“A” – Vocab-ability Prefixes – A More Powerful Vocabulary (This post includes all prefixes beginning with the letter “A”)

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This is the first post in the second “chapter” of the Vocab-ability series. While the first chapter presented the roots that function as “Stems” of current English words, this chapter will present those roots that function as “Prefixes.”   

This post comprises all those prefixes that begin with the letter “A.” It includes many English prefixes whose etymology can be traced to Greek and Latin roots.   

If you learn these prefixes, you will be able understand and use many English words that feature them. Vocab-ability is an easy-to-use resource guide to help you understand those prefixes.    

In total, this Vocab-ability post features 11 prefixes that begin with the letter “A."  

Free Use: 

Please feel free to download the following material, copy it, print it out, and distribute it for any and all educational purposes. If it helps you or your students increase your English vocabulary, it will have served its purpose. And I will know that my efforts have proven beneficial. (Please see my additional comments and notes below the entries.)

Vocab-ability Prefix–257 (a___ = verb prefix)

Vocab-ability Prefix–258 (a___ = toward, at)

Vocab-ability Prefix–259 (ab__, abs___ = from, away)

Vocab-ability Prefix–260 (a__, an___ = not, without)

Vocab-ability Prefix–261 (ad__, ac___, af___ = to, forward)

Vocab-ability Prefix–262 (ambi__, amphi___ = both)

Vocab-ability Prefix–263 (ante__ = before)

Vocab-ability Prefix–264 (anti__ = opposed to, against)

Vocab-ability Prefix–265 (apo___ = from, reverse, off)

Vocab-ability Prefix–266 (arch__ = most important, chief, foremost)

Vocab-ability Prefix–267 (auto__ = self)

Note re Copyright / Free Use:

I hold the copyright to the original Vocab-ability guide, which was published in 2002. I hereby grant free use to all the material contained in this post and all other Vocab-ability posts on Steemit.    

Note re Copying each Screenshot:

Each separate entry (including those in this and other Vocab-ability posts) consists of one screenshot (since making screenshots was the only way I could properly format the individual entries for uploading to Steemit). To use these entries for your personal study or in any classroom, you can download any or all screenshots by clicking and dragging the screenshots that you want to use, and then print them out.   

Note re Intro to Vocab-ability and Guide to Vocab-ability :  

Below are the links to the Introduction and the Guide to the Vocab-ability series:

Vocab-ability – Introduction to “Vocab-ability”.

Vocab-ability – Guide to Entries.

Note re Distinguishing between Different Chapters:

As this Vocab-ability series progresses, there will be some overlap of the various alphabetical groupings

(i.e., an "A" post in the first chapter of “Stems” , and now another "A" post in this chapter of “Prefixes”).

However, you can easily distinguish between those posts containing “Stems” and those containing “Prefixes.”  As you may notice, the text boxes in the different groups have different borders.  

The first “Stems” group has boxes with GRAY borders …

This “Prefixes” group has boxes with TAN borders …

(Hope this distinction helps.)

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This could help me more with my English vocabulary. I need to learn more.

prefix are really difficoult for me! :/
I'm finding I assumed meaning to words that have different ones, now the meaning of the prefix makes another sense to me. Abscond, aground and archenemy for example are words that are not very common and maybe you could give me some example when to use it?


Yes, assuming slightly different meanings is common, even among native speakers and even among teachers/editors such as myself.

Once we get beyond the basic English (or any language) competence of around high-school age, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone to learn more advanced language and to learn it to any great degree.

For instance, when I compiled most of this VOCAB-ABILITY material, I was teaching advanced level ESL to students who were quite proficient in English. During those times, I myself learned lots about advanced English and learned the actual meaning of many English words whose meaning I had misconstrued.

And since my upper-level students had actually STUDIED those words (and not simply learned them by osmosis as I had learned those words), sometimes my students could clarify the actual meaning for me!!!

That's why learning such vocab as this is so interesting, and, for some people, so important. If you want to express yourself clearly, you should know these words. And if you read a lot, you should know these words, so that you understand them when you read them.

As for more examples ... here's your 3 requested words in one portion of text. (and a few bonus words)

I had an uncontrollable urge to take revenge on my ARCHENEMY, so when I saw that he'd left his expensive vocabulary dictionaries on the library table when he went out for a smoke, I grabbed them and ABSCONDED with them. I jumped into a boat and tried to escape downriver, but right outside the door of my archenemy's riverside home, my boat suddenly ran AGROUND. Doh!

When he ran out to ACCOST me, I ASSURED him that I had only taken the books as a practical joke. He was not AMUSED.


And that's why I am following your VOCAB-ABILITY rubrica! I find it very interesting :) Also thank you so much to take the time to explain this to me, it is very caring!


I'm a teacher ... by profession and by nature!

Already read "A" series..! 🙌

thanks for the boarder indicator, now can easily separate different topics..! 👌
Keep the good work going...! 💪

~Greetings from Tennis Girl 🎾🎾


Part of effective education is making things "easy to see" and "easy to understand." So, that border improvement was necessary, I believe. Glad you like it.

Great idea! I will for sure follow the series (: Steemschool on!


Good to hear. I hope you're ready for a long-term commitment to following, cuz there's plenty more to come!

For the coming 2-3 months, I'll be posting more alphabetical groupings. After those groups are uploaded, I'm gonna post each individual entry (each box), so that students of vocab can get them all in daily doses.

Here's a linkto the INTRO and GUIDE,

And here's a link to a recent post, which includes all the links to the previous posts.

I like your neologism "SteemSchool"!! We already have "SteemitEducation," but maybe I should add the tag "Steemschool." What do you think?


Maybe steemITschool it's a better idea, although the above sounds better... Education is also good but it sounds a little bit like it is education about Steemit itself... Both tags will be perfect... And other people can participate with another topics in the school (:


Agree. When I first encountered "SteemitEducation," I thought it was education about Steemit, too. It took me a while to realize what it actually was.


I reviewed some of your posts. You have so many already! I will try to catch up. I am planning to include at least five new words from your lessons in my articles :) It is very generous of you to share your work here basically for free. Kudos for that. I like how you created your username here... if I am right mixing the letters of your name :)


That's great! If you can use some of the words, you will be able to learn them and remember them.

I'm very happy to share them with the world. Now I can do that on Steemit!

Correct about my username. My "official" username is "maJes.tytyty," which capitalizes the "J" and is an anagram of James followed by abbreviation of "ThankYou", "ThankYou", "ThankYou"

Uraa, I waited for the prefixes. As always, the article was very interesting and educational. I especially liked the prefix "a", I knew it the worst. Good luck to you and kind regards.

Ураа, я дождался префиксов. Как всегда, статья была очень интересной и образовательной. Особенно мне понравился префикс а, его я знал хуже всего. Удачи Вам и Добра.

Thanks for this education post sharing.....i appreciate this writing...keep it up

This very nice post i appreciate your
education thanksforsharing...best of luck. resteemit..

Nice post, thanks for the lecture

Nice post, .this is very informative blog .. thanku for the sharing..@majes.tytyty

i am inspire about him from your post.
thank you for your post.

That was very helpful.Just learned easy way to remember them. thank you @majes.tytyty

this is very informative blog .thanks to you for sharing..i praise
Carry on

Thanks for share very informative post. I appreciate your work. Keep it up. Wish you avery happy and bright future.

oh just amazing sir, We can learn more about eng language. This vocabulary will be very helpful.

Add another series to my education folder