“I” – Vocab-ability Suffixes – A More Powerful Vocabulary (This post includes all suffixes beginning with the letter “I”)

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This post comprises all those suffixes that begin with the letter “I.” It includes many English words whose etymology can be traced to Greek and Latin roots.   

If you learn these suffixes, you will be able to understand and use many English words that feature them. Vocab-ability is an easy-to-use resource guide to help you understand those suffixes.    

In total, this Vocab-ability post features 9 suffixes that begin with the letter “I." 

Free Use:

Please feel free to download the following material, copy it, print it out, and distribute it for any and all educational purposes. If it helps you or your students increase your English vocabulary, it will have served its purpose. And I will know that my efforts have proven beneficial. (Please see my additional comments and notes below the entries.)

Vocab-ability Suffix–343 (__ic, __ical = as, like [adjective suffix])

Vocab-ability Suffix–344 (__il, __ile = capable of, pertaining to [adjective suffix])

Vocab-ability Suffix–345 (__ish = as, like  [adjective suffix])

Vocab-ability Suffix–346 (__ism = theory, doctrine, practice)

Vocab-ability Suffix–347 (__ist = doer, practitioner)

Vocab-ability Suffix–348 (__itis = inflammatory disease, bad condition)

Vocab-ability Suffix–349 (__ity = condition, quality)

Vocab-ability Suffix–350 (__ive, __ = characterized by, [adjective suffix])

Vocab-ability Suffix–351 (__ize = do, make, [verb suffix])

Note re Copyright / Free Use: 

I hold the copyright to the original Vocab-ability guide, which was published in 2002. I hereby grant free use to all the material contained in this post and all other Vocab-ability posts on Steemit.    

Note re Copying each Screenshot: 

Each separate entry (including those in this and other Vocab-ability posts) consists of one screenshot (since making screenshots was the only way I could properly format the individual entries for uploading to Steemit). To use these entries for your personal study or in any classroom, you can download any or all screenshots by clicking and dragging the screenshots that you want to use, and then print them out.   

Note re Passing on the Vocab-ability Links: 

Alternatively, you can simply pass on one or more of the following links to the Vocab-ability posts:

Vocab-ability – Introduction to “Vocab-ability”.

Vocab-ability – Guide to Entries.

Vocab-ability Suffixes– All SUFFIXES beginning with “A”.

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Vocab-ability Suffixes– All SUFFIXES beginning with “E”.

Vocab-ability Suffixes– All SUFFIXES beginning with “F”.

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I'm a Korean.
I also read this post as a translation to Google Translator.
And it is still a translator.
I want to be able to communicate this well.
Thank you very much for sharing good things.
We have strong grammar but weak vocabulary.
I think it's good for studying vocabulary.
Thank you.


Thanks for your comment.

With Google Translator, did the translation logical and reasonable? And could you understand the translated words?

Best of luck as you continue to study.

( I taught Korean high school students in Toronto. I taught SAT-preparation Reading and Writing. The students studied hard, and most of them spoke excellent English!)

Your ability to harmonize juvenile individualism with gigantic foolish sagacity surprises me.


That amazes me!

Nice to know that most English vocabulary word are gotten from Latin and Greek root. English words are a bit cumbersome to understand and used when making some sentences.

But there are some suffixes which when understood properly can be used to constructs more meaningful words in English. Really educative information you have provided on this post @majes.tytyty


One of the reasons I compiled and published this Vocab-ability was because each STEM, PREFIX, and SUFFIX can be used to make several words. Learn one stem, and you can make up to 20 words.

Glad you understand that, and I hope you find it useful and educational.



I really enjoy your posts because when I write, especially sci-fi or existentialist/esoteric stuff, I tend to make up a lot of words ("isms", "iles", "izes")! Lol1




Cool. It's great that you find these posts useful, and greater that you find ways to use these words.

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Wow great post..i like your writing.. i appreciate your writing..thanku for sharing..@majes.tytyty

Wow...Great post...You did good work...it's very useful and thanx for sharing 😇

Thanks for sharing this great post and very informative keep it up Always wish you health and wealth

I have been follow you...
Please follow back...
Thank you

Its very nice post i like it

I read your previous all post like introduction suffixes.

All of your post about suffixes was eruditional. Now I am thinking missed it, why can't read it before. When i am trying to understand the topic, it seems you are talking with me vis-a-vis.
Thank By,

Thanks for this education post sharing... i like your writing.....
keep it up dear friend

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Vacabulary is the most important for learing English. Very informative about suffix chapter. Waiting for next lession.

I indeed support steemit education...
This post is an interesting one indeed its goes far in improving one's vocabulary
Thumbs up

Hi gans how are u

good post, you are a smart teacher, I personally admit not easy to learn english, i have much to learn and by reading your post will be little can help me learn

Nice post, i learn much from itu...

Thank you for sharing this knowledge

Hi how are u gans

Nice sharing to learn something.................

Very interesting useful information. Thank you for sharing this interesting information. Good luck to you.

This great post i appreciate your writing thanks for sharing .....