Handsome man is not a measure, choosing the right one is the solution

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Good morning to all steemians.
Have a nice day.
Today I share about choosing love.

Love is like a butterfly flying and alighting where it likes.
All flowers he perched to suck honey juice.

Rose, jasmine, he once perched to suck honey.
Once satisfied, he flew in search of a change.

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That's how a man who loves because of lust.
Until it has the heart to damage a woman's self-esteem.

I hope for women who don't have a boyfriend, remember my message, "beware of making love".
Because love can also hurt feelings.

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Don't be easily seduced by a man before you know him more closely.

If a woman chooses the right girlfriend and is as expected, then love is like Helen Keller, a writer from the United States who states; "Love is like a beautiful butterfly that we may not touch, but its beauty makes it a very pleasant garden."

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This is a motto for women who don't have a boyfriend, "handsomeness is not a measure, choosing the right one is the solution".

Hopefully this is useful.


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