Your Body Inside me

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HI! my dear friends and readers, today I bring to you this story that surely you will like. I hope my imagination does not seem twisted.


Time is the only enemy of our lives, every second that wins is a second that takes away.
On May 5, 2005, my race against time began, that hard battle that I still can not finish. Who will be the winner? Only time will tell, ironic, right?

It was 8:00 p.m. when Dr. Myut came up to tell me:

-I'm sorry Jin, we did what we could- she told me with mock sadness.

-I do not accept it Will you take my wife to the morgue? - I asked.

-In a few minutes they will take it.

-Don't do it. I'll take her home. Death for me is only an obstacle that I will have to overcome.

-What?! Are you crazy. It's inhuman, it's about your wife.

-Answer to me. Would not you do anything to keep your loved ones with you?

-Wait! Do not! I'll call security.

Without thinking twice I ran to the operating room where my wife was. I took it and fled the hospital. When he got home, he knew he had little time to revive her, before his body began to decompose. I placed her on the bed in our room and remembered all those scenes of unrestrained love, assuming and wishing at any moment to wake up from this nightmare, but she would not wake up, her lifeless body was the materialization of reality, she had died, maybe love I can still sustain the few hopes I have of triumphing.

I thought carefully about how to bring her to life, so I went to an alley hoping to find any drunk or destitute of the street. When arriving at a dark alley I saw the presence of a vagabond on the ground, without thinking twice I injected him with a powerful sedative. Take him home. When I arrived, I prepared everything and began to remove its vital organs to transplant them into my wife's body. In my mind I just repeated:

-Works, please, works.

I drained all the vagabond's blood and injected it into my wife's body. The blood changed little by little the tone of his skin.

-Will it work? - he repeated.

I immediately gave him energy downloads hoping his heart would start to beat, but it did not work. I begin to feel how little by little the stench becomes more unbearable. Organ transplants did not work, I must look for another way, time runs and does not stop.

I was exhausted, I wanted to rest. I lay on the bed and held his hand. His cold, limp skin was only a pale reflection that told me he would not make it. I had to find a way for my wife to always live with me. As I said those words in my mind, the dream overcame me.

The next morning they knock on my door.

-Who will it be? - I thought.

He was my neighbor.

-Friend Jin, how are you?

-Hello, Tom, very well, thank you. Can I help you with something?

-Yes, well, there is a very strong smell, of dead meat, I wanted to find out where it came from.

-Dead meat? I do not perceive anything, surely some cat died near your yard. I'll take a look at my yard and I'll let you know if I find something.

-Perfect, thank you- he said and left.

I did not notice that stench, maybe I was used to it, but my neighbor's complaint was a sign that I had little time left. Despair began to take hold of me. I had to give up my attempts to recover it, time had defeated me. I went to my room to say goodbye, I felt that I had failed. I said my last words and there I understood the way to have my wife always with me. I placed myself on top of her and began to devour her face, I felt her decomposed skin easily come off her face. A beige fluid accompanied by worms began to come out of his mouth, but that was not going to stop me. I withdrew her eyes to draw the brain through the sockets. When I finished with the face I started tearing off her breasts, those symbols of sensuality were just the symbol of my madness and grotesque acts. I felt exhausted, disgusted. My jaws could not move anymore, they were exhausted. I hugged what was left of her body. I felt that I had achieved it, now i had a part of her in me. A part of her body inside me.

I hope you enjoyed my story, if so let me know: D encourages me to write more


You have quite a twisted imagination, @jonsnoww. Great story, I didn't see that ending coming.

jeje thanks my friend! . .. I'm glad you liked it

hermano esta publicasion me a tocado el corazon saludos desde venezuela :)

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Oh friend, I am really impressed by your story. Tremendous! What imagination you have. It is good. Go on, you write quite well. Greetings to you.

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