“M” – Vocab-ability Prefixes – A More Powerful Vocabulary (This post includes all prefixes beginning with the letter “M”)

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This post comprises all those prefixes that begin with the letter “M.” It includes many English words whose etymology can be traced to Greek and Latin roots.

If you learn these prefixes, you will be able to understand and use many English words that feature them. Vocab-ability is an easy-to-use resource guide to help you understand those prefixes.

In total, this Vocab-ability post features 9 prefixes that begin with the letter “M."

Free Use: 

Please feel free to download the following material, copy it, print it out, and distribute it for any and all educational purposes. If it helps you or your students increase your English vocabulary, it will have served its purpose. And I will know that my efforts have proven beneficial. (Please see my additional comments and notes below the entries.)

Vocab-ability Prefix–290 (macro__ = huge, large )

Vocab-ability Prefix–291 (magna__, magni__ = large, great)

Vocab-ability Prefix–292 (mal__ = bad, wrong)

Vocab-ability Prefix–293 (meg__, max__, maj__ = big, great)

Vocab-ability Prefix–294 (micro__ = very small, tiny)

Vocab-ability Prefix–295 (mini__ = small)

Vocab-ability Prefix–296 (mis__ = wrong)

Vocab-ability Prefix–297 (mis__, miso__ = hate)

Vocab-ability Prefix–298 (multi__ = many, much)

Note re Copyright / Free Use: 

I hold the copyright to the original Vocab-ability guide, which was published in 2002. I hereby grant free use to all the material contained in this post and all other Vocab-ability posts on Steemit.    

Note re Copying each Screenshot: 

Each separate entry (including those in this and other Vocab-ability posts) consists of one screenshot (since making screenshots was the only way I could properly format the individual entries for uploading to Steemit). To use these entries for your personal study or in any classroom, you can download any or all screenshots by clicking and dragging the screenshots that you want to use, and then print them out.   

Note re Passing on the Vocab-ability Links: 

Alternatively, you can simply pass on one or more of the following links to the Vocab-ability posts:

Vocab-ability – Introduction to “Vocab-ability”.

Vocab-ability – Guide to Entries.

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You are so magnanimus with the malefactors that degenerate eating devil miso soup.


Well, sometimes I may be magnanimous, but usually when I am confronted with malefactors, just wanna murder the malevolent m............kers. Mmmuahhhahaaaa.

Thanks for sharing this knowledgefull information I always read your post burt this time you reached directly on 'M' three words J,K,L, are remaining hope you will share also these because i note all these in my note because you alkso mention that free to use and copy right is allow so its good for me to note in a note for proper save
Thanks I wish you all the best God bless you


In this Vocab-ability series, there are NO prefixes that begin with J, K, or L.

I do not know of any. Even if there are any prefixes in English that begin with those letters, they are not commonly used, and therefore I did not include them.

So, do not worry. You are not missing anything.


It oky Thank you so much If I miss any think i will ask free from you


Sure, just ask, and give me a bit of time to respond. I probably will ....

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You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words!!!


Thanks God bless you


Also, have you thought about doing a series? That way, you don't have to think of a new topic for each new post. Just continue with the series.

It can be anything that interests you, or any hobby. As long as you make quality posts, you can get a steady stream of followers and a steady stream of income. Even if it's only a few dollars at a time.


Not yet, I still have to think about it. I have to squeeze my little brain for it. 😂

Thank you for continuing to please your subscribers with your teaching pictures. Good luck to you.

Спасибо, что продолжаете радовать своих подписчиков вашими обучающими картинками. Удачи Вам.

Hey @majes.tytyty, nice piece! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your writing. Keep up the good work!

posting is very useful.pantas make a valuable lesson

Amazing WAy to learn Vocab ;)
I'm really loving your work :)
keep it up.

Unique Article.never Read These Type of Articles.Thanks for Sharing.Will Be Waiting For Your Latest Posts.Thanks a Lot.

Quite informative ......gonna be of great help to content creators.....amazing job..