There Is No Left Or Right In Space: The Politics Of Sci-Fi

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Much of the science fiction today has become a medium for proselytizing
the leftist mantras of multicultural, androgynous, pandrogynous,
socialism in the future, and space. It's a good thing that this is fiction, but
the reality that this propaganda is reinforcing is a recurring nightmare
from which humanity needs to awake in order not to repeat the atrocities
of the history of socialism in all it's forms.

This is not to exempt fascism, as fascism is socialism at it's core as well.
What it comes down to is authoritarianism in space, with it's twin tyranny
of totalitarianism, both enforced by technology and social ideologies.

Science fiction authors are people, writing in the milieu of their origin and
existence. Anyone who wants to judge them should take a moment to put
themselves in the shoes of the writer, in the circumstance in which the
material was written, and see if they can come up with something better.

It is not difficult to come up with better options than socialism in space, or
on Earth, in the future, or in the present. Many of the modern leftist
authors might benefit by reading more and writing less. Even those who
think that socialism is a great idea on paper, that somehow doesn't work in
reality, need to go back and follow the logic chain again.

The same can be said of many on the right. 'Every man for himself' is not a
way to build a successful space program, or a future for an abundant
civilization. Individual rights must be respected, or there can be no
abundant futures.

Lennart Svensson - Science Fiction Seen from the Right


There Is No Left Or Right In Space: there is port and starboard! ;-P

Joking aside, the left's utopia of a fairer world is not only omnipresent in the sci-fi genre, but also in mainstream economics. In this World Economic Forum documentary, nothing much of substance is said. All you get is the promise & mantra of equality hidden between the lines.

Thomas Sowell was once asked: what is the liberal premise? To which he answered:

I guess the Rousseau notion, you know, that man is born free but is everywhere in chain, that the real problem of the world is that the institutions are wrong, that if the institutions were right then man... there is nothing in human nature that would cause us to be unhappy. It's the fact that we have the wrong institution.

Then: what is the conservative premise?

That the man is flawed from day one and that there are no solutions, there are only trade-offs, and whatever you do to deal with one of man's flaws it creates another problem, but that you try to get the best trade-off you could get and that's all you can hope for. I've often said there are three questions that I think would destroy most of the arguments on the left and the first is Compared to what?; the second is At what cost?; and the third is What hard evidence do you have?; there are very few ideas on the left that can pass all three of those...

The stench of socialistic control is strong from the future documentary. Many of the futurists are attempting to exclude human nature, and it's integral part in natural law, from the equation.

Thomas Sowell is one of my all time favorites for telling it like it is.

lolz "superhumans" I'd say we are compared to lazy humans, It's a damn shame everything mentioned in the first video is along the lines I'm thinking it should be moving towards with the exception of the global grid and those assholes in the medical and industrial sectors keeping their shitty jobs, getting massive funding to solve the problems they caused, talk about responsibility and denial. "We trashed the world so we are now going to reengineer it" and they are serious. Yay the best part, freedom of thought like we have freedom of speech now, I'm seriously going to move off planet on some wooden boat, fuck you technocratic humans that have forgotten their roots. Damn this dichotomy, we want freedom of thought so we are going to access your thoughts and emotions :) WHO the fuck is afraid of thinking creative thoughts, who in their right mind cares what others think?!?? redefine your assholes you bunch of sociopaths afraid to stand up to your mistakes, embed your own damn selves into your robots. They live into fucking bubbles that's all I can say. Even if advancements are necessary and change is needed in their hands, people are fucked, because they are the ones that let the problems happen and get out of hand, well we all did, but I'm not going to be responsible for what some greedy selfish, power-hungry, yacht fearing asshole is doing somewhere around the globe, while simultaneously dumping waste and trash on he other side and we don't need global controls for that, we just need to stand up and say fuck off. It's enough to slip up once in such cases and people should just deem you toxic, then you can become a superhuman, or in nowadays more likely a homeless man that deserves it.

I do wonder where their values are, they seem to value gloss and smoke, thinking they can do a better job than in the biological sense billions of years of evolution. Laziness at it's fullest.

Great video, the second one is actually worth the time, the ending ties perfectly as a comment to the first one.

The sad part is we have everything we need, we just let others handle it, for years, decades, I dunno, maybe I just like stories, but if the tech "brains" get their way, I want a flock of sheep and a heard of horses hopefully with half the earth as a line of defense from their robots and shitty weapons, they might engineer, just so you know to be safe, it's nice to have AI killers roaming around :) here we go Blade Runner :)

dunno my head is burned, I might come back to this later. I do wish that people would get some sense of the real world and dissolve some of their illusions. as lifeworship stated for instance, that you can change human nature, you can't, the individual can decide what he wants to be. The environment should be respected, not treated like a subject to be "taken care of" from people that don't even know what is synthetic and what is natural, furthermore, people are lineages, not just individual cells and as far as I remember we didn't have artificial brains twenty years ago. well that's enough of that.

Thanks for sharing the videos.

Excellent Post! Highly rEsteemed!


Thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated.

I would say same for sport.

Excellent... very well done. I watched a video not long ago about technocracy- a new post-modern futuristic society envisioned by another group of totalitarians who wish to implement a new elite served by technological slaves (I guess we inferiors will have to go). It's something out of Philip K Dick only worse!

Thank you.

As unfortunate as it seems, I have come to the idea that as long as we have classes in society, we may, of necessity, create a mutually assured destruction to restrain the exclusionary, and genocidal technocracy who wish to claim the world at the rest of our expense. This 'class detente' appears to me to be the only way forward as long as the genocidal elitists remain a threat. Life, liberty, and property for all, or existence for none. The universe is big enough for all of us.

Does this seem overboard to you? I have wracked my brain looking for another option, but this seems to be the closest to a demonstrable, historically functional solution.

Only in the age of information has this become remotely possible. If the genocidalists wish to get rid of us, let them fall too, by their own creations meant for our destruction.

Personally, I'd rather we all live. I'm trying to cure aging, myself.

I'm with you... I'd prefer to see us all live in some semblance of harmony. I've been thinking about a post about Cultural Marxism. CM is like a cancer and the only way to get rid of a cancer is to kill it. These people are never going to say; whoops, sorry, we were wrong. Their sole purpose is destruction. They offer no solution, only nihilism. I haven't written it because I'm not trying to incite people to violence... but it's the only "cure."

It is delicate to refrain from incitement, and still urge individuals to take control of their lives and futures, while a small group maintain that they own everything, including the rest of us.

CULTural Marxism seems to be a fundamental divide and conquer within an exclusionary ideological false reality. Intelligent people get caught up in it, it's a shame.

Makes me question their intellect!

Indeed it does. Many people allow their trust and their altruism to carry them away. This usually rectifies itself once they are bitten by it badly enough.

Their mistake in seeing everyone as a friend does not change the fact that many people see them as an enemy, or at least a resource.

I look at everyone as a friend... until they prove different- then watch the fuck out!

I find that to be the best policy.

question their integrity and their foresight, intelligence is blind if it's steered wrong.

Intelligence is overrated... I look for one thing- HONOR

my man :)

cancer is cured by being healthy, cancer cannot live and is a response from your own organism, it's a response to stress, heavy metals and fear.

maybe the same thing applies to the cancerous ideologies

aging is not a bad thing, it gets you perspective and a "time frame" we are supposed to grow wise with age. That's a spiritual topic. I'm kind of with you on that, but in the grand scheme it gets quite diluted and having everybody be ageless, without earning it is counter productive :D have you seen mr Nobody by any chance, great movie, I'd advise you t see it, it was from a french director.

have a nice day :)

Thank you for your thoughts.

I haven't seen Mr Nobody. I'll check it out, thanks for the recommendation.

By curing aging, I didn't intend to stop the gaining of experience, or becoming ageless. The gaining of experience cannot be stopped while one remains alive. The agelessness issue is only a thing to consider in a world where death is rare or nonexistent. Literal immortality is a fantasy that cannot be achieved. Our average life expectancy has been increasing for some time, why not three hundred years? Can you imagine how much more judicious most people would be if they had the choice of being a wage slave for two hundred fifty years, or investing in a future where they can be free?

It would be like living in a world where the creators of the ideas behind our current civilization are still alive. Imagine if Shakespeare had only died one hundred years ago, and Thomas Paine was still alive. The wealth of our world might be able to increase faster than the richest could swallow it all. Imagine what could be learned and accomplished in three hundred years, by even one inspired person.

I remember I brought this subject up once before and we agreed much along the same lines, I'm still skeptical and this is a good example, I suppose I like arguments

another point on this topic comes from yet another movie, The Fountain

trailers are so "dramatic" anyways it's a decent movie, some weird questions are raised there, the music is awesome thanks to the compositor, pretty much it's a long and strange movie, the only one close to it that beats it in strangeness is Melancholia, great visuals, but I couldn't sit through it :D I might have to rewatch it now that I realise time has passed.

And to finish up with some Alan Wats that came up while I was searching for the first snippet.

well I might have went a bit overboard with this comment :D
hope you find something interesting.
I do like your scientific documentaries since I rarely watch, well I am watching more and more as it stands.

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Your title doesn't match your piece, which is an attack on socialism unsupported by any facts other than you don't like it. "Fascism is socialism at its core" could only be written by someone with no understanding of either.

It's cute that you believe that, but when viewed from the authoritarian and totalitarian standpoint each turns out to be simply a false choice for the same thing.


much appreciated to have this quality movies, thank you very much @lifeworship :) you are the blog I like to come back to every time I get the chance :)

great show, great music at the end, I do wish I could hear the second part as well :)

the only book that I think they've missed is the Ender Series, I haven't read many books, but Ring world and everything mentioned here is quality even the movies were good for the most part :D books are better but I don't have much experience there as I've said

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