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From 6-8 pm EST (10-12 pm UTC) the classiest pantsless broadcast around will be making lit fun for nerds and norms alike. Join us tonight to hear the lovely @geke read her winning flash piece, My Uncertainty Principle! That’s right, the votes are in, and while all of the entries were wonderful and creative, the unanimous decision was for @geke’s timely and heartstring-strumming post.

The Fictioneers will be opening this week’s program with a little coffee talk about narrative conflict, large philosophical ideas, and probably a bunch of tangents we never meant to go off on. We’ll focus particularly on the conflict of Man versus God/Fate, as the past week’s Conflict Prompt, as well as Man versus Self, which is the next #ConflictPrompt we will tackle.

Don’t get ahead of yourselves though! If you have the perfect story, save it or run it through the workshop for now. The Man versus Self #ConflictPrompt Writing Contest will not be running this upcoming week, but the following, to allow us to do a little fundraising for prize money. If you feel moved to help in that way, please send a donation to me, @jrhughes with Conflict Prompt in the memo for transparency and tracking. All donations will be awarded to the Conflict Prompt Writing Contest winners, of which there are six more to go!

Next, we will have @HorrorGuyIan (or Batman as we call him in the Workshop) with us to share his experiences in the world of writing through WattPad and the exciting opportunities he has found there.

So take a chance on us, Join @anarcho-andrei, @rhondak, and me tonight along with a significant representation of the Fiction Workshop Posse, including @gmuxx, @horrorguyian, @thinknzombie, @geke, @jimitations, @pegasus-physics, and maybe @carolkean (The Book Rhino, herself). Join us HERE from 6-8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (10-12 p.m. UTC.)

Whatever we do, we will do it well.

And pantsless.

Listen to last weeks show here!


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Thank you so, so much! I loved all the entries and I'm honored to have won, competing against the likes of them! We have an amazing group of writers here. I'm just happy to be part of this group. ❤


Congrats! It was an excellent story


Thank you Alex!

Congratulations @geke - that story did something to me that is rare, and I am happy you won! This is a story I think literally everyone should read.