WOW! Seth Godin endorsed my book!

in #writing4 years ago

I woke up this morning to this.


Seth Godin blogged my book!

To call this an "honor" is too much an understatement to even bother. I'm speechless!

It remains to be seen exactly what becomes of this, but it feels like a big turning point. It's almost three years ago now that I made the leap to move to Colombia and double down on writing.

It took two years, after multiple traditional-publishing rejections, just to get the courage to self publish. This book has been out for almost one year now, and I put it out there literally not knowing how to publish it, nor how it would be received.

So it's nice to know that you can play the long game and have a book get an endorsement like this.

Thanks everyone in this community for your support so far. By the way, in case you're wondering what something like this does for sales, here ya go:



Wow! That’s some amazing exposure for you, @kadavy! Congrats! Well deserved, I really enjoyed the book and I’m planning to reread it.

Thanks so much, Torrey!

That is a testament indeed. Seth is a legend. Huge congratulations. I read your book about steem and enjoyed it. Will read this one next!

Thank you, Steve! And thanks for reading my books!

👍 I've just bought your ebook

Thank you, Anedo!

Your book taught too much to me, it is very very good, instructive and inspiring. It's not strange that Seth had endorsed it.

Thank you, Hector!

that's great news.. I'll read anything Seth recommends or talks about.

This is really helpful. Found you by way of your podcast with Jo Penn. Thank you :)

Very cool! Thanks for saying hi, Jo!

More power to you, Dav!
The newbies to Steemit are really blessed to have you around.
Let's be at it!
Congratulations on that Seth's endorsement. :-)

Congratulations, David! Your work matters to me more than you know.

By the way, I also spent 3 years in Nebraska back in 2004/2006 for my doctoral program at UNL. Met some of the best people in my life there. Also my birthday is just one day ahead of yours. How cool is that!

I'm around episode 90 of LYW now. Still have some weeks left to listen until the latest one.

Whoa, that's very cool – I had no idea that you lived in Nebraska! Wait, so is your birthday May 3, 1979, or is the year different, too?

  1. Reading The Heart to Start now...

Fantastic, David! I'm here, thanks in a great part to you!

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Hi @kadavy keep it up, it's great that you are following your calling and i just wanted to say thank you cause it's because of one of your articles that I am on steem and now you are the first person I follow. So I'm full of gratitude and looking forward to reading more of your articles and such... Cheers and sending positive energy

...cuz it's good! Congrats!

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