Building My Freelance Writing Empire

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As soon as I became a mom, I knew I wanted to stay at home way more than I wanted to go back to work as a lawyer. If I had loved my job, it had paid well, or there were opportunities for advancement, I may have stayed, but none of that was there. It was a great time for me to rethink my career path and spend some time with my family.

Almost two years ago, I left my job as a full time attorney to stay at home with my daughter. The day I was packing up my office I got a call from a legal marketing company. I had applied to a position as a freelance writer for them two years previously when I was looking to make a job change. The timing could not have been more perfect. The position offered extreme flexibility in writing several legal blog articles a month for the company’s law firm clients.

I started off slowly and just wrote about 6 or so articles a month. I would scramble to write them during nap times and after my daughter went to bed. After a few months, I knew I was ready to take on more. I told my husband, “I am ready to build my freelance writing empire.” This was half-joking, half-seriously. What I really wanted to do was build up my freelance work to the point where I could pay my half of the expenses and even put some money away for savings.

Finding part-time, professional level work is tough. Freelance writing is tough. It is tough to find work. It is even tougher to find people to work for who will respect your talents and skill level. People tend to really undervalue freelancers. They think that there are so many people who will take the job that they can pay low rates and make extreme demands of their workers. Know that there are companies out there who will value you and the job you do for them. Yes, there are many people looking for freelance work, but companies value quality product and dependability. If you can deliver on both of these things, there are opportunities out there for you.

I looked for freelance work across the internet. I started out on job boards like and Then I signed up for I never found a job that was the right fit for me on, but I think it could be a valuable resource for others looking for flexible work schedules.

The real turning point for me was It took consistently applying for 10+ freelance writing jobs a day, but I eventually got a few different clients to work for. One of the biggest things Upwork showed me was the real demand for freelance writers. I had no idea the demand was so great. This is what got me thinking about skipping the Upwork middle man, and trying to contact the people that needed this kind of work done directly.

I turned to google. I searched Law Firm Marketing Writers. I went through the results one by one. Sometimes the law firm marketing company had a direct job post searching for freelance blog writers. Other times, I sent an email to the company offering my writing services. It turns out, most were always looking for reliable blog writers even if they were not actively posting job opportunities for freelancers.

I have gone through working with several different marketing companies and have narrowed down my client base to about three different wonderful companies to work with. These are the companies that seem to really value freelancers and respect the work that they do. They pay well and do not make outrageous demands.

Freelancers of the world, I commend you. It can be a tough, thankless job. If you are making it work, that’s awesome. You deserve all of the flexibility and other benefits that come with creating your own job!


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Thanks for this great post. You are so right. Freelance work can be tough but it pays to stick with it. Glad we have opportunities like Steemit to pursue our passions and get compensated!

wonderful thinking and nice effort.

It is so great that you have found some reliable freelance employers that pay well and work with what you need. Freelance writing is no easy task and it is a challenge to find people willing to pay.

I’m a writer/author and have published several books some of which may interest you. I also work on writing blog posts here on steemit as well as for my own blog.

@jerrybanfield is having great success here on Steemit and if you adopt some of his practices you will no doubt succeed as well.

Thank you,
Spencer Coffman

Thanks @spencercoffman ! I will take a look at your books and blog. You are right, @jerrybanfield is a wonderful resource!

Thank you.
When it comes to Jerry - you may be a little biased. :)

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I congrats you for becoming a mom :)
it's the best feeling of world a woman can enjoy :)

Yes to all of this.

I work as a freelance sociologist. I have a great set of corporate clients, and I am never out of work. But I agree with everything that you said above. Freelancers can also be pretty cuthroat, and will undercut each other on price. That is always a shame.

I do not use Odesk. What really catapulted my career was attending professional conferences for my industry. I wouldn't have any professional contacts if I hadn't shelled out for these things early on, and I may have even quit if I didn't have the initial inertia.

Outside of using LinkedIn, my biggest advice to freelancers would be to meet people face to face, through any sort of networking association that is accessible to them.

Good for you, Laura! Glad you found some wonderful companies to work with. I'm sure steemit will provide a great outlet to house your creative writing too!

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