubt you have great ability to teach someone nice reply I appreciated you


These days I have been feeling the pressure of the failure with a mixture of anxiety. Does it deserve a censure?


That deserves an upvote and a bit of praise!! Woohoo.

nice use of ure suffix surely going to share with all my students

this really very good post for the steemians like me i really appreciate yot keep it up and stay blessed.

This great post i appreciate your writing thanks for sharing ..Best of luck..

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫resteemid

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Thanks for sharing this steemit education sharing.....i appreciate your writing. keep it up,
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Sure. If you make good, high-quality posts, I'll upvote them and follow you.


Pakistani ho ?

Most teachable word. I commend your thinking about steemiteducation. I added more some words with list of suffixes ending in "ure"


I have made this screen shot by phone.

Samsung Galaxy J7

Excellent article. It's nice to see that at least something in this world remains stable. These are your teaching articles. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Приятно видеть, что хоть что-то в этом мире остаеться стабильным. Это - Ваши обучающие статьи. Удачи Вам и Любви.